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Arizona’s Opioid Epidemic: Jay Fleming

March 13, 2020

– It’s been a fight for pain meds most of my life. Every pill you got was a battle. Doctors would give 30 pills for a month. It’s a four-hour medicine, the minimum is 180 if you’re gonna take it every four hours. So you’d ask them what four hours a day do I get to not hurt? It took me hours to get stood up straight in morning. I’d hobble around the house hanging on to furniture to try and get around and get stretched out, and be able to move. I’d have to be up three hours before I could go out the door and do much. So, yeah, it really affected my quality of life. You can only go to a pharmacy and be treated like a drug addict by your pharmacy, by everybody who knows you take that kind of medicine, and then you can’t take it and you’re in pain, and you can only deal with that stuff so long before you give up. I don’t know what we’re gonna do about all this. People are gonna abuse these drugs, but you can’t leave people suffering in pain because a few patients abuse them.

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