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December 6, 2019

we are in the middle of winter it has
been snowing around here it has really been one of the coldest winters we have
had in st. Louis for many many years and I feel like everybody’s getting sick
with colds and flu of course I’m the one person that nagged my entire family to
get the flu shot and I did not so I keep forgetting to get my flu shot I’ll be
walking around if anybody get you’ve been sneezes or started sniffling I just
hold my breath and I flee the area I don’t know if it’s to lead a flu shot
and if anybody out there knows you should comment below because I would
even do one life I really need to get that done but I just keep forgetting so
I’ve been busy with doing a daily video for this countdown to Christmas I’m
having so much fun that it’s taking up all my time but I love it and today I’m
going to show you guys how to make an awesome hot toddy recipe this has a
couple pinches of tumeric and some ginger I’m probably going to be drinking
this every night to soothe myself and I hope that I don’t get sick because it
has some cool properties of you know inflammatory defense with the tumeric
and the ginger and it’s gonna taste a little bit better than the normal hot
toddies you have because of those spices so guys we’re gonna get started all you
need to make the best hot toddy ever for you know to be really cozy and
comforting this winter season is of course you’re going to need your bourbon
obviously I have plenty of that still left over you’re gonna need some honey
half of a freshly squeezed lemon and our pinches of tumeric and ginger and then
we’re gonna pour on some boiling water so I already have that all ready and I’m just
gonna get started right here we’re gonna do about one and a half ounces of our
bourbon and that’s gonna be just a little bit less than an eighth of a cup
to that we’re gonna add some freshly squeezed lemon juice I always like it
fresh because you just feel like that’s gonna you know
healthier for colds and cozier and just taste a little bit better especially
with that ginger so just squeeze that right in I usually just do it right into
the cup the dirty smells really good with that lemon and the honey just makes
it even though there’s just something so cozy about honey and lemon together okay
so you can choose how sweet you want this to be I recommend going up to a
tablespoon of the honey and I usually go at about two teaspoons myself but feel
free to add more if you want to then we’re gonna add our little pinches of
ginger just a little bit of tumeric that’s a little bit too much so we’re
just going to pinch toss the rest in there otherwise I’ll have
yellow teeth to go with my flu where I may end up dying the season if I don’t
get a flu shot I don’t know I’ve actually never not
gotten a flu shot every year I’m really good about it I always take my kids to
get it I force grant to get a flu shot and this year I just got really busy and
just completely forgot so hopefully I’m not a goner I don’t know I’ve been okay
knock on wood so far so we’ll see okay to this we’re gonna add about a third of
a cup of boiling water right on you can also just fill up the cup it’s kind of
up to you about how you know water down you want it how big of a drink you want
it’s all up to you but this really smells good and it’s just such a cozy
cozy and comforting elixir of winter has all the properties that are supposedly
supposed to ward off those colds and also just make you feel better if you
get one cheers you guys let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I don’t get the
flu and die this year I’m just really hoping I remember to get the flu shot I
will see you next time thank you for cutting down the Christmas with me enjoy
your winter holiday season in this cozy drink and I will see you next time

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