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Avoid Late Night Eat Food | Stomach Problems | Best Doctors Tips

November 24, 2019

hello viewers welcome to our Channel
today dr. after news with us gastroenterologist at care hospitals
hi-tech City hi how are you yeah I’m fine doctor how
are you I am good doctor is there any stomach related issues in diabetes yeah
there are several issue you know there are several things that we come across
especially in diabetic patients it depends upon the duration for how long
they have been diabetics there are certain condition what we call as you
know gastroparesis which means that it affects the motility of the stomach so
most patients they present with complaints of like feeling full all the
time they can have vomiting sensation and they can have excessive burping and
stuff or they can have some change in bowel habits which means they can have
diarrhea alternating with constipation so these are different issues which are
related with diabetes perhaps these are related to the duration of how long the
patient has been diabetic how well his diabetes is controlled and you know
things like that what are the treatments available for this problem so it all it
varies again you know if any patients is presenting with symptoms of heartburn
and bloating or excessive burping then we have to give them what we call as
prokinetic agent something to increase the motility of the stomach so we have
medications for that which we normally give them to be taken either before meal
you know three times daily or if it is a sustained release tablet we give them
once daily and then we give them something to control the acidity but the
bottom line for all this is their diabetes has to be very well controlled
so they have to have frequent you know visits with their doctor beed their
medical but regular medicine doctor or an endocrinologist and the key factor is
their diabetes have to be well control the glucose control okay how to prevent
this problem again how to prevent this problem it is the same thing well
control well maintained you know well good glycemic control is very important
you have to regulate your eating habits you know consumption of cards that’s
something you need to watch you have to reduce your intake of carbs and eat
smaller meals now and avoid eating late night avoid skipping meals and
small frequent meals definitely solve this problem
okay along with some medical help like I already mentioned prokinetic agents and
stuff and then sometimes you know they can have like I mentioned earlier change
in bowel habits constipation alternating with diarrhea that is again you know a
feature which we see mostly in diabetics it could be from multiple things like
small intestinal bacterial overgrowth so for those conditions we usually give
them treatment with antibiotics for you know two weeks or if it is just diabetes
related sometimes they improve with probiotics so these are some of the
treatment modalities available okay what are the precautions version maintain
precautions diet again you know who the kind of food that you’re eating is
extremely important and then again watching your blood Sugar’s avoiding
excessive carbs like I said white rice and you know fruits which are high in
sugar or sweets those things needs to be avoided and timely meals are very
important okay dr. white brown rice is better than white rice because of the
carb content there is a high carbohydrate content in the white rice
so brown rice is better it’s you know more I should say diabetic friendly
because there is decreased cart content in the brown rice same applies for the
other many other things like Jabar oats those things okay dr. is honey good for
diabetic patients everything in moderation is good for diabetes patients
depending on how much you are taking if you are taking lip because most people
have the habit of taking a teaspoon of honey with some lemon in the morning
with some warm water I think that is very healthy that there is absolutely no
problem you know and that again is a natural sugar so of course natural sugar
is definitely better than the processed sugars which think is better white egg
or brown egg see white egg is basically something which you know is from this
broiler kind of chicken and the the brown egg is from the cage-free
hence so these other you know the white egg contains a lot of antibiotics and
maybe some hormones because they want these chickens to grow very rapidly in
short you know duration of time so I think the cage-free or the brown eggs
are more healthier okay what should be a daily diet for type 1 diabetes patients
that is something which you know we normally here we have a dietitian who
sits with them and give them a diet chart again that is a well balanced
intake of calories you know with the low carb more of protein that is some that
is something which we recommend now usually when we have a patients who was
seen by an endocrinologist or by a general medicine doctor for the first
time but you’re either whether it be type 1 or type 2 they are sent to a
specialized dietician to get a you know chart and that’s what we want them to
follow okay what is the intake of protein in diabetic patients I would not
say they should have a very high protein intake diet but they should have
adequate proteins the carbs carbs is something that we should you know watch
as you know and these days there are a lot of the keto diets and all that but I
would say a well-balanced diet is very important okay what is the importance of
fiber in diabetic fiber of course they can help you with the GI issues like you
know if somebody is constipated that can help you with this again natural fibers
I would again consider you know stress more on natural fibers that will help
them with the issues bowel issue especially cancer constipation or
sometimes it might also help in certain situations with diarrhea patients thank
you so much Commission thank you I hope you like this video if you like it
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