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Bacteria and Skin Infections

October 23, 2019

There are drug resistant bacteria unfortunately so how is that kind of affecting or how can that affect someone’s ability to fight off the infection and what that might lead to So as Dr. Dieguez has mentioned there are certain bacteria that can live on our skin every day without causing any signs of infection those bacteria called Staphylococcus a and Streptococcus a Staphylococcus is a bacterial organism that has been present for ages and centuries it lives on our skin however with this age of new antibiotics which started happening whenever people develop infections with Staphylococcus from simple cuts antibiotics are introduced and they do kill off most of the bacteria and infection however a couple of them survive and they mutate and they become resistant to most common antibiotics the penicillin type of antibiotics and here we are with this new scary infection called MRSA what MRSA is essentially a Staphylococcus that has mutated and became so strong that no regular antibiotic will kill it MRSA is obviously more prevalent in hospitals in nursing homes however it’s no longer just a hospital acquired infection no longer just nursing home acquired infection it can occur anywhere to be honest me and Dr. Dieguez probably have MRSA living on our skin rather than regular Staphylococcus just from being exposed to it in the hospital all the time scared to say but MRSA or regular Staphylococcus still require a cut were some some way they need some way to be introduced into the skin into a deeper layer of the skin to cause infection.

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