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ASMR Hypnosis: Success *REAL HYPNOTHERAPIST* – Whispered British Accent

November 19, 2019

Hello, my name’s Dr Emma Gray, and I’m a clinical
psychologist and hypnotherapist. And today, we’re going to be doing a hypnosis for success.
Have you ever done any hypnotherapy or hypnosis before?
Okay, so, maybe, if I tell you a little bit about what you can expect today, that will
help you to feel more comfortable. So, we’re going to begin with a very simple,
but deep, relaxation that will prime your mind and your body for hypnosis. And then,
we will move on to the hypnosis itself, in which I will speak directly to your subconscious
mind. And the reason that I’ll do this is because
that part of our mind is much more open to new ideas—so, often, if we want to make
a change, it’s a good idea to communicate directly with that part of our mind. Our conscious
mind, the part of our mind that we’re usually listening with is much more resistant, full
of defences and blocks—so, incorporating new ideas and suggestions can be harder if
we’re listening with that part of our mind. And, during the hypnosis, I’m going to be
using the ASMR whispering technique because this induces a state similar to REM sleep,
in which our mind is primed to receive new ideas, so this will boost the effectiveness
of the hypnosis. Okay.
How does that sound? Are you ready to begin?
Okay, so, get comfortable in your chair—put your feet, both feet, flat on the floor, and
rest your hands comfortably in your lap. We are going to begin with a visual induction,
and, for this, I’m going to use a candle. Because the flame of the candle is very good
for helping us to focus our mind away from the worries of the current moment and towards
the suggestions of the hypnosis—so, it’s a very peaceful, but also a very effective
way to begin a hypnosis. So, I would like you to just focus on the
flame. And, as you do so, your awareness of everything else begins to soften, begins to
fade into the background. Your gaze is drawn to the flame, and the way
that it flickers absorbs your mind. And you’ll notice that your mind starts to feel calmer,
there’s a stillness there that grows with each moment. And your body begins to relax,
to sink into the chair. Continue to focus on the flame—just the flame—watching it
flicker, its gentle movements relax you and calm you. All other thoughts fade into the
background. And now, I’m going to count backwards from
five to one. At which point, I will ask you to close your eyes. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Close your eyes and just enjoy the stillness
for a moment. Take a deep breath in, and, as you breathe
out, allow your breath to clear your mind. Imagine: with each breath you take, you cleanse
your mind—clearing away worries, doubts, and pain. As you breathe in, you take in clean,
clear, fresh energy. And, as you breathe out, you release anything
that is causing you discomfort or distress. Continue to breathe in this way, drawing in
positive energy and expelling negative energy. Notice how, as you do this, your body begins
to calm itself—your mind becomes still, and a deep feeling of relaxation starts to
spread from your feet, up your legs, up through to your stomach, to your shoulders, down your
arms, and then, finally, into your neck, across your face and head.
And now, you will find yourself in a room. Notice the colour on the walls. Look down
and notice the flooring. Look around and notice the windows, the furniture. Find a chair and
take a seat for a moment. This room is your conscious mind, the part of your mind that
you are aware of on a day-to-day basis. This room, this part of your mind, is where
you spend most of your waking hours. But, here, in this room, in this part of your
mind, you can experience confusion, fear, resist to new ideas, self-doubt, and self-criticism—it
can sometimes be an uncomfortable place to be. So, today, in this hypnosis, we are going
to explore another part of your mind, the subconscious part of your mind.
Look across the room—you will see a door. I want you to stand and slowly walk towards
it. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… You arrive at the door, place your hand on the door handle—notice the coldness of the
metal, its smoothness, the ease with which it turns.
Open the door—it will creak gently, but swings open easily. Turn for a moment, to
look back at the room, look back at your conscious mind—you will be returning here soon. But,
for now, walk through the door and close it behind you.
You find yourself in a corridor. Directly ahead, there is another door. This is the
door to your subconscious mind, the part of your mind that you are less aware of, the
part of your mind that is more open to new ideas—less resistant to new challenges,
less quick to judge, dismiss, and criticise. Walk towards the door, reach out and grasp
the handle—notice how it feels in your hand, notice how it turns. Almost of its own accord,
the door swings gently open to reveal a dimly lit room that is warm and inviting.
Walk into the room and head towards the armchair in the middle of the floor. Sit for a moment
and notice how familiar and comfortable it feels to be here—as if after a long and
tiring day you have finally arrived home. Settle in the armchair—feeling warm, comfortable,
supported, and deeply relaxed. Now, enjoy for a moment this feeling of peace and tranquillity.
Now, let us talk about success—how to use the resources that are available to you in
a way that will bring you what you want, what you need. You have the raw materials, but
your self-doubt, self-criticism, your fear of making a mistake, getting it wrong, or
not being able to cope, get in the way of you using these materials, these resources
to achieve your goals. It is only your self-belief that lets you down, that stops you from succeeding.
So, let us build your self-belief. Allow your mind to consider your qualities, your strengths,
your abilities. Everything you need is right here in front of you. And, from now on, you
will believe this, and be able to hold on to the fact that whatever happens—whatever
the consequences of your choices, your decisions—you will find a way to cope, to deal with things
in an effective, productive way. Even if you do not know immediately how you will do this,
you will have faith in your ability to work it out.
Moving forward, you will be able to ask for the right help, from the right people. You
will be able to identify those individuals who are not there to support you, and you
will move away from them. You will instead surround yourself with like-minded people,
people with the same vision and drive as you, people who respect you, who care for you,
and are willing to invest in you. You will allow yourself to take risks, to make mistakes—knowing
that this is the only way to learn, to move forward, and to develop. You will not be afraid
of uncertainty—instead, you will embrace it and the opportunity it promises.
You will revel in the process of discovery, of experimenting—retaining a strong belief
in your ability to adapt, to manage, to utilise your many resources in order to succeed. You
will feel an optimism when you consider the future. Your mind will be drawn towards the
many possibilities for success, and away from predictions of failure and catastrophe.
Not knowing how things will turn out no longer makes you feel afraid. Now, it fills you with
excitement, expectation—and these things motivate you to drive your projects forward.
In a moment, we are going to be leaving your subconscious mind. But, before we do, I want
you to gather the energies that you have been introduced to here—the self-belief and confidence
that you can do whatever you want to do. Now, stand up and walk towards the door, reach
out for the handle and allow it to turn in your hand. As the door swings open, walk through
into the corridor. The door will close behind you. Walk across the corridor and open the
door to your conscious mind. Return to the chair where you began this journey and sit
for a moment. Notice that you feel different—calmer, more confident, energised.
Now, take three deep breaths. One… Two… Three…
And open your eyes. Okay, now, take a moment. Sometimes, after
hypnosis, you can feel quite disoriented, as if you’ve been woken from a deep sleep.
So, take a moment to feel your feet on the floor, your bottom on the chair, your hands
in your lap. And then, when you’re ready, you can take with you what you’ve learnt today—these
are the tools that will help you to achieve your goals and to succeed. And I will see you again, at the same time next week, for more hypnosis.
Take care of yourself. Bye-bye.


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