Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine

February 10, 2020

I chose to study Podiatry here at Charles
Sturt because they have a hands on approach to learning, and they produce high quality
graduates. What interests me about the podiatry profession,
is that it’s a very science based course. If you like medicine or if you are interested
in the way the body moves, then this is a great course for you. The podiatry profession is not just focussing
on the foot, we also focus on hip motion and movement, knee motion and movement, and how
that correlates to better the health of the individual. The main role for a podiatrist is to get their
patient pain free and moving freely again. The CEW, also known as the community engagement
and wellness centre, is a clinic that is open to the public, where students treat the patient. Under the supervision of registered podiatrists,
we see everything within the CEW. Including biomechanics, general treatments,
surgeries, and it gives us a place where we can actually get hands on experience as students. Here we are inside the Community Engagement
and Wellness Centre. Jayden and I will take you on a quick tour
of the facilities we have here. Here we have the gait analysis lab. This is where we assess the way people walk
and run, and how we can keep them moving going down the track. This is the biomechanics lab. This is where we assess hips, knees and their
feet to see how their body functions. Here we have the surgical space. In here, students perform minor surgeries
on patients under local anaesthetic. Treating painful conditions such as ingrown
toenails or plantar warts. This is the orthotics lab. Here we assess and prescribe clients with
orthoses to improve foot function and prevent pain. So this is one of our clinical rooms. In here, student perform a number of tasks,
including cardiovascular assessments, or checking the blood flow of the patients feet. These are really important in diagnosing any
problems that we might be having and formulating management plans from these.

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