Asking My Exes For Relationship Advice

September 3, 2019

– You thought I was going
to hell for a long time. – Oh, that’s when I still
believed in religion, though. – God, well– – But I wasn’t wrong, I mean, Baptists do believe Jewish
people are going to hell. (soft upbeat music) Great, wow, guys, thanks
all for joining me. My one night stand, my
couple-months relationship, my years relationship. Thanks for doing this,
I can’t believe we got all of you here, well,
is it that embarrassing to date me that you gotta hide your face? – The simple answer is yes. – Great, I just want to make it clear, I didn’t dress like this for you, I dress like this for all my interviews. So I just wanted to know, why do you think you all turned out to be frogs instead of Prince Charmings for me? – I think you walked up to me
like I was a piece of meat, and then later admitted that
that was 100% what you did, so I kinda felt objectified a little bit. – Sorry. Tell me, what went right
in our relationship? Like, what are some
things that I did well, so that I can carry that
on into my date coming up. – You’re really funny– – Stop (mumbles)– – My friends liked you a lot
and thought you were funny. – I’ll agree, yeah, I’ll say that, yeah. – Is that all that’s good about me? You didn’t bring anything
to this, Baghead? – I wasn’t gonna say funny at all, I was gonna say, very creative. – That’s something I should keep. – [Baghead] Yeah, keep that going. – What’s something I should get rid of? – Have you thought about that lip tattoo? – I can’t undo that. – Don’t be mean to him. – [Kelsey] Was I mean to you? – No! – I felt like you said
no, but you meant yes. Why don’t you think we turned into more than a one night thing? – Uhh… (exhales) – That’s cool, I don’t
wanna put you on the spot– – No, that’s fine. – I just wanted to know
why you didn’t, you know, Text, or call me back, it’s fine. – [Ian] It’s cool. – Uh, Ben, so you broke up with me. – Yep. – The night before my birthday, why? – That’s kind of a dick move. – Kind of a dick move.
Alright, uh, Baghead. You and I had one of the
longest relationships I’ve ever been in. Why do you think it didn’t last? – Ah, man, deep question there. I think you got progressively crazier. – Shut up, Ian – To the point where it
had gotten too crazy. – Yeah, I went a little
psycho towards the end there. – Yeah. – Listen, I’m not proud of
who I was when I dated you, I’m not, I’m proud of myself
now, and I believe that. How was the sex? – I’m not answering that question. – Not as good as my current
girlfriend, who I love dearly. – Great answer. – Not as good as my current
girlfriend, who I love dearly. – Oh, it was good. – Thank you. – Do you guys think I’m a derp princess? – I think you used to shower
as much as a derp princess. (laughter) – Last question, do any of you guys want to get back together? – Baghead? – Click here to watch my new
show, Am I Doing This Right. It’s the perfect thing to watch with a glass of wine
and your best friends. – We’re not your best friends. – Watch it!
(glass clinking) (suspenseful music) (tires squealing)
(surprised shout) – Ah, shit! Am I doing this right? – Yeah, you’re looking good! – That’s the name of the show. (techno music) – [Narrator] Watchable.

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