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Bad day for my stomach (CC)

October 19, 2019

I don’t know what to do right now there’s just a little
bit of it right there you can tell by the color its fucking got blood in it
that’s just a little of it I am so fucking sick I got the worst fucking
pain ever right here bloated…look how fucking bloated I am
yeah man fucking boy like look at that all on the side yeah
how bloated I am all the way out there now I don’t have any fucking pain in my back
now that’s why I went to the emergency room three months ago in had a pain in my back they said they said because of because I had that, and I had bloating,
and I had acid re-flux and then I also had vomiting blood they said no that means you have a hole in your stomach, you know they want to rush me off I said no
I don’t think so I waited I try to do it more, more conservatively yeah, so I try to do an outpatient endoscopy, I had the endoscopy over a month ago, somethin’ like that, I still can’t get a fucking clear answer as to whether I
haven’t fucking ulcer or not I can show you all the letters I wrote, I wrote five letters already try and get an answer whether I have an ulcer or not they
won’t give me a clear answer and now I’m fucking vomiting up blood today… big time, that’s the worst ever did it and I really in big time sick right now I took
one of those acid reducing pills and I donno know what’s going on I’m gonna lose my mind now because whenever I take those pills I can’t remember what I’m talking about I swear to God the doctors, I don’t think they give a fuck then I think
their attitude is if we prescribe some stuff for the guy he’s got to take it
whether he likes it or not and if he doesn’t want to take them, then fuck him, we don’t want to cooperate with him they wanted me to take those stomach… these acid-reducer pills I well, that would be okay but with me it’s got a real negative effect, I swear to God
I’ll be talking and I forget what I’m talking about I used to take… I’ve had such bad acid-reflux in my life I gotta tell you man,
I’ve been plagued by it ever since I was about 25 man I just came on boom
never turn back and man it’s just been killing me that all the time so, there used to be a drug called Tagamet these little green pills I used to pop those sometimes three or four at a time I’d sometimes take 12 a day of those
you know it was way too much I’m pretty sure that was… I took so much of
that drug I gotta tell you I’m pretty sure that’s what gave me tardiv-dyskinesia … the way I move my mouth around a lot, I got these
nervous ticks and stuff like that I’m pretty sure it’s because of that drug,
I can’t, you know, prove it, obviously but that’s the only drug I ever took you
know ever that was any kind of a quantity or you know habitually or you
know I took a lot of those, I gotta tell you man and then I just kept taking
stuff for the whole time all right I started losing my memory big-time I
realized it was this drug that was doing it and I quit takin’ it, and I got my
memory back pretty much when I say my memory I mean like my continuity of thought whereas I’m talking, if I get off on a little tangent, I
can’t get back I’m forgetting where I’m coming from that happens a lot, I guess, with people in certain conditions but with me I noticed
that happens when I take these pills I swear to god that’s why I don’t want to take them but the doctors, they don’t seem to care that go oh we’re gonna prescribe them, that’s it… we don’t care if it’s gonna hurt you or not…
that’s the problem I got right now this is aggravating the shit out of me right now, and I don’t know what to do about it I mean looking out on the internet, they
say you’re supposed to call 9-11 right now your supposed to call 9-11 right now, and go get an emergency whatever I’m not calling fucking 9-11, I ain’t doing shit I hope those pills are gonna help me and that’s it I got a cat
scan coming up on only six more days to my CT scan which is a follow-up to the
CT scan I had in the emergency room three months ago where they identified a lung nodule so that’s what I’m fucking worried about maybe I was so fucking worried about
that, it’s causing a bloody ulcer I can see that yeah I’m worried sick about it
yes and here we go like my father told me he said you
know my dad had the greatest guy in the world they wheel him out of the cardiac
catheterization lab he had a heart attack you know and I was there like
come in at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning they wheel him out, yeah my mom’s there, everybody’s freaking out
like my dad they will not he looks help me he goes you see what happens when you get old, Martin? everybody fucking place fell to the floor it was so funny but he’s
right man don’t get old

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