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ARTIST Tests VIRAL Instagram ART Videos!

December 12, 2019

I’ve lost my place. Is it there? Have I got the lip? The upper lip? *Loud beep* Hello there! I bought two new studio lights because my other ones broke. They’re much better and brighter than my other ones which is awesome. The only problem is it feels like I’ve got the sun blazing in my face. IT’S SO HOT! So by far the most popular series on my channel is my “Artist Tests Instagram Art Hacks” videos. *pop! pop! pop!* Which I personally love making, I know you all seem to really enjoy them as well. But something that’s been brewing in my mind recently that I really wanted to make is something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else make before, is where I go to Instagram and find the most viral incredible art videos that I can possibly find and try to recreate them – poorly! But I’m gonna try my best. There are so many cool videos on Instagram. There’s these insanely like, prodigy-type people who do these insane things that I really just don’t have an explanation for. Before I begin, I would just like that – You forgot to mention that this video is being sponsored. Just, don’t forget. The spons. Okay. Just letting you know! Today’s video is being kindly sponsored by Skillshare. I’ve actually got something really cool for you, if you’re an artist who’s looking to improve their work or get into character design, concept art, illustration, digital painting, vectoring, photography, business, design, I have a really good link in the description. You can get two months of free classes from Skillshare. There’s a sort of class I’d like to mention if you are trying to get into character design, it’s called “1930s Character Design: Illustrate Iconic Characters.” This is by the artist Jon Brommet and basically he teaches you how to create characters that look vintage and like, they’re from the 1930s, and it’s such a cool class! I’m absolutely loving it right now. And I think that you would really really like it too so if you want to check out his class or check out my classes, link in the description, we’ll let you take it for free alongside all the other classes. Skillshare has over 29,000 classes and I have used them for absolutely years and a lot of the fundamentals that I have used as a self-taught artist I have learned through Skillshare. Thank you Skillshare for sponsoring today’s video. This video is basically showing you how to make something look 3D when it’s just totally flat on the paper. I really don’t know how I’m supposed to achieve this personally because I feel like it looks like it would be more difficult than it appears, But I mean like, look at this! Look at this! Watch this. How? Like, how would you even know to do that in the first place? So looks difficult, but I’m gonna give it a go anyway. So they made a centerline, like this. This is some really cool like, effects. Maybe it’s just a simple thing. Like oh, yeah, you just do a little curve and that’s it. But something tells me that there’s more to it than that. Oh, it’s bleeding really bad on this paper, I probably shouldn’t use this then. I mean, I genuinely think I’m gonna have to redo this because there’s no way this is gonna look any good. So we’ll try again. Like, it obviously works if you get the angle exactly right. But how? *Background music* So if we smooth out our little shadow a little bit. Okay, that looks really bad, okay, that’s fabulous, well done Chloe. So part of the effect is to make it look like the rainbow is over the top of these lines, so… Do that. Wow, look at that super 3D rainbow! Looks fabulous but ooh, I nearly tricked you because if I roll this over it, it’s not 3D. Would you have known? More than likely. Okay, I’m very determined though that this next one is gonna work. Okay, so we have two somewhat jagged lines. Now we need to measure this. *Background music* Okay, it’s not perfect but I think it’s pretty close at this point. Okay, so this is sort of the angle that they’ve got and you know what, it actually does look 3D! I’m very impressed, considering it’s a very wobbly ladder and I did try to make it not wobbly, it does look sort of 3D so if I do this – And it – to be fair, it actually does look like it’s 3D on camera. Like, in person, it does not look 3D at all. But on camera it doesn’t look TOO horrendous. I mean, it’s not as good as theirs, but it looks quite good. *Electric fan blowing loudly* So this next one is for all of you out there that hate drawing hands. Um, I saw this first of all on Twitter go viral, and all of the replies were people attempting to do this. So they start off by drawing a really simple little nail. I mean, I would never draw a hand like this so I already know this is going to look terrible. And I’m not exactly the best at hands as it is. This one is slightly pointed up. *Background music* Okay, and then another one. *Continues* I bet his little fingers are gonna be the one that I mess up. *Continues* This is way too low down. But, it’s actually not as difficult as I thought. I mean, mine’s not as good as theirs clearly, but I think with a bit of practice you could definitely do a better job of that. This finger definitely doesn’t look right as it is, but um, that’s my hand. It doesn’t look like a claw… too much. So I’m happy enough with it, with a bit of practice I think it would look much better and I wouldn’t normally draw hands like this so um… that’s how that looks. So this video got 824,000 views on it. It’s basically a guy sat behind a canvas that’s literally getting painted with white splotches and you’re looking at it and you’re like, “What’s he actually doing?” Because it doesn’t look like it’s forming anything and then right at the end it’s a blooming masterpiece. Like, how amazing is this guy? He’s so talented. I’ve got my phone right here and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hide my face, but I’m gonna watch what he’s doing over here to see if I can try and recreate what he did. We both know I’m not going to but I want to give it a good go. I’m gonna start doing this. *Music continues* And we got a bit over here and then this bit connects over here, this is the nose. So we’re gonna do that. Um, I’ve lost my place. Is it there? So we’ve got the nose here and then we’ve got the lip, the upper lip. So we’ve got the forehead up here. That’s the forehead. The lid, a line for the eye, that’s the eye. That’s the bottom of the eye. And then this is all the cheek. That goes towards the nose. That’s the chin… I’m gonna just give it a bit of 3D to the chin and he’s like, touching the paint to like smear it. I can’t feel any – right, there’s the paint, so I’m gonna smear it a little bit. He’s done so I’m done. And now he’s turning it round… Tada! How does it – oh, okay. I’m not really sure… that’s supposed to be the nose, I think. And there’s the lip. But to be fair, I got the lip and the lower lip… and this is the eyeball. So it kinda looks like his right? *Music stops* So, that’s gonna get painted over. Okay, so this last one is incredibly cool. Basically, they’ve poured like, some paint onto a bit of paper and then they’re making bamboo out of it with like, a knife or a flat surface. It’s really really effective because it kind of gives it a shiny gradient. Like, I don’t know how you do that but it looks amazing so we’re gonna give it a go. Okay, so the closest that I have to a squirty bottle is the Apple Barrel paint so I’m gonna use this – nearly broke my, my skin, brilliant. I mean if I could get away without hurting myself today that would be fabulous – oh, perfect. I love how my hair’s just gradually gotten worse throughout this entire video! *laughs* Okay, so this clearly works but it’s just like a special technique to it that I personally do not know how to do. So he starts off by just *Music continues* putting like, a very thin line of paint like that. That’s gonna have to do. So he literally just… does that. *Music stops* *Knife scraping* Oh yeah, exactly the same, that is exactly the same as what he did, a hundred percent. I think if I had like a thinner stream… *Continues* I just can’t get that thin stream of line that I need. Maybe this one’s thin enough. Again no, I’m not getting that technique at all. This is so bad! Look at this! It’s like, splotches on the paper. No one would think that was bamboo. Okay, so I’m gonna try out this really thin bit here. I mean kind of, but not really. *Continues, stops* I can kind of see how he’s done it and it’s a cool idea. It’s a really cool idea. But mine just – it’s not look like that! So that’s everything for today. Thank you so incredibly much for watching this video, I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to see me do more videos like this in the future do let me know in the comments down below, give the video a like if you did like it, feel free to send me some videos if you see them on Instagram as well. My Instagram is @ArtofChloeRose, um, and yes, that’s everything for today. Thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video, make sure you check out the link in the description if you want those free classes, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*


  • Reply Chloe Rose Art June 23, 2019 at 11:00 pm

    A lot of comments have been saying I shouldn’t put myself down or self deprecate with the little words popping up here and there throughout the video – I wasn’t! It was just to add a bit of silliness and have some fun to make it a little bit more snippy and interesting as opposed to just a lengthy clip that can get boring 🙂

  • Reply Cristi Neagu December 11, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    The backwards upside down portrait failed for you because your canvas wasn't big enough. He was using the inside of his elbow to rest on the side of the canvas for reference, and moving his forearm in a circle around that point. Also, you haven't practiced as much as i'm sure he did, which is fair enough.
    The bamboo failed cause the paint you used is not the same one they were using (maybe oil paint over a white wash?). Also, you weren't using the belly of the knife, you were using the tip.

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