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As a veteran, should I apply for benefits on my own? | Jan Dils Attorneys at Law

February 10, 2020

You certainly can do
the initial application on your own, I mean, you
can fill it out online. Of course, a service we provide for our clients as well in terms of filing. But if you ever get denied at any sort of step along the way, certainly at that point in time I would recommend, of course, getting an attorney
involved in the process. The VA process is really a long process. There are so many different steps. It’s very confusing. The VA is constantly sending out paperwork that has all of these acronyms, the VA is so rich in acronyms, everything has an acronym. An NOD, a VA9, an SOC, an SSOC, everything is this sort
of collection of letters. So it really can be a
very intimidating process when someone is trying to deal with, you know, kind of their mental health or a physical ailment. Our goal certainly is to take the stress out of it for our clients because we are so familiar
with the paperwork, so comfortable with the paperwork. We wanna do all that for our clients so they can focus on their health as opposed to this very
complicated bureaucratic process. (intense music)

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