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AYURVEDIC REMEDIES FOR SWINE FLU II स्वाइन फ्लू का आयुर्वेदिक उपचार II

November 25, 2019

Hello Friends Myself Dr Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt In today’s episode, first of all I will give you information about Swine Flu. Why, How & to who Swine Flu affects much? Although this disease is not a life threatening disease, however if you are not well. Or you are weak then the germs of that disease will attack you more frequently. First of all, let me tell you that Swine flu is a type of a fever. When the condition becomes serious & within 3 days flu is not getting cured Then he should be cautious as it can lead to Swine flu Now what is difference between Flu & Swine Flu In normal flu it affects with Cough, Cold & fever And it even get controlled by normal medications. But, this disease is quite different Its spread in lots of cities now a days and people are scared of it too Although its not a life threatening disease however 5% of people has lost their life due to this disease. Germs of this disease They are so paper thin, to watch them out we need to use Microscope They are 1000 times paper thin as compare to an ant. These germs are available on open & dirty area. That’s why we shouldn’t walk bare feet when this disease is spread out Then on safer side we should cover our mouth and nose with a proper cloth. As the germs of this disease affect other by cough, being around the patient & their stool. Kids, elders or the patient of any other disease shouldn’t go near the person who is affected from swine flu. Germs of swine flu are only capable to walk in the premisses of 1 to 1-1/2 feet from their inception area. If we talk about their life then they sustain for 8 hours only if you will use any pesticides or if there is enough sun light then they will be dead. But, if by chance you are caught by any of the germ. When an ant bite us then it realised But there is no such realisation when got bite by these germs. Therefore you can not confirm that whether you are bitten by these germs or not. Within 7-10 days this disease got spread. If you are healthy then these germs kills the white blood cells of your body within 3 days Means this disease is unable to affect on a healthy body But the one who is weak, not well or a patient it self is to them these germs shows their result in 7 days Now how can we be aware of their affects. Normal fever get down within 1-2 days by taking proper medicines but not this one rather it gets up higher and higher And within 7 days it gives you immense pain that one can’t even move out normally instead of laying. and when none of medicine works then one has to hospitalised. And as i said earlier 5% people even lost their lives. So what are the precautions to be taken, by when such diseases got spread in the cities . Or if we came to know that its about to spread over there Then we should keep some of the ayurveda medicine as a precaution. Ayurveda has given detailed information for this disease. Now, what is that normal medicine if we talk about it. Then you can keep any Ayurvedic Medicine like “Mahamrutyunjay Ras, Sudarshan Ghanvati, Tribhuwan Kirti Ras Either any of one of them or from three of them you can take 1-1-1 tab in morning, noon & in night. Now, the best thing is Kadha Those who believe in Ayurveda they will tell you about this So, we would suggest you that you must plant a basil plant at your home. Home where we have Basil plant there such germs normally get vanished . You must spread the smoke of Margosa leaves once in a day in your home. Along with this you can take equal quantity of Tulsipanchang, Ficus Religosa leaves & Curry leaves Make a powder of it and boil 1/4 spoon of this powder in a glass of water And let everyone drink this water if you & your family will drink this water then either the germs will not affect or affect very less . So, this was the general information & remedies to cure from this disease. And the best part is that it doesn’t affect to a healthy person. Therefore , i would strongly emphasis on this that you should learn to be healthy. Take proper sleep, food on time & the person who have non bad addicted life They stay parted from these disease as such disease are failure to affect their body. Rest we wish you to stay healthy, happy and be with us. Thank you…


  • Reply Sushant Grover December 31, 2015 at 5:42 am

    brain fog par ek episode kr do.

  • Reply Lakshmi Sharma January 7, 2016 at 1:06 am

    remedy for sinus headache

  • Reply Balbinder Kaur Mann September 29, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    1-Please post for home remedies for Dengue fever and it's side effects
    2-How can get rid of the skin rashes due to the fever for 4 years old baby boy.Please help us.Thank you so much.

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