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Ashnikko | Before They Were Famous | Tik Tok STUPID Viral Fame

January 17, 2020

I’m usually here for a few weeks during
the summer so anybody sees me around and come and say hi before I speak I would
go viral with her tracks stupid and we climb to number one in both Spotify is
viral 50 and geniuses top song charts I need to take a real whopper of the show
and I can’t really think about anything else but taking that before ash nico
would blow up on tick-tock inspiring creators to make hundreds of thousands
of tick tocks resulting in millions and millions of
streams including one from Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson before hdqo would clock
in 150,000 followers on Instagram over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube
a modest 20,000 on Twitter under 10,000 on soundcloud and would sign with Warner
Music Group there’s gonna be some changes around the world of Tik Tok has
put in the work to raise up a new star from the depths of obscurity to
mainstream success it’s actually pretty crazy to see the power of Tik Tok it’s
bringing us some of the biggest stars of 2019 know prior to her big blow-up at
sneak oh well she’s been putting in the work and has lived a rather strange life
though she moved from small-town America to Estonia then Latvia and she would
travel to London on the weekends getting involved in open mic nights now she
found her gift for writing lyrics after getting expelled over a dirty poem about
one of her teachers at 18 she made the full-time move to London all on her own
and after much trial and error well she found her own niche with feminist tunes
and anime influenced appeal some raunchy rap lyrics and industrial beats now
while researching this video we’ve noticed that a bunch of you guys you
thought that she was from some Disney show titled sunny with a chance so we
decided to look it up my passion I I definitely have to say acting and
everything in the show business but I am also a very big animal lover I’m
actually a vegan sadly that isn’t her Mitaka but a doppelganger we did however
find some old clips of s Nico so yeah she’s probably pissed he found these give back what you want with the cliched
Jesus but don’t think about it because of you there’s the time of this
recording of shigeko she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page so you can imagine
that this was a pretty tricky video to piece together but the fact God is here
to answer all your burning questions what’s going on guys this point Michael
cretin back at it with another before their famous video on ash Nico who is
blowing up via tick-tock now she’s currently on tour with Danny Brown who
we did a video on just recently and there’s other tick tock stars including
black Oh brown and stun a girl who we could do some videos on you got to let
us know who’s next in the comments down below you can also hit me up in the DMS
over on Instagram or Twitter at McCrudden M alright let’s get into this
video hey be sure to subscribe and hit that
Bell boom my first impressions oh my god I literally I’m like not judging in
pants no I breathe through it I’ll suck it back up and we’re back ash Niko was
born Ashton Casey On February 19th 1996 in small-town Oak Ridge North Carolina
population just 10k now it seems like a pretty boring place for a youngish Niko
to grow up but she states that she’s always been the center of attention she
told all access comm I was always a bit of a show-off
I would gather a crowd at family barbecues to watch me douche be
cartwheels I feel like I always knew that this is what I wanted to do I’ve
been ready song since I was 15 I used to do musical theater a talent shows and
basically anything I possibly could that involved performance in my small country
town she also added I think I’ve been blessed cursed with the perfect amount
of narcissism for this industry but her ordinary life in small-town America it
would come to a sudden end when her parents they relocated her and her
family to Estonia now if you don’t know what a Stoney is it’s a European nation
forwardly controlled by Russia I didn’t even know that there were time there was
short lived as her family they moved to Latvia and there she was the only
American student in an entire latvia school system and she would take her
courses entirely in latvian well as good as that for we’re in Latvia the locals
love it they love a bit of ash Nico I’m gonna shit my pants there you got to
imagine that being the foreign kid who didn’t speak the language must have been
kind of isolating thus began ash nico strong bond with music she told all
access calm my parents didn’t really play loads of music around the house we
had the radio but they were teaching me about music and then I remember my first
Holi if there’s so much music out there that my little ears haven’t heard moment
when I was 11 years old I got a pink iPod Nano for Christmas and I downloaded
em is a ruler album and Bucky done gun just blew my little brain away no other
artist she idolized the blue Paramore cardi B Rihanna Stevie Nicks is a Bjork
Nicki Minaj and Charli XCX now she would perform wherever she could including in
front of her classmates there back at schoolish Nikko she was a little
isolated from her peers in fact she told Billboard I got suspended from school
because I wrote a sexy poem about my teacher but it wasn’t really sexy there
was a sasquatch involved and my teacher took it on my desk or something and I
thought it was hilarious and my teacher picked it up and she was like you’re so
suspended probably said that Latvian I don’t know trying to make music and
Latvia was also a problem as she claims that she would receive death threats
yeah we’ve been trying to make music in our country apparently it’s a massive
no-no and I wonder what they think about her work now this butthole do I got a
lick to get this check flash that’s good this money now at 18 – Nico
she began flying to London on the weekends to pursue music beginning with
small open mic nights no she eventually established the hope for herself within
the odd child community where she spent the last four years focused on
developing her music I moved here when I was 18 find myself and that was really
scary and I’m really proud of myself speaking of her formative years willis
nico stated that she became a woman in london she surrounded herself with
brilliant creatives that odd child who taught her a lot but there was still a
bit of a learning curve which she refers to as her creative puberty their first
few songs she cites they were awkward they were embarrassing and they were
cringe-worthy then she would experiment with rapping and singing while figuring
out her style and sound now her style she now describes as music with a punk
attitude with fused hip-hop energy and also she’s just kind of weird in general
I mean though she clearly is a strong artistic vision
she conceptualizes many of her music videos and even brings a futuristic
fantasy style pixie alien vibe to her stage shows and outfits to me she looks
like an animated character and bondage wearing combat boots this is me she
released her debut EP sass pancakes back in 2017 followed by 2018 unlikable and
most recently this year hi it’s B the EP there which Nico had
been working on an EP by ep basis with the UK label Parlophone owned by Warner
Music Group but they officially signed her for hi it’s me is this legally
binding yeah she went on tour with another UK band by
the name of girly and she made the announcement via Facebook with a post
that read I’ll be masturbating and travel lodges all over the UK this month
yeah also touring also how the f did my arm gets so long I feel like it’s
definitely grown can somebody wipe my butt I just do my nails when it comes to her new look well back
in 2017 she still had her normal hair colour she kind of decided to say forget
what anybody thinks and she began experimenting with a bunch of different
colors she went from teal to puke green and now she has her signature blue
pigtails pigtails opponent what are they called you know I mean and I’m at her
behavior it also matched her new persona like the girl would eat carrots with her
feet while do it interviews oh my god you’re doing it she’s currently ash Nico
is eating a carrot with her toe oh my god I love you so much
I’ll talk about a recent success with stupid via tick-tock
now she dropped her EP hi it’s me in July of 2019 via Spotify in YouTube now
the song it was now pulling in so much traffic that is until September 21st
when it started blowing up with genius clocking in 200 daily page news for the
lyrics the next few days it would surpass 5,000 and 10,000 with no signs
of slowing down and the traffic it all seemed to stem from kids on tick-tock
who were singing their own version of the lyrics stupid at 10 million streams
on Spotify before they released the official music video over on Instagram
mystique oh well she was celebrating back but she just had a million views
online so she could probably just her pants right now
brutally literally noshiko who said her ultimate goal is I
just want them to be able to sing my lyrics in their rooms and dance around
in front of their mirrors and gain some sense of empowerment which well by the
looks of things I think she’s accomplished that as for the rest of the
story let’s think we’re gonna wrap this one up here because this is before
they’re famous my name is Michael Cretu need you guys to turn on that post
notifications because we drop a new video each and every day at 7 p.m.
Eastern now the more of you guys who watch this video like when we post it
well the longer I get to keep this business a flop so turn on them post
notification to subscribe if you haven’t already I’ll see you guys in another


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