Ancient Underground Medicine – The Secret Key of Siddhars ?

December 19, 2019

Hey guys, today we are going to see a very
strange ancient temple in South India. The temple houses something very unique. Some people think this is an underground well. Some people think there is something hidden
underground inside the structure. From the air, on the eastern side of the temple
complex, we can see a mysterious Keyhole shaped structure. There is a long rectangular structure and
there is a circle on one end. This looks very similar to a modern day key
hole. What is this structure? and why is the circle,
covered with a metal fence? When I walked towards the temple entrance,
my initial thought is that, this structure does not look like a Hindu temple at all. It is a square structure made of granite without
the typical pyramid shaped towers. There is something strange about this place
which needs to be investigated. When I entered the temple complex, I saw several
sick people praying inside, as they believe they could be healed by the energy from this
temple. When I walked towards the underground structure,
I was surprised to see that not only was the circular part of the structure fenced, even
the rectangular structure has a metal gate, and it is also locked! When I peeked through, I could see there are
steps going inside, probably about 100 feet below ground level. Where do the steps lead? What will I find? More importantly, I was told the keeper who
has the key for this gate, has left for the day, so it is impossible to access this. Inside the structure, there are solid granite
steps which are many centuries old. The walls have been renovated with bricks
and mortar recently. There are dried leaves and trash on these
steps, no one has used them in many months. What is on the other end? Will it lead me to an underground tunnel which
has ancient secrets? There is also an arch on top, which probably
housed some kind of an idol or even a device. As I went deeper, I could finally see something
on the surface. It is water. My camera is messing up because of low light. When I finally reached the end, I could see
a diamond shape cut inside a square. It is filled with water. There is a large cylindrical structure built
around it which goes all the way to the top, to the ground level. Is this merely a water well? If so, why the complicated Key hole structure? Even more importantly, what is the need to
put gates and locks on all sides, so no one can access it? There is some strange energy in the waters,
it feels amazing to be here. There is definitely something which we do
not understand. To understand this better, I decided to learn
more about the temple. When I spoke to the locals, I realized that
this complex was originally, not built as a temple at all. It was a secret place where the general public
was not allowed to enter. This was a place where only Siddhars could
enter and work in complete secrecy. Siddhars are saints, who invented various
medicines and practiced alchemy. This was the place where medicines and strange
chemicals were prepared and people with serious diseases were cured. This is why it does not have the regular look
of a Hindu temple. Only in the last few hundred years, the site
has been opened to the general population, and has been turned into a regular temple. It is known as Marundheeswarar temple which
literally means ‘Temple of Divine Medicine’. But there is something much more interesting
than this. The temple has a flag post which is said to
emit some kind of mysterious radiation. At the base of the post, there is a small
rectangular pit, which is filled with a type of dust. This soil or dust is considered medicine,
a curative powder which can heal many diseases. People who visit the temple, take the dust
home. Farmers take some of this before they start
farming and put it in their farmland for bigger and better yields. All this sounds amazing, but how can soil
or dust in this site, magically acquire medicinal properties? I mean what did the Siddhars do here? Nearby, there is a small cemetery where various
Siddhars are buried. This place is considered a spiritual site
and many people come here and perform meditation. There are many Siddhars who lived here as
we are able to see many of their tombs. The Siddhars have a tradition of apprenticeship
and they were taught how to mix various herbs and chemicals to create different compounds. Originally, the Siddhars placed a large cylinder
called ‘Oushadha Lingam’ inside the underground structure, right in the middle of the water. This cylindrical lingam was not made of stone,
but was made of 9 types of chemicals which are poisonous if consumed individually, but
when fused together, have great healing properties. The chemicals which made up the lingam would
very slowly dissolve in the water, making the water have healing properties. This is why this entire structure is known
as ‘Oushadha Theertham’ which means ‘Healing Waters’. Siddhars would take this water every day,
and pour it into the rectangular pit, and the wet soil would retain the medicinal properties. So, this is the actual science behind how
the Siddhars magically turned soil into medicine. The Siddhars even took patients who were in
serious condition, into the underground keyhole and even bathed them in this water. Of course the Lingam itself has vanished,
either it collapsed due to centuries of dissolving in water, or people stole it for personal
greed, no one knows. And remember, I initially questioned about
the strange shape of the underground structure. Why is it designed like a Keyhole? Now, we can understand why it was designed
like this. If there was a large cylinder which acted
as a lingam, this entire Key hole shape was designed as a Yoni. In Hinduism, the lingam, the cylinder, is
always complemented with a groove around it. If you look at any lingam and Yoni from top,
you will see the same shape, it will look like a Key hole. Finally, why is this underground structure
kept under lock and key? I mean, since the lingam is gone, why is everyone
prohibited from accessing it? Locals claim that while this water acts as
medicine to sick people, it is also dangerous for healthy people. It is reported that the water here is unusually
heavy and normal people get really sick if they drink it. Locals say that goats or cows may enter this
well and drink this water and end up with serious ailments because the water is too
heavy. This is why it is locked on all sides. Water becoming heavy? This looks like mumbo jumbo, but when I researched
this I found something unbelievable. Normal water is H2O, but there is something
called heavy water which is D2O also known as Deuterium oxide. Normal hydrogen atom is just made of one proton
and one electron, but in heavy water, there is a neutron that gets added to it, making
it twice as heavy. Today, we are able to produce heavy water
in labs. But if you look at the effects of heavy water,
you will be shocked because they are telling us the same effects as what the locals here
are talking about. If a person is healthy and consumes heavy
water, he will become sick. However, the reverse is also true. Scientists have now discovered that, for people
with serious illnesses such as cancers, consuming deuterium actually heals them. Perhaps we could find more if we dive into
the water, perhaps the lingam is still in there? Thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk to you soon in a completely different video. Bye! Bye!

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