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Atomy Morning 6 Skin Care System demonstration

August 16, 2019

Hi everyone my name is Kathryn and I’m with Welcome, we will start off with the 6 set of course naturally after you finish the 4 set which is the cleansing set the last item is the mask so after the mask you find there is some residue left over so then this is the perfect time to go on to the six set which is to start off with the toner. The toner is a double cleanser as well as close the pores as well as
tighten your skin at the same time our Atomy cleansing set is very moisturizing. So how you use the toner is you just open it up and just press 2 pumps and spread it over the fingers and apply it all over very gently and then all over and allow it to absorb totally in. Then within one minute you will find the toner will absorb in very quickly so it’s done but of course for me if I had leftovers I put it on my neck
which is a good to re-hydrate your neck as well you don’t want a turtle neck right? So we are done with the toner. So it will help to eradicate the left over from the mask. Then we move on to the eye cream. The eye cream is very important because a many of the users if they forgot the eye cream we find that they have sagging eyes or dark spots making their eyes look very tired so our eye cream is excellent and very silky smooth and non greesy so very simply you just use a q-tip take out a little bit from there only a little goes a long way and just put it on your ring finger and then even it out from the top to the bottom go in a circular motion to massage the eye area and at the same to to let it absorb in so it will absorb in very quickly very gently then you’re ready to go so that is the eye cream very moisturizing very silky and non greasy now of course again the next step is the serum which is our essense so the serum is very important because it helps to produce collagen for aging skin for sagging skin this is perfect of course again many of us we need serum even though you have younger skin it is very silky smooth as well very simple to open up two pumps then same as the toner spread it over same circular motion put it all over the face and let it absorb in because you will love the serum the serum is very nice. It helps to even out the skin tone and again of course I put it all over my neck then it is very nice it feels very good and then this will help your skin improve your texture and make your skin look young generates collagen to help with the
lesticity. The lifting effect and of course again during the day time we must not forget the moisturizing cream which is the lotion so the moisturizer is to help to prevent dehydration against the suns rays so to help to hydrate the skin to prevent from dryness and of course to prevent eventually leading to wrinkles fast
you don’t want that so we use the hydration cream which is very moisturizing and I’ll just put it there same as the toner spread it around all over apply evenly let it absorb in for just one minute to quickly absorb in because of our skin cream our six set all has nano technology absorb very fast into the skin deep into the skin inner layer so all over okay there you go so it is nice and good of course we will finish off with the BB cream for the day the nutrition cream is a night cream but however for dry skin and aging skin you can use the nutrition cream because it is very nutritious that is why it is called the nutrition cream perfect for anti-aging and sagging skin and also for very dry skin so because and I have aging skin I look young right? I can still use this. Anybody with dry skin same thing use q-tip put a little bit on your fingers and rub it and apply it like the moisturizer for the day and this nutrition gives extra hydration and firmness apply just all over all over and same thing and one minute and in under one minute it will all absorb in you’re good to go and the last as I said for the day not forgetting the BB cream it is a very important cream because the BB cream is a brightening cream a whitening cream perfect for aging skin for those with dark spots discoloration pigmentation and I love
this cream because I used to have dark spots every morning I use the BB cream I especially put it on the dark spots it will eventually fade away much clearer in fact my skin is much clearer right now very simple only use a little bit it goes a long way rub it on the finger tips and apply it on the cheeks for me especially around here rub it on any where you have dark spots all over to even it out all over all over and then you look good many of our customers love the BB cream because it acts as a nice foundation for makeup or compact powder very good makes your skin looks very nice silky smooth silky smooth looking as if you had foundation on and then you’re good to go we’re done for the six set so I hope you like it, thank you and come back and visit us for the next session


  • Reply Mike & Kathryn September 2, 2014 at 12:18 am

    To get your free Atomy account and purchase products directly from Atomy at the best prices see:
    Atomy Skin Care 6-System Day set
    1. Toner [135ml]: Trouble care
    Cares for various skin type using biotechnology contains fresh organic herb tea.
    Directions: Take appropriate amount and apply on the face morning and evening.
    2. Lotion [135ml]: Moisturizing care
    Black yeast beta-glucan, a moisturizing factor using fermentation life science, attracts moisture in the air to continuously moisturize the skin.
    Directions: Take appropriate amount and apply on the face morning and evening.
    3. Essence [50ml]: Nutrition care
    Phellinus linteus rice generated by culturing and fermenting Phellinus linteus mycelia on brown rice is made into 100% nano particles and penetrates deep into skin.
    Directions: Take appropriate amount and apply on the face morning and evening.
    4. Nutrition Cream [50ml]: Aging care
    Phellinus linteus Paecilomyces japonica of Korean medicine fermentation science generated by fermenting Paecilomyces japonica on natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus linteus rice. Poly-saccharine, which is a skin protection ingredient of Phellinus linteus, and rich amino acids of vegetable worms helps maintain skin elasticity.
    Directions: Take appropriate amount and apply on the face morning and evening.
    5. Eye Cream [33ml]: Wrinkle improvement
    A wrinkle improvement functional Adenosine substance approved by K-FDA, plays a vital role on energy metabolism of the skin. This is a functional cosmetic product.
    Directions: Take appropriate amount and apply around the eye area morning and evening.
    6. BB Cream [40ml]: Broad Spectrum SPF30
    It is a double functional product for whitening and UV screening functions.
    Protects the skin from harmful external elements and keeps the skin clean and clear.
    Directions: Take appropriate amount and apply on the face morning and evening especially on dark spots, discoloration & pigmentation.
    Atomy Skin Care 6-System main ingredients:
    (a) Fresh Organic Herb Tea – Organic herb tea cares for various skin troubles to maintain healthy skin.
    (b) 7 Fresh Organic Herbs; rosemary, Houttuynia cordata (also known as Chameleon plant) lavender, chamomile, fennel seed, basil, marshmallow.
    (c) Black Yeast Beta-glucan – Black yeast beta-glucan maintains healthy skin, to safeguard against harmful factors through skin moisturization reinforcement.
    (d) Phellinus linteus Paecilomyces Japonica – An energy source for skin vitality using Korean Medicine Aging Biotechnology & Herbal Life Science Technology, assist with skin health and elasticity making skin beautiful.
    (e) Diospyros kaki leaf extracts – Contains vitamin C, tannin, vitamin & flavonoid, bio-active substance.

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