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Baby Looney Tunes Flu The Coop Best Cartoon For Kids & Children – Poppy Green

December 29, 2019

Thanks you very much! And here I thought I’d have to drag you out of bed for a trip to the doctor’s office Flu shot. Oh this day just keeps getting better and better. Ah, Why do we have to get shots? Shut cerulean please it freezes before what do I need allows a shot for I’ve never been sick a day in my life You guys go ahead and play for a while and I’ll get a shots first No one would come in handy right now What a little drink overeating when you’re heavy on that one What I barely filled that flu shot. My area bugs felt more like a mosquito bite to me bugs I Might be scared too. We’re just a little Don’t worry guys. I’ve had to shop before and it’s not so bad. Yeah, but I bet it’s nothing but the best part about shots In the zoo It’s the best medicine live. It’s such good medicine, or do we need shots for? And before you get your shot Feel free to listen to a song in the headphones squeeze somebody’s hand or count the monkeys on the ceiling Its Stethoscope, it’s used to listen to a patient’s heartbeats and sometimes the patient’s give out maps at the front door Put that blessed x-ray room. Oh, it’s a close call 62 Monkeys 63 48 you know what? I think I’m gonna pass on this whole shot deal I can do it. So can I No offense, Tweety Let me have it my tonsils are appear Much better than the plastic kind I sure hope the kids didn’t have to wait too long. Oh, no Hey the doctor was right, my arm doesn’t sting anymore Either. Oh, and by the way, you have excellent taste in bandages Nice working with you bud see you there. We’ll have to do it again sometime. I must say Which I do I’d say you boys have the flu, I guess sometimes these flu shots don’t take Believe we didn’t get the flu shots Right The kitties kitties the lonely rescue from the tree remember Outed for Going so excited to see the inside of a real fire station. I can hardly sit still not me. I’d rather fly my new kite Welcome to your local fire station. I’m captain front You bet a good firefighter always keeps his equipment in tip-top condition So first, I’d ride the truck and then we start the tour Great Careful Daffy that’s a pressurized air tank the firemen used to help them breathe that there’s a lot of smoke around whatever you do Firefighters stay in tip-top shape This exercise is to train firefighters to crawl below the smoke during a fire so they can breathe you Drop and roll like this Lola it sprays out a special foam that helps put out certain types of fires now, I can show you how it works And now kids I have something very special to show you looks like they’re having a good time But life in a fire station isn’t always fun and games Firefighters have to be ready to leap into action. Big fellow is the engineer It’s his job to drive the truck and turn on the water once the hose is in position And here we see the caffeine firefighters have saved the day here’s to a job well done He wants us to drop a roll now we have to write oppose role Hey what’s going on in here? We were just because a lot of important work to do We’ll come back to visit the fire station again soon, but for now kids it’s time to go home The fire station well, I could have been flying my kite. Hey, what’s that smell? Baby you have fine boy Hey What they’re trying to tell you fly Faster Taz and twe Know exactly what to do and I’m proud of you especially you Daffy You stayed calm and really took charge of the situation Introduce you guys to the world’s most popular sport and my own personal favorite soccer We’re going to learn a few basic skills and then we’re going to play a real game. Oh You’re gonna play soccer with girls. Yes. Is that a problem? Wasn’t anything really you just started the beginning and So who wants to be goalie agile, let’s see if we can all kick the ball


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    Baby Looney Tunes Flu The Coop Best Cartoon For Kids & Children – Poppy Green
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    Is the doctor the same voice as Johnny Test’s dad?

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