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December 19, 2019

Hello to everyone yes K: you will not be surprised today we will take a reaction video 😀 F: Let’s see who is again K: whooo K: Pentatonix attention previous reaction video pentatonix We have not been able to upload anything for 1.5 weeks. we did not have time We had some problems like now is a new pentatonix song flu, do you want to talk a little F:There is not much to say, just something I want to add we found a site and we can watch the same video on that site we will stop the video and talk There is nothing out of it Let’s start K: It became a full acapella version F: the song suits it K: I listen to the song for the first time must have listened to the song K: no. I did not listen F: Maybe you remember when you listen chorus K: Maybe F: I want to say something They took the last videos in different environments, but this time they fled simple if K: like a clip K: actually seemed more difficult to me F: Probably hard to do video montage. (Talking about montage) (Talking about montage) (Talking about montage) K: Actually it’s probably hard to do make a video like this F: I wondering how they do this montage K: you’re the one that doing montage :)) you tell us :)) F: If they’re using just one camera which I don’t think, it’s really could be difficult F: Repeat is still same K: I don’t know the original version F: By the way, I still obsessive with this montage K: Now I focus on Scott’s face, sorry F: Haha, right? F: It’s bother me I don’t know why. F: I don’t wanna be that person who do this montage F: I don’t wanna be that person who do this montage K: Probably, this montage is really easy for them F: It’s take time, doesn’t matter easy or hard K: I just think about their one colour background and their outfit K: I didn’t like their visually and their style on this video to much like so simple F: When I say that, in the beginning of video, you say you’re not agree with me? F: When I say that, in the beginning of video, you say you’re not agree with me? K: I thought you talking about montage F: They published almost 3 video in a mouth and It’s like they sitting together and say Let’s do one more video K: Also I think their rhythm, performance, cover is really good but I think this song need a different theme, different vision K: Cause this song is really dynamic K: But maybe they wanted to be reverse I mean song is really dynamic, they could be say let’s not doing the same thing on video F: Actually this song really fit on a cappella style F: By the way this song is really like original version You don’t know this song maybe you can see this similarity Why am I so sure that you know this song? K: I guess I didn’t listen. It’s belong to Charlie Puth right? F: Yes K: I didn’t follow him actually, don’t know much about him I just know his eyebrow lol K: I like this part F: It’s not hard to do that If you want I can do that for us K: What you say? F: Technically it’s not hard Well you don’t know the program F: Say something K: I talking to camera F: I’m really sure you look to camera like side glance F: I ask you something Matt and Kevin can sing? K: I think Kevin sing in a couple videos but I’m not sure. I don’t know Matt but I’m sure he does, too F: I really like this part, that drop! F: What ya think? K: I’m dancing now K: There was a theme in previous videos as I know We really saw a lot this acappella style. I didn’t like Wow about visual I agree with your thought It’s like they say “let’s we make a video now? K: And also that backgrounds colour they use like, kinda Pantone, pale F: Ah, I’m gonna say same thing I didn’t like wow, too They’re artist and a great band but we’re not expected from them just a song. This is not just for them all singer, all band We expected a great visual performance cause we used to this version And it’s normal I think. Because World process is like that F: Except that, I really like cover as always Especially, I know the original version It’s really a good version (She give a sample on drinks about music lol -different tastes, different music- both good) K: We’re always like their cover and mostly their clip (We talking about same think as summary) F: That’s all I say F: If you didn’t listen them, just listen but I’m sure you do already K: Listeners are watching lol F: Thank you for watching us K: Take care! Tschüs! :))


  • Reply saglamseyma March 26, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    özlemiştiiikkk <3

  • Reply Theresa Marion March 26, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    Miss the subtitles when you talk. Do not know what you are saying.

  • Reply V Reacts March 26, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    This is great that you were able to do this in a face time chat. Great concept. what fun PTX is!

  • Reply Sean ????? March 26, 2018 at 11:53 pm

    Do you not subtitle everything you 2 say to each other because I swear you say something for 3 mins and the subtitles only say like 2 words. Maybe I just can't read fast enough. Still like watching your reactions

  • Reply Sean ????? March 26, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    Oh and just subscribed

  • Reply Anonymous Blah March 27, 2018 at 7:07 am

    Thank you for taking the effort to add subtitles. ?
    Yes Matt and Kevin can both sing. But they rarely do as they have to fill in the bass and percussion for the track. I didn't quite understand if you liked the visuals or not, but they keep their visuals relatively simple, we focus more on the vocals and harmonies 🙂

  • Reply UWBadger79 March 28, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Thanks for the subtitles! Are you guys familiar with Pentatonix's older videos? They do montages for Daft Punk and Love Again which might be more to your (Kunduz) liking 🙂

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