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Ayurvedic Medicine Helped Patient To Cure Ulcerative Colitis Naturally

March 3, 2020

Namaste Mr. Kulwant. Namaste. Today you have visited our Delhi camp to consult Dr. Vikram so will you please us about your condition, what was exactly the condition and from when did you were having the problem? My name is Kulwant Singh and I was having this problem from August 2018. Kindly speak a bit louder. Okay sir, I was suffering from this problem from august 2018. So I was taking treatment from Rohtak and when I was advised to do colonoscopy then I came to know that I was suffering from ulcerative colitis. Okay. I used to surf YouTube, through this I came to know that Dr. Vikram will make the permanent solution for this. I have got too much stressed because of this. Okay. When I visited in Delhi camp in Lajpat nagar. Have you taken allopathy medicines after 2018? Yes, sir I have taken allopathy medicine. Steroids and all. Okay. And mesacol too? Yes sir, I have taken mesacol too. So you were not getting any relief from that? No sir, there was no improvement. So what were the symptoms which you were exactly facing at that time? I had symptoms like I have to go washroom many times. Okay. I used to have pain in lower region of stomach. Pain! Okay. When they diagnosed me ulcerative colitis then they have told me that treatment will continue for life time. Okay. After watching videos on YouTube, I visited here in lajpat nagar. Okay. I have taken medicines for two months. Okay. I have started noticing improvement in 15-20 days. Then I visited Mohali three times. Okay, you have visited our Mohali center also. Yes sir, I have taken medicines from Mohali center also. Okay. I have taken medicines for about 8-9 months. So now you are completely recovered? As I have told you that when I ate cauliflowers vegetable so I got some problem. Then I called there. Okay. So they recommended me to drink decoction of Coriander, fennel seeds and Cumin. I got relived from this. The problem got sorted with home remedy. Yes sir. As your treatment continued for 8-9 months and before that you were following allopathy treatment. So what is the major difference between Ayurveda and allopathy according to you? Sir, I didn’t noticed any big difference as in allopathy if we are taking the medicines on regular basis then its okay. Yes. But if we miss the medicine 1-2 day then the problem reoccurs. Okay. I am relived with this and this is the permanent solution. So from what duration you are not taking the medicines? I am not taking medicines from two months. You are totally fine even if you are not taking medicines now? If I tell you the truth I have eaten all the nuts like almonds and walnuts. Okay, due to winters? And have eaten Desi ghee also. Okay, means you are leading normal life now. Yes sir, absolutely normal and I am not having any problem now. Sometimes we have can’t avoid tea when we go to some relatives place as it is restricted to drink milk. But in cases of emergencies we have to drink it. Yes. I drink it but no problem occurred. There are many patients who are asking about diet so the people who have recovered have a question regarding the diet and what have they avoided. I have avoided critic food items, raw onion. Okay. I have avoided buttermilk and I have totally avoided milk and milk products. And I am consuming all the other things. Okay, you are eating every other things? Yes, I eat fresh fruits. You are eating fresh fruits? And non-veg? No, I don’t eat non-veg or drink alcohol, no one eats or drinks even in my whole family. Okay, this is a very thing sir. What are your views on the Ayurvedic medicines you have taken from Planet Ayurveda? I would like to say that everyone should stop taking allopathy medicines and should adapt Ayurveda. Money and time both are wasted in allopathy and besides it don’t have any permanent treatment. Health issues are also coming. I would like to suggest everyone to suggest Ayurvedic treatment and I want to Dr. Vikram who have made my recovery possible. I used to too nervous due to job or sometimes we have go somewhere, we remain mentally disturbed. Yes, loose motions, pain, bleeding, mucous and many other issues and we get cut from normal life. At that moment we think that there is no life left now. Depression too. Absolutely. But now everything is normal. Okay, what is your opinion on the team members who are constantly supporting you. Team had supported me a lot sir, they used to call back on our very call. This is a very good thing of you feel like this. Yes sir, I am getting good response in Mohali and here also in Lajpat nagar. I used to call from station itself so I immediately get the updates about everything. Okay, thank you so much Mr. Kulwant for sharing your views with us. Thank you very much and we wish for your good health in future also. Thank you. Thank you sir.


  • Reply Sapna Kumari February 26, 2020 at 7:37 am

    Sir aapka no jo pahle se dia gya h.uspe call nhi lgta h.aapse kaise contact karu sir.pls reply sir.mai bahut paresan hoon.

  • Reply Akash jain February 26, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    IBS is psychological disorders? depression se IBS badhata hai Kya?

  • Reply Sumit Kumar February 26, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    सर 2महीना हो गया मेडिसिन लेने से बिच मे लेटरिंग कड़ा हो गया था आप drishtrol syrup वत्सकादि चूर्ण बंद करवाई थे अब लेट्रिन ठीक है लेकिन ब्लड 3. 6 दिन मे एक बार आ जाता है इसके लिए कोई मेडिसिन बताये मै वत्सकादि चूर्ण. अर्जुन. Heloreena+.bitta balance. Belgiri churna. Mobic syrup dhistrol syrup ले रहा हु

  • Reply Vikas Kalra February 28, 2020 at 3:33 am

    Ulcerative colities ma amla ka murba ja amla candy Lea sakta ha

  • Reply om Thakur February 28, 2020 at 6:51 am

    सर कोलाईटीस मे खाली पेट केला खा सकते है क्या खाली पेट केला खाने से वजन तो कम नहीं होता है।

  • Reply Rahul Bagwad February 28, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    Sir me shi hokr vps problem ho jati h 1month dwai chode hi gyi vps blood aa jta hai shi hole esa q hota h plzbtaye

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