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Are Avocados Healthy?

August 26, 2019

[Music] in my last video about avocados I described the anti-inflammatory effects and cholesterol and triglyceride lowering effects but what about that video I did years ago about the chromosome damaging effects in a petri dish that all goes back to 1975 when a pesticide naturally produced by the avocado tree was discovered I thought to explain why lactating livestock suffered mammary gland damage nibbling on the leaves the toxin was named person also found to be damaging to the heart which is why you should never feed avocado to your pet birds but hey if it attacks mammary cells in animals might it attack breast cancer cells in humans it did seem to have the same kind of cell cytoskeleton clumping effect in vitro that chemotherapy can have demonstrating potent cell growth stopping and killing effects of the novel plant toxin among various lines of human breast cancer cells so they’re thinking about how might one day be used as chemo itself but here I am thinking holy guacamole Batman please tell me it doesn’t have toxic effects on normal cells – in 2010 we got an answer an evaluation of the genotoxicity the toxicity to our chromosomes of avocado extracts on human white blood cells in a petri dish normally less than 10% of our dividing cells have any chromosome abnormalities but drip some avocado fruit extracts on them and up to half come out defective in some way they conclude that there’s something in avocado fruit that can potentially induce significant genomic instability and some genetic damage in human white blood cells in a petri dish if the same effect occurs in actual people it could for example result in transforming cells into cancer that’s a big if though these were blood cells you don’t inject guac into the vein thing to get into our bloodstream to first have to survive our stomach acid get absorbed through our intestines and then sneak past our livers detoxification enzymes and indeed person may be affected changed by acidic conditions and so given all the differences between what happens in a petri dish and a person it’s essential to carry out further studies before making a final remark about its toxicity okay but what do you do before these studies come out I was concerned enough i provisionally moved it from a stuff your face green light food to a moderate your intake yellow light food until we knew more to err on the side of caution even if person was utterly destroyed by stomach acid what about oral cancer at high enough concentrations avocado extract can harm the growth of the kinds of cells that line our mouths yeah but this is in a petri dish where the avocado is coming in direct contact with the cells but that’s kind of what happens in your mouth when you eat it but it harms oral cancer cells even more here’s a bunch of oral cancer cells those red dots are the mitochondria the power plants of the cells fueling cancer growth extinguished by the avocado extract but since it does there’s more to cancerous than normal cells that they end up concluding avocados may end up preventing cancer what about the esophagus which lies between the mouth and the stomach they similarly found that an avocado fruit extract appeared to inhibit cancer cell growth more than normal cell growth when it came to colon cancer cells or esophageal cancer cells but rather than comparing the effects to normal colon and esophagus cells they compared to a type of blood cell which again has limited relevance in a petri dish study of something you eat this study was pretty exciting though it looked at peak rustle which is a uremic toxin may also be toxic to the liver has been found associated with autism and it comes from eating high-protein diets where is v more plant-based that diet the only source of prebiotics like fiber and resistance starts your love go down see fermentation of carbohydrates in the colon like fiber is considered beneficial whereas fermentation of protein which is called putrefaction is considered detrimental so you switch people to a high protein diet and within days the excess protein putrifying in their gut leads to an increase in ammonia as well as P cresol in fact a doubling of levels within a week but might phytonutrient rich plant foods like apples cranberries grapes or avocados protect the cells lining our colon from the deleterious effects of peak rustle in terms of cell viability mitochondrial function and epithelial integrity meaning like protection against gut leakiness here’s that data on barrier function integrity damaged by peak Kressel but rescued by all the cranberry avocado grape and apple extracts the mitochondrial function was only improved by the cranberries and avocados and they’re also the only ones that appeared to prevent the deleterious effect a peak rustle on : cell viability but bottom line avocados appearing to have beneficial effects on coal-mining cells so that’s a good sign okay but enough of these in vitro studies already yes an avocado extract can inhibit cancer cell growth in a petri dish but unless you’re doing some unspeakable things to that avocado like guacamole with benefits there’s no way that the avocado is going to come in direct contact with your prostate cells so what does this study mean that’s why I was so excited to see this study the first actually look for a link between avocado consumption actual human beings eating avocados and prostate cancer so two avocado eaters have more cancer risk or less cancer risk we’ll find out right now men who ate the most avocado more than about 1/3 of an avocado a day reduced their risk of prostate cancer in fact less than half the odds so with the data on improved artery function lower cholesterol and if anything an association we’ve decreased cancer risk I’d suggest moving it back into the green zone [Music] you


  • Reply TestingU 4Research November 2, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    Legit info or Confirmation bias? Dr. Greger presents some good info some of the time, but this video is obviously biased. Hard to trust the information with his rooting for avocados the whole time.

  • Reply los1wochos November 3, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Very good, and funny video.

  • Reply crazywaffleking November 5, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    This is good news because I love the taste of avocados.

  • Reply Kodey Graeff November 5, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    Hey doc 🙂 been vegan for six months and ive reduced my total cholesterol by 100 points. This lifestyle is a miracle

  • Reply Rebecca Marchand-Smith November 9, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    LMAO "Guacomole with benefits"!!!

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    Dr. Greger, can you comment on this study? Avocotin B lipid in avocados can induce selective leukemia cell death:

  • Reply mmaya November 16, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Yassssss I was being worried about avocados for a while not eating them too much but now I'm going to be eating more

  • Reply Griffon Dahrk November 17, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    They go great everywhere mayo once went.

  • Reply FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin November 17, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    that's all my dad eats but he still got prostate cancer…….. it will not stop it at all

  • Reply Jason Lieberman November 19, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    I was awaiting this avocado verdict more eagerly than America was awaiting the OJ verdict in the 90s.

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    Why does Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne recommend people avoid them then?

  • Reply R November 23, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    Your pretentious accent is so annoying. Please stop.
    Talk like a normal person.

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    so is avacado healthy? this video is so slow. sorry

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    All of the avocados that I eat, this is great news. I have heard that is one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. This video just confirms that it is a good practice to eat them regularly. Thanks.

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    We grew up on avocados, coconut. Golden apples, fruits et . growing up we never knew what sickness was. We ate pork and pork fat fried with salt, beef mutton, lamb, we drank home made lemonade, with limes and lemons. Passion fruit juice from the tree, gauvers. Home made jellies and jams. Now we see so much sick people now that we started import foods. O btw real cabbage had worms in them. No fruit or veg look. Identical or clone.. We are killing ourselves. By eating produce, produced in factories every thing is made in China who health regulations are completely different to the outer world.

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    You didn't mention who is financing these favorable studies! Is the Avocado Board involved directly or indirectly?

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    Note I didn't give anything away, keep the suspense!

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