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An epidemic strikes Barrio Maulap | Starla Recap (With Eng Subs)

December 8, 2019

Tell me, were you
in any way involved in the epidemic
that struck Maulap?! Yes, boss. I caused it. What?! How– Have you seen the damage
of what you did? Have you seen what’s
going on outside, Dexter? – How could you do this?
– Boss… Weren’t you the one
who kept telling me to think of something that would
make them sell their property? I just followed your orders. You told me to
sabotage them, remember? – Sylvester!
– I’m really worried. – Mister Apol!
– How’s Rambo? His fever is still high. This is really bad timing because my sister-in-law is
looking for a job in Marikina. Doc Philip, what
can we do to help? You can help distribute these
water bottles and medicine. Okay. He said he’d go to the plaza. I asked him to
bring me along, but he refused. He said I might get infected because there’s an epidemic
in our town. If only Mister Greggy
brought us along, we could’ve done
something to help. Hold on… We can still do
something to help! – Right, Starla?
– Yeah! – Go ahead. Make a wish.
– Okay, Starla. I hope the patients
in our town receive the help
that they need. Say the word and
I will grant your wish – Philip.
– Teresa. What kind of disease is it? I still have to run a few tests, but it might be typhoid fever. You know what? This is all your fault! You brought bad luck
to our town! This is all your fault! – Why should I? I’m just telling the truth. This is all her fault. Philip, I asked for help
from the doctors who conducted a medical
mission in our town. They’re on their way. – Attorney…
– Yes? Yes? Uh… I need to discuss
something with you. About what? Let’s talk over here. What is this about? The doctors aren’t coming. Attorney Salazar called off the emergency medical mission. What?! Why did you call off the
medical mission? This is an emergency. The people are in
need of assistance. Why should I allow that medical mission
to push through? How exactly will we
benefit from that? Because we did this. Dexter’s the reason
this barrio’s being ravaged by
an epidemic. Well, good for him. You taught him well, Tere. Robert, don’t do this. The people here are
growing suspicious. They’re starting to suspect we’re sabotaging their barrio. We have to do this
medical mission for damage control. For PR. We need to make them feel
we’re on their side. Find me as many doctors
as you can, okay? Do it now. their fees. Go. – Go!
– Yes, madam. Buboy. It’s your best friend. Hey, buddy! This way! – Doc Philip!
– Mister Greggy. They’re doctors from the city.
They brought medicines. Doc Philip, this is Doc Eric
and Doc Roger. – Hello, sir.
– Thank you so much. – Go and help them.
– Yes, this way, please. Mister Greggy,
thank you so much! Daddy Greggy, you’re awesome! Oh, Buboy. You couldn’t resist
coming here, huh? Well, I was really worried. I just wanted to help. That’s good. – Wait, I’ll go help the others.
– Okay. Wow, Buboy! Mister Greggy granted our wish! He’s so amazing, isn’t he? Yeah! We need more antibiotics
to treat all the patients here. Even our supply of paracetamol
is running low. I’ll get more from the city.
You take charge. Alright, doc. I’ll come with you. Let’s go to Kapitolyo.
I’ll drive. Doc, let’s take the
new bridge. It’s faster. [PHONE RINGING] I’ve got a job for you. Even now, you’re still
saving me and Tonton. You’re very kind,
Mister Greggy! Buboy… Who is she?
Why is she following us? Um, well, she’s… …Stella. She’s friends
with me and Tonton. Hello! Hello. Three of them
are on their way, while Javi fetched
the other two. Okay, good. I’ll go help the other patients. Thank you, doctor.
Thank you so much. Pedro? Pedro! Lead the doctors to
the other patients. Okay, ma’am.
Doctors, this way, please. The patients are here. Mister Kulas, how can I help? I need more
malanoy leaves to boil. – Okay.
– Thank you. Pedro! – Pedro!
– Ma’am Tere? Yes, ma’am? Mister Kulas needs
more malanoy leaves. Check his backyard.
Get a lot of leaves. – I’m on it.
– Thanks. Out! Get out! Give me all your stuff! We only have medicines.
You can’t use them. The people in our
neighborhood need these. Hand them over, or I’ll
blow your brains out! Sir, let’s try to
settle this peacefully. Doc, I think they’re serious.
Let’s just give it to them. Get in! [DOOR SLAMS] Hey! Come on! [GUNSHOT] Philip! Attorney, he wants
to speak with you. Thank you, Princess.
Yes, Doctor? The fever of most of the
patients has subsided. But we’re running out
of medicine, Attorney. I see. I’ll try to get more medicine.
I’ll update you ASAP. Where’s Doctor Philip? I brought you to
the hospital, Philip. Doctor, please save Philip! Three, two, one, move. Please save him, Doctor! I’m here for you, Philip! Don’t come back until
the townspeople are cured. I’m not leaving you, Philip. Don’t worry,
my wound isn’t fatal. – I’m not leaving you!
– Just go! – Where?
– Sorry, I don’t know. He said he’s going to request
medicine from the municipality. But it’s been hours. We’re getting worried
since it’s already evening. Domeng! What happened to you? you covered in blood? Teresa… What happened, Domeng? Teresa, Philip got shot. What? Where is he now?
Who– We were stopped by three men. They wanted to
steal the medicine. Philip fought them and now,
he’s at the hospital, fighting for his life. He risked his life to keep the
medicine from being stolen. He made sure that the medicine
will reach Barrio Maulap because his patients need it. Who’s helping him?
Who’s with him? His mom is on her way
to the hospital. Dexter! Why are you calling all of a
sudden? There’s a lot going on! There are no problems, Boss. I just gave you one less
thing to worry about. What do you mean? I’m sure you’ve heard that
Doc Philip was shot, and he’s now fighting
for his life. Oh my God, Dexter. Don’t tell me you were
behind all this. I’m not the one
behind all this. We are. Dexter, why did you do this? Just so you know, Atty. Salazar
is getting impatient. He thinks you’re distracted
and going weak. That’s why I had to
do something. I did that for you, Boss. The locals just
lost their leader. Barrio Maulap is ours. It’s time to end this, Boss. You’re welcome. Teresa… Miss Trining. How’s Philip? The doctors are still
operating on him. He was shot in the chest. My son is a kind person. I don’t understand why
someone would do this to him. You know, Teresa, I know you and Philip are
at odds with each other. But I know he will
get through this because he won’t stop until
you two patch things up. That’s why I believe
my son will recover for you. I’ve done terrible things to the
people of Barrio Maulap. Even you got hurt. You’re the only one who
showed me kindness during those times
when I needed it. This shouldn’t have happened. You shouldn’t have been
dragged into this. I was so blinded by my anger. I could only see the worst
in people. I didn’t realize that
I’ve become bad. I’m sorry. From now on, I’m going
to make things right. No one should get hurt. No one should get dragged
into this mess. And I will never let anything
bad happen to you ever again. Starla! Make your wish, Buboy! Alright! I wish that Doc Philip
will get better now along with the patients
at the plaza. Say the word and
I will grant your wish and give you what
your heart desires, right here, right now! There we go. – Bring it over there.
– Alright. I got it. Make sure everyone gets some. Here. – Here, Kanor. Give it to them.
– It’s still hot. How are you?
Can I lean on you? Here, boy. Drink this. That’s the most nutritious tea
here in Barrio Maulap. Don’t worry.
She’ll be better in no time. – Thank you.
– That’s really effective. – His temperature has gone down.
– He’s okay now. Your son is better now, Ma’am. Thank you, Doc. Her temperature is normal now.
She can go home. Thank you, Doc. Your daughter is
all better now. – You can go home now.
– Thank you, Doc. Buddy… Hey, buddy! Son! How are the patients
at the plaza? Most of them are going home
as we speak. Frida reported to me that your
patients’ fever has gone down. The medicine you sent them
helped them a lot. I’m glad to hear that. I’m not used to this, Teresa. Please don’t get mad. But what has gotten into you? [PHILIP LAUGHING] We’ve had way too many
arguments, Philip. And I admit that
in most of our fights, I’m the one who’s wrong. I also have so many things
to apologize for. I’ll make it up to you. I hope we can go back
to the way things were. I hope we can start over. Friends? – Ouch!
– Hey! You shouldn’t move too much. Aren’t you hungry? You really have gone soft, Tere! I am so disappointed in you! Get your act together, and give me what I want! [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Sir? I have good news for you. Starting today, I am promoting you. – You heard me right . I am promoting you
as co-manager… …of Tere on the
Maulap Project. Now listen well. This is your chance
to prove to me that you are not as incompetent
as Tere has become. Now, listen to what
I have to say. Dexter… Can you give me Barrio Maulap? Yes, sir. I won’t disappoint you. – Attorney!
– Someone might hear you. – Attorney Tere! Attorney Tere!
– We need answers! What’s the matter? This is wrong, Attorney!
You’ve crossed the line! What do you mean? You said we can keep our houses
for 6 more months! Why are we being evicted now?! [CLAMORING] I didn’t order
anything like that. If that’s true, then why did
Attorney Dexter give us this, and why is he evicting us
from our homes?! [CLAMORING] Look, Attorney! Move! [CRIES IN DISTRESS] [SERIES OF PUNCHES] [CRIES IN DISTRESS] Please don’t do this. This plot of land is mine now! So if you don’t want
to get hurt, then get out of here! I’m only giving you until today
to pack up your things! And when I come back, I’ll have your
houses demolished! Are we clear?! Dexter! What’s the meaning of this?! I’m really sorry about this. Thank you, Attorney. Are you alright? What are you doing?! You can’t make them leave.
We have an agreement with them. [LAUGHS MOCKINGLY] Tere… I don’t take orders
from you anymore. Tere? Since when did you start
calling me Tere? And what’s that again? You don’t take orders
from me anymore? I’ve just about had it with you,
Dexter. Do you know what
I’m capable of? Okay, Tere. Why don’t you call Daddy to make things clear
once and for all?


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