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Ashton Molai, DO – Family Medicine – Wake Forest Baptist Health

February 7, 2020

I’m Dr. Ashton Molai.
I’m a primary care physician that’s recently joined with the community physician aspect
of Wake Forest Baptist as a newly employed physician in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.
I am a primary care family practitioner that sees more geriatrics. So I guess you can see
my specialty is adult and geriatric medicine. In exploring our different practice options
going forward, we feel that Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has the necessary technology,
medical, social, and forward-leading ideas and thoughts and plans to lead medicine into
the 21st century. As a result I’ve chosen them to be part
of this awesome team going forward. I’ve been trained and taught to look at
the patient in a holistic manner. That is to say, to spend time getting to know the
patient and for the patient to know me because intrinsic to any ailment and any patient-doctor
relationship is understanding of who the patient is and what may be going on with that patient
above and beyond a physical ailment. That is to say, we take a holistic approach
to patient’s psyche their mental makeup, social aspects, and last but not least the
medical ailment. Well, I hail from the Caribbean, a place where
there’s a lot of patients that needs to be seen and wide variety of common ailments.
In growing up I admired the physician- the village doc- the town doc who can see it all
and do it all. That has inspired me to become a general practitioner because I believe that’s
where the most empathy for the larger amount of people and the biggest spot in practice
where I can make the most difference.

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