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Amber Guyger Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

October 19, 2019

good afternoon this is the star report
I’m your host Troy Terrain aka star aka the Big Kahuna come on in because I have
to go to work today huh work work work first let me say that I want to confess
no no I want to testify as to why there was no show last night Oh Lord Jesus I
got caught slippin lacking yesterday and there may be a young lady out there
right now somewhere you know up on Instagram doing one of these you know
what a screenshot of me and her bitch so give me some time I’m gonna have to get
on some chatty patty shit because I felt like what was his name uh former mayor
Marion Barry fuck from DC once upon a time he said damn bitch set me up I
truly felt like that and I’ll tell you all about her young lady that I met
about a year or so ago here in Atlanta looks just like kuru chief Chris Brown’s
ex only she’s got skinnier legs right give
me some time I’ll tell you all about it once we start the show all right good
afternoon my beautiful troll babies how you feeling huh yeah daddy back for the
dumb shit protein shake got some prunes oh yeah we gonna talk
this afternoon huh yeah gotta get my energy back and let me just say this is
my last week of my pharmacists 300 cycle this is the shit that got me in trouble
yesterday there it is right there if you’re a man of a certain age stay away
from this pow I was so focused on the coochie yesterday now most of you have
heard me say over the years I’m a proud 2-minute man or two and a half minute
man yesterday catch this one I went seven minutes on the coochie
seven minutes I’m ashamed of myself anyway all right let’s talk um Wow amber
Geiger since – ten years in prison mammy the judge
went ten toes down whoa brought out the Bible consoled amber
hugged her spoke the word to her caressing her bleach-blonde head yeah
that’s bleached-blonde here I may even have to get a little deep and break down
to some of some of you babies as to why white women in America bleach their hair
if they’re not natural blondes they want the goddess effect goddess effect now
black women and you know light-skinned Hispanic women they bleach their hair
because they want to match their shoes or their outfits but you know white
women if they’re not natural blondes they get blonde highlights blonde
shrieks blonde hair so they can project the goddess effect oh and it worked for
amber didn’t it I’m not gonna be saying I told you so today I’m not gonna do
that because none of us knew none of us knew but here’s the thing I did mention
um on Tuesday that if Amber was sentenced to ten years or less she would
be able to appeal the sentence which I’m sure she will and she will be able to
possibly be released on released during that appeal process had she gotten 11
years or more she would have had to stay in prison fighting her appeal that’s key
to know how she got ten years now I don’t think anybody really thought she
was gonna get life or 50 years she was given a decade and I will talk about
some things with regards to that sentence and and let’s try and be as
rational as possible let’s try and be as objective as possible feel free to call
the show if you’re new to the show whether you be black white Hispanic
Asian Malaysian East and in whatever I’m gonna have a healthy discussion here
today and my subtitle is just as important as the title the main title
are black people really on code and what does it mean to be on code well there’s
layers to that as well but let me just say
if I can just throw something at you early being on code means a collective
decision made by a group for the betterment or the advancement of that
group that’s what being on coders now you can
call in or you can send in cash app super chats and you can talk about
whether it be the Moores throughout history were they ever on code you’ve
heard me speak going back to 2002 about the Africans that did the dirty work for
King Leopold this second in the Congo I was suspended for two days behind it was
on hot 97 back in 2002 for speaking on king leopold ii and i said he was the
true face of evil and during those times you know most people in america because
they didn’t really teach king leopold ii you know in public schools I learned it
in private schools in New Jersey that was not the correct thing to do because
for decades Adolf Hitler was was projected and promoted as the true face
of evil so you can call in and address whether you be a worldly perspective or
view or here in America are black people really on code I’m not going to be
disrespectful to Bo Homs family but let me just say that I thought his mother’s
speech was horrible she should have had a written statement let me just say she
spoke about corruption in the Dallas Police Department yada yada yada
when in reality hang on a second I’ve got notes on September the 21st 2018 she
went on a YouTube channel called a.m. to DM a.m. to daeun and she spoke
about amber geiger being at fault not following proper police procedure now
she’s blaming the Dallas Police Department talking about corruption
talking about you guys have to work this out because I’m leaving okay okay
now if the family finds closure that’s fine that’s fine me as a non-believer in
the theory of God you know that I don’t go after believers I’m confident in my
position I’m respectful to your beliefs but if the family has found closure
that’s fine that’s a beautiful thing but don’t black people in America deserve
more you you you were in a position to do more if you ask me I say that
respectfully too uh but Boehm’s mother oh we have to talk about his brother
hello Jesus hang on a second Pellegrino on deck the brother got up on
that stand and he did a jig part of my expression that was a jig I love you can
I hug her please can I mammy can I hug her if you forgive the shooter in your
heart that’s fine but don’t West Indian people always forgive white people I
mean let’s keep it real note the West Indians you know proud British subjects
always forgive whitey hmm I’m not gonna be disrespectful to anybody’s culture I
don’t have to be today but we can speak about the things that happened after
this 10-year sentence came down hmm other things I may touch on today
because I do have notes I’m ready for you huh got that rest last night that’s
why a coochie took my dumb ass down I was frazzled yesterday it Bostic Ronnie
I may or may not call in I was actually at my desk at 9:30 getting ready to do
the show and I was so tired I said run here I can’t do it still tomorrow but I
do have some notes um I have a profile analysis of sorts with regards to amber
Geiger I’m gonna get to that oh the black mother twirling her baby
along a little smoke in the baby’s face you’re not matter are you the baby
looked clean to me baby wasn’t screaming and crying so she blew a little Sour
Diesel in the baby’s face the baby might have asthma some skunk it’s alien og so
many people sent me emails at least 12 people yo we gotta get this bitch this
was it the Shang Dynasty that practiced human sacrifice were they from the Shang
Dynasty etiquette which error there the the bronze era sacrificing of human
beings the Mayan culture sacrificing women and children throwing them into
wells alive but you got a problem with a black woman blowing some smoke in a
baby’s face that’s her baby I’m gonna be rambling today let me just say that
right now give me some time on the phones got that rest in the fire couch
she took my dumb ass down and I got to resting give me a second I see you on
the cash Shep I see you on the superjet bear with me and I’m gonna do the the
breakdown or the analysis pardon me of amber Geiger after we get the show
rolling here because um what’s in her heart is in her heart
you can hug her you can do all that you know
Sambo shit for giving her but what’s in her heart is in her heart all right
let’s get down for the crowd let me get down for my crown shall we share right
and also New York Post com has the story judge under fire for a hugging killer
cop amber Geiger after murder conviction you saw it you saw ma’am ma’am II had on
some type of uh though she had on some type of sandals or sly well they weren’t
slides us some type of shoes I’m strutting across the courtroom with the
Bible coconut amber and the commentators of what the judge
was doing they they were confused I’ve never seen this what was she doing have
you ever seen a judge black or white come down in a hug
a nigger after they get sentenced I’ve never seen that never seen them take my
time with you this afternoon Hey good afternoon area code eight to
eight are you there yo yo what’s up yes sir how are you
oh come on my Jail B man you have to speed amber Geiger ten years how about
the judge mammy how about we focus on on the judge doing all that extra carrying
on as Queen kayo would say all that extra carrying on we can’t do nothing
about the 10-year sentence of the jury to my knowledge I’ve got the breakdown
here somewhere the jury that had more black people than
white people they said 10 years so let’s not even play that game what about the
judge hugging her I mean there might be how to get down there I don’t know I
can’t call it well who can call I mean I consider him just ramble by myself folks
again this is my last week on the pharmacist that’s 300 your manifesto
needs just be careful with that shit all right let’s go back to more formal calls
here every go six seven eight huh six seven eight did you see mommy why are
you six seven eight and I will fuckin that’s really fucking shit so yeah I’m
sorry yeah it was embarrassment he she got the damn stand reading bible
scriptures and shit when I hang on a second because you know again I want us
to look at this and and just think and talk you know our black people really on
code and you know it looked like the judge and even braham’s mother after it
was all said and done it looks like everybody’s cool with it
welcome I know how the people that some shit notice how I feel emigrant isn’t
she oh no sir your phone sounds a little crazy can you make some adjustments I’m
in no rush talking my talk this afternoon let’s go yeah you hear me now
yes sir much better go ahead yeah yeah how do you want you to go to jail thank
you sir thank you yeah phone sounds a little crazy New York Post folks let me just read
this before we go back to the four lines judge under fire for a hugging killer
cop amber Geiger after murder conviction yeah they give it a whole breakdown
about how you know this is crossing the line is it too late to remove her from from
the case can we start some something – I don’t know I don’t I’m so just
flabbergasted by the judge’s actions flabbergasted that’s the word also some
other things in case you want to call in if you’re not to speed on the amber
Geiger sentencing yadda yadda yadda and so on and so forth
oh who saw the beat down at the Waffle House huh god bless you whoever sent me
that video a beatdown and somebody got bloody is that a new video or an over
there because a lot of times things get recycled
Beata and where did that happen the waffle house which one was that china’s
celebrating 70th anniversary with the biggest military ever who saw that let
me just say that again china’s celebrating the 70th anniversary of the
biggest military ever and y’all thought Dana was dumb huh
Dana how are you where are you are you at work
Dana what the smoke yeah I changed Dana’s name – Danny with the smoke oh
wait and I don’t mean to like you know layer
and layer and layer layer this show but let me just say if you want to call in
and talk about the ratchet slob up in the Bronx Zoo who jumped in there with
the lion animals are instinctive folks if the animal smells you know a nasty
lace front wig glue a urinary tract infection a yeast infection and and a
big big book of bad bitch you know it looks like she got big off the pig yeah
the Lions gonna say nah no thanks I’m okay I’ll start for three days we can
talk about that – I’m charge right let’s go – every code 9:04 good afternoon I
know for you there yeah please do I got some rest I had some fire coochie
I’m charged good afternoon we can’t get mad mr. Bachmann jeans a Papa John’s
family is not a BOS descent so they don’t understand the struggle and the
dynamics between whites and black in law enforcement in this country back so you
know they’re always forgiveness and then the judge the fuckin paint of the
bailiffs hugging his mother got in here baby laughing in the faces of black people and one thing and Israel black
people in America religious and things that we have
experienced get took the killer instinct out of it right we have the foot right
on these Krakens never fucking let off this man speaking facts pay attention
give me the life that I was writing the motherfucking back and I hate it every
time yeah they gave us a phone they gave us a fucking guilty verdict but when
niggas don’t understand there’s aids to the game buses black people shoulda gave
ourselves the emotional backing of what if they don’t finish her long enough and
that’s what happened yesterday we got the bone but we did get the chicken and
this s niggas do act out control and they shoved in art they they just rubbed
a little dirt and wound by rubbing her hair hugging her brother coming up and
hugging the Benglis like i want to jump in stay with me stay with me if you ask
me this is another L for Benjamin Crump I’m tired of him I’m tired of Benjamin
clothes every time a person of color gets killed at the hands of white people
is the family you know I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I’m starting to
think that he’s down he’s down with the powers that be I mean you know he was
celebrating and all that church-going sound and stuff you know on Tuesday you
know why because he’s been stuck in parallel to white folks in sports he’s
the only person that gets to fail oh he’s the only person that gets to bail
out his job but yet just promoting and still gets up soon going black knee in
America I know who gets that opportunity to fail at his job consistently and they
keep leveling up me and some bullshit okay well said very well said most will
imprint on the Kylie Jenner put B in the first thing be easy you got to be
careful with some of the language again I don’t own YouTube just take a look
right right right right like I said process Tigra for putting that emotional
imprint on Kylie Jenner to the mini left side waking right back home to the
person who emotionally apron her God thank you Miss Liu okay oh I appreciate
the call yeah I’m gonna be a little extra today but got that rest in last
night I haven’t had fire couch in over five
years again I’ve had quality I’ve had decent coochie yesterday I got called
slipping can I just talk about it for a second I didn’t fall asleep I went to
her place let me tell you why yesterday afternoon I was um I was swamped and
work I met this young lady about a year or so ago at the airport here in Atlanta
maybe even over here we stayed we stayed in touch never smashed talked once in a
while she sends me a little mochi faces after she listens to the show sometimes
I respond sometimes I don’t looks exactly like Karrueche Chris Brown’s ex
so I was kind of like here just as she she’s of AIDS but she looks young
yesterday she calls me says hey Troy let’s excuse me hey Troy yeah that’s a
star oh yes star I got a dilemma I need to
see you now my mind I’m always think you know and the bitch says something like
that you know she trying to get some rent money to pay the fucking rent I say
shorty I don’t I don’t know money to pay rent that’s what you going no no no no
no no it’s not that can I come see you now I don’t have
company I I’ve never been on it like that it means I don’t have any furniture
I got paper place I live a basic life you know I don’t have niggas like you
know blowin cush on the patio a little extra shit I said no you can’t come here
what’s going on what do you need can you come see me that’s what she said I said
hey I’m swamped if you ain’t got said say well if you if you even give a
quarter of a fuck about me you’ll come see me I said hey you’re about 18 miles
away maybe 20 I drove yesterday afternoon to go see
her but before I got there I said hey listen on some real shit
if your cat coughs too loud everybody get everybody’s getting shot including
you no no no no no I know how you get down I’m not gonna give you too much of
the details well let me just say again when I got there within six minutes of
walking in shit got shit got lit I think I even got a scratch on my nose
somewhere yeah sure he jump around with stiletto heels and I’m man enough to say
I got caught lacking fire Cuchillo driving home looked in the mirror you
know the rearview mirror and I looked at myself and I said when are you gonna
grow the fuck up how much more of this do you need you know it’s time for you
to get to get a big booger bear like other men of your age and just slow down
so I’m blaming it on myself and I’m also blending it again on this shit here this
makes you get focused on the coochie all right that shit right there I’ll talk a
little bit more about it later but I got caught lacking as most of us do from
time to time right hey also speaking of getting caught like you anybody see
beanie sigel in a in a bed somewhere some girl took a
picture of him looking like a you guys at the speed beanie sigel somewhere doing a show something
something yada yada yada keep me posted I think beanie sigel just
got caught in a hotel allegedly smashing some chick I’m sure he’s gonna have
problems at home so the area code for one for good afternoon for one for Amber
Geiger sentenced to 10 years in prison are you there
for one for I didn’t do a show yesterday I didn’t show to Z yeah I mean yesterday
I got caught lack and had some if you come and let me know you’re coming you
really come in but you know you Instagram DM like we do like we do but
now hang on a second let’s focus on amber Geiger ten years
I’m also focused on the judge you know Manny brought out the Bible she was
there for about maybe a six and seven minutes talking to him but you know
hugging uh you know we can say about that I don’t like it I was I was really
happy when they originally convicted her of murder but like you would stand on
the other shows like if she gets ten or less she could get you know she’s
eligible for probation and she could probably no no no she can get out on
appeal ten years old she can get out born he’ll go ahead right right and I
just think it’s kind of messed up man in a way I mean I understand her brother
you know trying to like for forgiveness I think he was doing it more so for
herself not forgiving her I think it was just taking some of that hatred out of
his heart you know when he did like the big hug and stuff like that but still
messed up because like a lot of people said on the other show if the if those
tables were flipped it wouldn’t have been none of that they would have thrown
like a black guy that shot a white woman how about this how about we never mind
trying to flip it around reverse it never mind all these other things you
know and trying to imagine what would happen yada yada yada our black people
on code you see that’s why I’m coming from if the family
once personal closure healing by we have Christianity that’s fine but when in
reality the the original Testaments was written in Aramaic not English so so the
Bible is really not you know and I hate to do this against people who believe
you know it’s not your Bible it’s not your Bible so if you want personal
closure that’s fine but the the needs of the many far outweigh the problems of
the few you ever heard that slightly let me say it again the needs of the many
far outweigh the problems of the few so if we’re talking about black people in
America getting you getting smoked like Lucy’s on a Friday night
people getting slugs in the mug niggas taking dirt naps on a regular are black
people on code I just think that the family you know they did what what may
have worked for them but in reality it’s like you know nothing nothing really
happened his mother talking about the Dallas
Police Department corruption where she’s leaving town go ahead right and you know
what else this one when I saw the brother doing all this really reminded
me of that Dylan roof situation where they were the whole congregation forgave
him and it’s like I think it’s a southern thing where they have like oh
we forgive you it’s okay we forgive you and it’s like to the masses it’s like
what no like that would be no like I would be disappointed in a sentence
you know it was I don’t know I was I was shocked that she only got 10 I wouldn’t
lead I was looking for 15 at least well again I’m not gonna sit here so I she
said I got twenty I had no I’m talking on another level are black people really
on code because you know the opportunity to to to put something forth by way of a
real statement that’s what I want it from his mother and she just got there
and she sounded like a preacher as she’s leaving town but I’ll give you the last
word right the lot last word I just I just wish you would
have got more time but I can’t be mad at her brother and specifically for you
know forgiving that woman but to the masses you all know she should have got
more than 10 years but always thanks for the car man got that donation into thank
you dog and keep me posted when you’re coming to a lane okay all right all
right motel 6 let’s talk about it am i doing too much it do I have too much
energy me let me check him out for babies yo I was
exhausted yesterday caught slippin baby girl
jumping around and some stilettos and and and it was it was a setup she heard
me talking on the show about like you know clear stilettos negligee her friend
was in the kitchen when I walked in her friend said hi hater
okay straight to the bedroom POW am i okay
okay all right listen here as you should be all right let me do my partial
analysis of amber Geiger right now so that I don’t forget so I watched her
interview as many of you did a couple of days ago and let me just say in case you
don’t know amber Geiger in my opinion the epitome of poor white trash you pity
me boy trash growing up she was the youngest of a brother and his sister
that means she spoiled the baby always gets what the baby wants I was spoiled I
had all sorts of shit growing up you know colored TV wall-to-wall carpet in
70s ooh thousands of Lego toys everything Evel
Knievel all sorts of shit she spoiled dead-end job as a waitress for a TT is
four years so she already had in her mind as a lot of waitresses do not just
wipe that black people don’t tip black people are ungrateful you know went when
they come to purchase that’s a fallacy that’s for
black people actually overtip most black people and I say this respectfully they
don’t even read the goddamn the Chuck a lot of times the gratuity is already
included in the check black people get to drink and having a
good time and then they leave another tip on top of the goddamn gratuity so so
that’s who amber Geiger truly is if you ask me just
my opinion again a waitress for years she became a cop because because she
wanted to help people that’s what she said in her testimony how do you go from
being a spoiled kid to wanting to help people it doesn’t make sense if I have
to use myself as an example again spoiled as shit in the 70s move to New
York I wanted to be a cop I wanted that badge and that gun you goddamn right I
did they said no you’re out of control in your own code get the fuck out of
here but I wanted it not to help people but the point is you don’t go from being
a spoiled kid to then wanting to help people it doesn’t make sense she went to
the University of Texas at Arlington studied criminology she dropped out
why’d you drop out why not finish if you ask me she felt that she knew enough
already she applied to be a police officer in
2013 she was accepted BAU first first go-round
amber Geiger in my opinion opinion she’s short basic looking and a bleached
blonde you’ve heard me say that before bleach blonde with the Napoleon complex
amber Geiger was a deceitful liar for over a year while she was in a
relationship with another police officer deceitful that’s the word deceitful that
man was married and you already know the rest of it when she shot both him John
she said in her testimony he was approaching her and talking in an
aggressive manner What did he say hey hey hey what are you doing here I just
want to point it out that’s who she is anyway ten years
phone lines open and I’m sorry cash app super check guys if you new to the show
you can send in questions or whatever comments the link is right up under the
video there okay let me go to cash app okay that’s a friend of mine it’s a cop
he sent me a email who is this okay crime skills was poppin homie
give me a second I see you where are you nine five four let me line yep I’m along
yep I need a minute doing that right now grand finale hey
man was pop words he said sprawl I’m on the line 201 give me a second guys I’m
doing a lot right now trying to trying to hit some of these bullet points I
think this is grand finale right there grand finale sit tight sir I see you I
think that’s you hold on all right Elvis the chef Rosenberg
good afternoon sir I see you give me a second la came Muhammad peace I see you
sir he says Minister Farrakhan loves us all okay
assalamualaikum to you sir okay thank you so much for your contribution Aaron
good afternoon let me chime in briefly boss nigga okay I got you sir give me a
second Marv Nancy hey darlin she says get Dana on ados
I wouldn’t have forgave amber lol yeah Dana on the line ad OS wouldn’t have
forgave amber lol yeah Thank You Marv nan Jie do work MEK on the chicken
reminds me when Charleston forgave Dylan roof exactly
exactly and that’s why I’m asking are black people really own code
you know forgiveness is nice that’s wonderful but when you make an open
display of it does it work for the advancement for the betterment for the
greater cause of black people and let me just say this before I forget it and I I
don’t have to take shots at any other culture to prove my point
some have you have heard me in the past speak about the tau mood not the Torah
the Tal mood the talmud clearly well i’m gonna paraphrase it says that
– other than a Jew your life is not worth saving don’t help you
oh don’t help them you can call in and correct me if you like you can lower the
comments the Tal mood so all that forgiveness stuff it’s nice
it’s to put you know certain coaches are not doing no grandstanding and forgiving
they’re already thinking about who the fuck to sue or and everybody’s getting
sued and do you think that uh the the Jean family has made it now hard for
civil suits if you if you forgiving the shooter you forgave her how are you then
gonna say something by way of a civil suit when she gets out or civil suit
against the goddamn police department how you’ve already stood up and said we
don’t want jail or I don’t want her to jail I love you grandpa I love you the
answer area code 201 grand finale yes yes sir yeah I’m a little extra this
afternoon man just what’s going on there yeah I know man you turned up I mean
yeah from the very beginning the body cam shows shows her saying I thought
this was my apartment I thought this is my apartment
never mind that dead nigga on the floor bleeding to death I thought this is my
apartment I mean from the very beginning you knew how this was gonna go she gets
in the squad car she gets a hug so right off the top you know she’s got the full
backing of her comrades at the police department okay but you know never mind
you know the brother asking for a hug and you know consoling her
never mind the judge he begged please please yeah where is Manny they were
talking about never mind the judge coming down off the
bench to you know give her a hug and show her Bible verses yeah our Paul word
so watch the bailiffs whose hairline was pushed back to the middle of her head
with all types of tight we are we the brazen shit caressing and
stroking her beautiful and blonde hair bleached blonde let’s get it right
bleached blond boys whatever you want to call it I mean people had to be like
cringing you know what it means to see you know how much she adores you know
this lady yeah so I mean it was a cool train choo choo choo choo yeah yeah I
couldn’t I couldn’t I couldn’t believe what I was watching so so overall we had
no choice but to expect this there’s no way you’re gonna walk into a cops home
by accident clap him and get ten years ain’t gonna when a hand I said grand
finale I appreciate your support and and I I appreciate your perspective at times
I’m not sitting here you know trying to target and beat up on white people I’m
talking about our black people really on code because the coning that we saw I’m
more concerned with that it was expected well then maybe you know maybe the
masses should not have even given a fuck in the first place if amber Geiger would
have been given five years and the family would have had said you know what
we suing every goddamn body that would have been better to me we suing you you
you get ready for the smoke but don’t get up there crying beggin you know
kowtow and knee buckling oh do that give last word yep
yeah the commentators even made they made a point of that that everybody is
targeted you know for some type of civil actions that the manufacturers of the
door lock the apartment complex the the police department every fair game when
you know for everybody yeah but that’s not going to happen now you know so
fucking good you talk to you man thank you
support thank you all right grand finale gonna check in let me calm down Shh I got caught slippin what slippin Court
lacking and I woke up this morning and I just I looked around my bedroom and I
said is this is this is this your life really really young girl still of age of
age silly shit silly DMS and Instagram oh and let me
just say again you know please if you’re a guy please stop stop sending me DMS
via Instagram where I’m gonna block you that’s my personal page that’s not my
page for fucking stories or news trending shit it’s my personal page I
want to say that as well let me go to arms super chat filthy
brick boy says Britch be rit say okay the only code black people should follow
is the code of looking in the fucking mirror let the church say hell yeah oh
lordy Lord drop the mic okay eight one three boss
uh did lawanda crackhead testified for Giger for some bottom dentures Oh
question mark foreign niggas love whitey more than themselves hmm black to death on the check and be a
super jet that was a plantation spectacle those colonized Christian non
a DOS buffoons do not represent hashtag Atos black women worship the Whiteman
the white mommy hashtag tell I’m sorry hashtag Tammy the
Manny thank you yeah and in case you’re just now joining
the show Tammy cab the judge that’s who we’ve
been referring to as Manny she went ten toes down she said fuck
y’all niggas a jrx says gangster George Zimmerman and killer ASAP amber Geiger
did what niggas do to other niggas every day so what question mark did the judge
hug Eric Holder r.i.p nipsey Thank You Fareed Fareed says mr. terrain black
Christians will line up to hug and forgive but will be the same I’m sorry
we’ll be the same ones that will disown their sister for not calling them back
facts just notice on the check and says how embarrassing
with all these Negroes but is it black femininity on code question mark John’s
brother look LGBT allegedly and you know what we don’t care we don’t care what
his sexual orientation is we don’t give a fuck about that but damn man can I hug
her please please mammy okay no Brandi hey Brandi okay Brandi
sent me a casket thank you baby yeah Brandi said she’s
coming down to Atlanta okay keep me posted
I’m trying to get with a big booger bed but I realized that yesterday I realized
I just I had too much fun shaming myself let me see if this is
Elvis this Shep Rosenberg good afternoon Elvis is that you sir area code six for
six Rosenberg I am here hey thank you for your cash that man where do we start
what do we start I would argue if you know how Christians believe in this
mystical and that their soul into God and and all these things that can happen
I would you that blacks around the world
including adls like Tammy the mammy is it’s under a curse or some sort of spell
and they cannot and will not do what seems to be what normal people would do
in a situation like this when it comes to dealing with whites they just cannot
it’s it’s it’s just I was so charged yesterday I was falling out of my mind
good thing you didn’t have a so cuz I was so charged you know what honestly
sometimes I need to pause before yeah before I do a show because I was driving
home yesterday and you know III missed a good portion of the day you know just
slipping and then when I was seeing the video footage of a Brooke brothels
brother Lewis in his name I forget his brother you know Oh both yeah when I saw
his brother Kooning and caping I said holy shit
I said let me go home and get some rest and then wake up and then just go
apeshit it’s a good thing I didn’t do a show
last night because I would have said some crazy shit I had time to think it
through I had time to cross-reference and things and again yeah here today I
want to let it be known I’m not taking shots at anybody who is
mystified or if that’s how you find comfort by forgiving that’s fine that’s
why I’m talking about the greater good of black people in America are they
really own code go ahead yeah and when you say cold what do you mean by code
coming together for the Advancement of a certain group and/or race or culture
even though race is not a concept I’m just throwing some things out there
organizing for the benefit of the generations to come making personal
sacrifices so that respect can be given to to that particular group and again I
don’t have to talk about the Talmud and the Torah and things like that but there
are certain cultures who don’t even give you that whole
fucking forgiveness thing off the RIP they go up in you and and and they are
dedicated to destroying their oppressors that’s what I mean good no blacks blacks
in America are not on cold and this is obvious I’d like I said in the beginning
I would argue that some sort of spell there’s some sort of you know I’m into
that fluid reality and how this can all be some sort of script that we are
reading from and let me just say it’s some sort of fucking curse
we’re under some sort of curse something like that is going I’m gonna be
respectful but because the currents could be mysticism yeah I mean last word
oh thank you for what you do star I will continue to support and by the way I’m
not trying to be funny but my sweatshirt my sweater and you said that’s not okay
don’t be behind the scenes I’m making a happen right love you thank you okay you
salute me okay all right Elvis the chef Rosenberg I got
a sip some more this guy Jim Pellegrino so I don’t just like you know jump out
the window ah I got caught lacking I got caught lacking and a minute have to see
it fire coochie I’m not gonna go into too much detail but you know today you
have to telling yourself before somebody tells on you you know I could be on
Instagram right now who knows you know getting it in here’s the hater oh there
is shit j-rok freak sends in a super chat thank you sir I am a religious
person but fuck all that forgiveness my mother’s religious and and as you have
heard me say before you certain holidays hey I’m I’m the one that says hey let’s
let’s hold hands say a prayer read a scripture you know out of respect not to
be trolling or clowning or you know that sort of thing but we’re talking about
the gray good okay I got Elvis – chef Rosenberg
let me just delete some of these hold on give me a second
who’s 201 okay I got grand finale thank you
crimes close where are you man you sent in a okay six for six let me chime in
boss nigga area code six six – hold on a second that area code six six – is that
Aaron hello no I’m Beth hey so how are you knit I’m doing good he was real
respectful yesterday and you rule turns up today’s yeah I’ll try to match your
energy okay all right so let’s do this are black people on toad no and I’m
ashamed and disgusted okay before we get to that let’s do this
Benjamin Crump said that this is a victory but Trayvon Martin but Michael
Brown for Alton sterling yes yeah did you see that yes I think so
that two days ago he did that on a Tuesday I died I thought you being uh
you know yourself you talking about how she was white trash but I hadn’t heard
her voice when I listened to her voice I could immediately tell she’s sound like
that white trash from Mississippi where I live you found it just like one of
social media was filled with all kind of references to you know you come up in my
shit and you’ve owned I and you know all that type of you know just waiting to
kill somebody well I have no problem with white trash
I just want to make that clear but I was just giving a a small profile analysis
of her and the fact that she’s spoiled always gotten what she wanted she
applied to to get to get a job in 2013 as a cop no college diploma she got it
got the fucking power got the fucking other piece make her on her hip short
Nicoli short Napoleon complex the walking time bomb against me good that’s
exactly it you know she was she was a fucker in all reality she was a fuckup
she wasn’t gonna do nothing if it wasn’t for the police department giving her a
chance but let’s get to the real subject come on the theme of all of this
is what was trending on Twitter or a giveness forgiveness is the theme of
this trial you they had old white men yes greeting about it’s amazing how
black people can forgive yeah meanwhile two years ago the Aryan Brotherhood knew
that they were being investigated so they killed the Department of
Corrections director in Colorado come on and a prosecutor and a
prosecutor in Texas white people are not forgiven they
forgive nobody they killing everybody all right
vengeance is mine and the Lord oh yeah they’re not going they will never go for that
come on and of course you know you remember Timothy McVeigh he wasn’t going
either now let’s let’s go to the jury the jury
gave our 10 years I feel like what you said what you said the number nine
yesterday everybody is worried about what amber needs what her state of mind
was what she could have been doing and there no one is concerned about the
impact of his laws not only to him but to his family I’m sorry I’m gonna say I
want to make sure that I gave the right quote vengeance is mine I will repay
says the Lord go ahead you say Oh as far as the brother I did
not I did not wanted to bring a all kind of fire to the brother because he is
experiencing a deep loss right now but again something I took from Twitter if I
saw my brother hugging my killer from heaven I would be acting a whole ass in
heaven I would be sick if somebody killed my brother I don’t give a fuck
I’m holding on to that hate and that poison forever
that was that was I don’t want to shit on the little guy but that was that was
shame that hurt me to see that yeah me today that hurt
yes you know and you know Christian Christianity will give given to slaves
to allow injustice in this life and so you know so they could you know skip
over know the UH you know they could they could skip over and justices in
this life no you know that’s why they were given the plate bottle Thank You
Man I appreciate a call thank you so much
J thank you you do it okay alright I’m trying not to get too hyped you know
just but whenever I take like a long nap and recharge my battery it’s just too
much going on who’s on area code seven five seven let
me chime in boss nigga where are you where are you seven five seven okay you
go hang on a second is that uh Dipset 2017 yes sir what’s up how are you a new
problem it’s the loot come on hi so alright so
she killed she killed old boy and I think the stage
is set for her answer appeal and get out on bond but I think the stage setbacks
and also check this out stop they deprived me of you know I like when they
bother sending us black folks they make a stand up they got like six deputies
behind ya and the only one thing you can put handcuffs on it but they deprived
you that moment right you went out the back door like more start the backlight
they took the shackles off of her yesterday if you catch that way shackles
off yes sorry moment I needed that moment and Benjamin Crump need to get
the hell up out of here oh yeah I’m sick of this crap and that’s
all I got to say Thank You Man oh thank you sir salute okay thank you
for the cash brother mo good afternoon sir thank you for your cash at he says
the Zhang’s are cut from number 9s cloth hashtag Caribbean Coons you know I don’t talk to reckless but
what’s that old term it’s from like the 60s and the 70s chimney sweep chimney-sweep
you call a black person in the UK well England I guess London I along
chimney-sweep that was like equivalent to did n-word you know why did I say
that um gypsy housing thank you for your cash
at I went to the wrong unit in my building before so have i man you know
high on that shit stinking like Jagermeister
you know the stick the stench of coochie you know on a dumb shit and I even had
to fucking go up on my waist on a few on a few occasions put the key in the
goddamn thing turning this shit throw it open yeah I think on one occasion I
heard some I said hey hey hey that’s oh shit come into wrong I’m on the wrong
floor you know go back to elevator then go to my floor but you don’t go in
blasting and let’s let’s not go back you know we’ve already had that discussion
about what she coulda shoulda would have done we’re now talking about our black
people really on code thank you for your donation hey didi says no big nigga we
not on cold religion won’t allow us that’s very well said but again I’m not
here to beat up on religion if that’s what you believe that’s fine
Andre Andre says sad to see Coons caping for amber fuck the judge yeah David
Davidson said cash F F the mammy shit Tokyo shit balls nigga okay I’m trying
to slow down to be honest with you man hey Rick Rick sends in a donation star
go in on a rat what rat soup poorly aging cave bitch
okay if you’re talking my amber Geiger at this point it doesn’t make any sense
to to dog her out you know we know what it is we know about the text messages
her making racist comments talk him out she wants a racist dog we know all that
shit the judge knew it judge pulled out the Bible game over
game over No what else can you say at this point okay crime screw crime skills yeah I’m
gonna get a different phone system crime skills I don’t know what’s going on I
can’t figure this shit out just a new phone system that’s what I have to do uh
michael agretti no sir he says she putting you on her visitation list Oh
amber Geiger Gaza Gaza sends in six dollars and 66 cents the number of the
beast the mammy judge and bozo family are disappointing what can you say mom’s
had smoke for them though both times mom I disagree sir respectfully you know she
again she had the opportunity to read from a statement a prepared statement
about what the next step will be the forgiveness is cool I’m not trying to
dog them for forgiving the shooter if that’s what you subscribe to that’s fine
but read a statement about what what’s to come don’t just you know now now the
Senate’s the police department again 2018 case you’re just now joining the
show on am to DM on YouTube that’s a YouTube channel she blamed amber and
said that she did not follow police procedure so if you try and bring a
civil suit to the police I know they’re gonna say well hey you
said here it was amber not us well thank you for your cash shot okay I
got Gaza salute Gaza do work MEK says southern blacks our own code for boule
okay okay give me a sec I’m coming two more phone calls as well and super chat
somebody just sent me a text who is dad hold on is that kuroky from yesterday latex mean shuttle oh I’m not married we
kids caught me a slip and just give me a second guys edges
I can’t multitask all right hey also I’m gonna try to go see the Joker
after the show and then I’m gonna try to go see a guy who’s in concert tonight
hold on shit somebody else other than Tyler the
Creator Tyler’s in town tonight isn’t it tonight 7:00 p.m. I really want to go
see him live but I don’t know just it’s a lot going on I’ll keep you guys posted is that Dana with the smoke then is that
you ha shit wait a minute is that Dana irani every code 7 3 2
nope nope nope hey boss chick Ronnie how are you
afternoon I am pretty good in yourself I’m doing a lot better than I was
feeling yesterday good good good good and thank you for being patient because
as you know I was gonna do a show last night but I was just tired
there’s issue with the phones and not just our focus I’m going to sleep it so
so thank you for being available what do you want to jump in you you were very
very extra yesterday more so than me when we were talking behind the scenes
with regards to both them John’s family the judge and all sorts of thing what do
you want to start oh wow you know there’s several cases that I’ll
probably never forget like Sean Bell and 2006 Kelly Thomas in 2011 but this case
is probably one of the most egregious that I’ve seen in a while you know when
you consider the fact that this was a man you know in his home eating ice
cream and you know he’s dead because the person who murdered him trespassed onto
his own property so you know he couldn’t be any less innocent in this situation
and if you listened to the testimony that people according to the people who
knew him he was literally like Jesus is in the flesh you know but I like you
said I was completely disturbed by the victim victim impact statement given by
brothers both and brother Brant you know he completely
solved this murderer and professed his love for her and you know I get where
he’s coming from as far as the religious standpoint in terms of the concept of
forgiveness but it was disturbing and it was cringe-worthy to watch him he went
beyond forgiveness like you said he pleaded with the judge to hug her I was right and they were swaying back and
forth his head on her head on his shoulders his his arms wrapped around
her waist and you know I did not like that one bit and one of the reasons why
is because I anticipated that the media would run with his statement and the hug
and you know to sort of drum up compassion for her and sure enough all
the headlines are about his statement and the judges behavior towards you know
this murderer who doesn’t deserve one split second of compassion right where
would a split second of compassion for both them yeah I’m you know again I’m
not going to sit here and try and go through everything or go back and you
know hash it all out again ten years is what was handed down by the jury you
sent me a breakdown I don’t have that in front of me of the jury do you remember
that what it was or let me see if I can find you yeah so it was five blacks for
Hispanics to white and one Asian to white people so for the most part this
was a panel of minorities that you know took in this entire case and decided
yeah it’s only worth ten years in which case you know she’s eligible for parole
after five years so this wasn’t a panel of white people with you know who go
home to picket fences who had compassion for her these were people that look like
both them that had compassion for this murderer yeah do you think my question
is too broad are black people on code do you think that even really means
something or is that just an internet you know go to term that sounds nice
yeah let’s get all cold your own code bullshit um it is a broad
question but I think like one of the previous callers said Christianity won’t
allow a lot of black people to get on code and I have to agree because you
know there was a point in time where lay slaves weren’t allowed to read but they
could have a Bible so it goes back to this sort of conditioning which is one
of the overall problems with over organized religion specifically the
church in terms of this turn-the-other-cheek love your enemies
mindset it programs and it conditions people to be weak and docile and his
brother was the embodiment of weak and docile on that stand and off the stand
when he practically slow-danced with her yeah yeah I think you’re the first one
who mentioned that to me yesterday when I was driving home and I said okay I’m
look at this later but then I just I was flipping through my um my Instagram yeah
as I’m driving stupid stupid ants me and I I listened to an I said holy shit it
was coning to the up tenth degree up tenth degree yeah and especially the
conduct of the judge you know I want to know how many other murderers this judge
cried in open court for how many other murderers did she bring Bibles to
industry scriptures forests how many other murderers did she hug and hold you
know you were being facetious if you remember yesterday you said you said
without your twos I didn’t do a show yesterday verdict Tuesday the day before
I knew yeah you were being facetious but you had said that the judge probably
said to amber after the guilty verdict was read you know I’m really sorry about
this amber but you actually foreshadowed you know what happened because the judge
literally came off the bench to hug and cry with her and I don’t know if you
caught it but when she was given the instructions in terms of the sentencing
phase she tried it through another curveball at the last minute by
instructing the jury that they could consider it to be an
influence of sudden passion which meant that they would have been allowed to
give her a minimum of two years in a max of twenty years can you say that again
Ronnie because some people were under the impression that because judge Kemp
because she said or because you know earlier in the week when she allowed the
jury to consider the castle doctrine that she was making an airtight case so
amber couldn’t appeal would you just say again now what did she do so at the last
minute when she was giving the instructions to the jury in terms of for
the sentencing phase this is after the verdict and she’s instructing them you
know about the five to ninety nine years she instructed them that they could
consider this to be an influence of sudden passion so usually like an
influence of sudden passion would be if you walked in on your wife having an
affair that would be an influence of sudden passion right so so with the
influence of sudden passion it would have allowed them to go below the
threshold of the 5 to 95 to 99 years and they could have given her between 2 and
20 years okay so they they did reject that they rejected that but they gave
her 10 which is not much more than the minimum right hang on a second Ronny I
think Dana with this smoke wants to get on the line oh shit is that Dana with
the smoke area code 973 yes I can’t hear me crazy
how are you Dana I’m good hey honey how you doing would you want to see one
chime in let’s go yeah so just real quick cuz I’m in office today but I just
want to go straight to our black people on Cole and I say no because key factors
we are we do not organize we do not come together and we don’t understand the
voting process or just how our government works system works and Dallas
particularly in Texas and Dallas which is a democratic city even though that
arm Texas is a requirement the people vote in the judges so those
50 people I was marching last night you voted in that judge and we don’t
understand just how powerful our vote is whether we holding it or who you’re
voting for so and another reason why we’re not on
hold because there’s a lot of economic disenfranchisement a lot of callers are
calling up saying they’re we’re not on call and it’s due to religion
Christianity and I disagree with that because it was religion where the Civil
Rights was birthed it out of so that was that started in the Bible Belt nat
turner he did a rebellion you know he was inspired from the bible so it’s not
religion that hold us back it’s really being bought these are people who are
bored to cool or bought to side with white supremacy so it all goes down to
money and if we don’t come together financially economically and build
ourselves up then yeah we want to continue to have these
disenfranchisement and this injustice Ronnie do you want to jump in on what
Dennis saying I have to Google something was run yet I’m right here I would just
say that the effect that and a stronghold that religion has
specifically the black church has on black people now of course I know these
people are st. Lucian but you know when you look at the manner in which the
brother Bothans brother conducted himself and the mayor in which his
mother conducted themselves there is like a slight difference whereas the
brother was completely you know telling her he loved her he wants the best for
her he doesn’t even want her to go to jail I didn’t get that same level of
forgiveness from the mother but I think overall she probably is leaning towards
forgiveness and I have a problem with that and if you subtract religion we
wouldn’t hear any talk about forgiveness right now go to the South Carolina
shooting the church shooting well half of those people’s family set
up and say we forgive him but if you look at the money they all got a lovely
sum of money and continue to get money from that so with a lot of lawsuits find
everywhere and it was a you know a lot of politics involved nanosecond dinner
and you see I don’t have a problem with a family benefiting by a way of a death
you know if there was a wrongdoing have no problem with that but I’m I’m talking
about on a larger scale when a larger scale does that really help the greater
good if you take a bag need to take your bag but if you’ve forgiven and you
continue this whole premise of our let’s forgive us forgive doesn’t that undercut
the lawsuit I mean for other people but that’s right I think what you’re saying
but see for you to get the bag if you didn’t get a certain amount of the bag
they’re going to require for you to stand up and forgive the white person I
disagree but go ahead I disagree with that right it’s what do you call it it’s
um it’s um its requirements in order for you to get that bag you just don’t
easily get a bag so what I’m saying is stop taking a handout and let’s come
together and bring our resources together ourselves
we don’t need other people resources unless as reparations from the
government but that’s not indifferent but we need to come together where our
economic resources just build together and we don’t do that because if you take
their bag you know it’s going to be compromised that’s what I’m saying okay
okay Dana I thank you for calling it I’ll let you get back to work
are you doing a show soon on your channel and we we always have to promote
the real Dana don’t smoke yes the real Dana I will be doing there’s no laughs
immoral because I will be i’ma try to film go live at the ADL web conference
because we all get a link to look at the conference love and I want to stream it
on my days I support that conference as you know as I do support tone talks and
Yvette Cornell Thank You Dana have a great day
all right have a good day okay hang on a second Bostick money I’ll be right
back I’m coming in super chat shortly folks you can join the conversation the
link is right up under the video la came Muhammad peace he says assalamualaikum
good show star thank you sir walaikum asalam to you okay okay who is
this someone sending in a email without a cat let me hit delete I’m gonna creflo
dollar’s shit you know that Aaron Thank You Aaron Aaron says too much Union 5-3
– not enough equality 7-2521 looked sexual and you know what we don’t give a
fuck about a person’s sexual orientation identity we really don’t
we’re not hateful like that we joke around from time to time but what he
said was disturbing you know the Sam Willie I’m just gonna say Sam Willie 94
respect the fire coochie yeah man like him hey Jennifer area code 843 let me
see if I can find Jennifer she sent that scrolling scrolling and let me slow down
this goddamn show where are you Jennifer eight four three eight four three eight
four three did I miss you oh did you just sign off that I pick up too slow don’t see you darling I’ll come back and
look for you again I may have been moving too slow give me a second
Jennifer the father okay the father just said he wants to be
Amber’s friend you’re kidding me Malachi Thank You Ronnie do you know
anything about both them’s father’s saying he wants to be Amber’s friend is
that what this person is referring to I’m not speed on that well you know I’m
really not surprised because you know the entire family seems like they suffer
from mental illness I’m sorry I meant the entire family seems to be Christian
so you know stand on what you said Ronnie go back go back what you said
it’s a mental illness listen you have to be mentally deranged to say that you
love and you don’t want the person who took your family member
away from you to go to jail I mean he literally said the brother said I don’t
even want you to go to jail I just want you to give your life to Christ that is
you know the ramblings of some someone who is in a cold yeah temperatur that’s
the Coon train that’s a coon train but you can’t be surprised by that because I
mean if you look at the Bible you have and you know I was raised in the church
so I can speak to this but you have Romans 13 which commands people to
submit to the government and it says literally says you know disobeying the
government is disobeying God then you have season six which command slaves to
obey their masters good specifically it tells you to obey your your Blademaster
with the same level of respect that you show to Jesus so I’m not really
surprised you know with the father saying he wants to be her friend he will
probably start writing her probably visit her probably put some money on her
books if you looked at her family you know they don’t look like they have two
nickels to rub together to send in on her commissary so I would be surprised
that they started GoFundMe if the if the bottom family starts a GoFundMe for her
hang on a second Ronnie let me go to cash app go ahead and boy King on the
check in Slough he says ma shit store you forgot about Dame dollar
versus Shaq rat beef yeah I’m not fully up to speed I know
Jalen Rose was it yesterday there were an ESPN or was it the day before I
forget and they were talking about this for like ten minutes I think was two
days ago I was on the treadmill yeah what the fuck
I don’t know me thank you for your cash yep I’m not only up to speed on it okay
Ron Ron you got your email uh Malachi I got yours thank you respect to fire
coochie okay a Patrick rafter he says F them Coons in the courthouse okay thank
you sir yeah now we can say F em but in reality it’s like are they working
against the greater good the Advancement of Colored People or black people
african-americans on a larger scale that’s my question you know but thank
you again Patrick I got your cash at second Justin Justin says master is
wheeze going to prison thank you very much you Seth peace he says jury renders
verdict judge does sentencing Ronnie any response to what you said his last name
Yousef says jury renders verdict judge does sentencing I did not see that
yesterday I was lacking sentence no I am BER actually she opted for a
jury jury trial so that gave the jury the power to determine her sentence
that’s what I thought Thank You Yousef yeah just don’t hate throwing some shit
in the game let me go to area code seven or four good afternoon 704 are you there
704 yes no maybe okay they hung on area code
two one four good afternoon – one for you they were talking about amber
Geiger sentence of 10 years what say you to one for yes no maybe okay are you
gonna breathe in the phone or what are you doing okay cut them off hey Ronnie I
don’t know how much time you have but can I just ask you are you up to speed
on the mom who was charged for twirling her baby while blowing a little smoke in
the face on a the baby on Facebook live I think you and I briefly touching it
yeah that was a really super ratchet and I did see where she gave a statement and
she said I don’t want the baby anyway tell the daddy come dinner so the child
the baby is now and this is an infant the baby is now with her mother so yes
was that in Mississippi where was that again I just that was so busy what was
that story I can check I like I can’t remember what state it was but I can
check yeah because if you ask me the baby was clean that looked like it was
well cared for she didn’t look like the mother look like she was in some type of
rat trap you know she twirling the baby listen I’ve seen girls do far worse and
as I said earlier you’ve had throughout the just human history you had other
people other cultures partly you know killing infants are sacrificing them to
the gods draining their blood so on and so forth so so why is everybody just you
know coming down on this woman as if she’s just some lowlife piece of shit
because she is star she was blowing smoke in an infant’s face and twirling
it upside down what do you mean when the babies come out don’t they slap them
help them you know start breathing you know you know I’ve never given birth I
think that’s pretty much a TV thing but I do know that they you know they touch
the baby as soon as it comes out like you know pushing it a little bit
prodding it I don’t know about smacking I don’t I
think that’s just television Lolo Acapulco gold in the baby’s face
there you go sugar calm your ass down all that oh that well all that fussing
and crying you know there are studies that do show that there are benefits to
smoking while you’re pregnant I’m not talking about cigarettes or nicotine but
there are studies yet and even smoking you know having the smoke in the room
and exposing a child to that it’s it’s very highly controversial but there are
people who swear by it they say it calms their kids down baby fussing and crying
got some little tummy ache you you blow a little blue dream in the face there
you go sugar calm you right down hang on a second you know some people rub
alcohol on the gums if their baby is colicky right right exactly you go
everyw I come for zero for you therefore for baseball without it
yes sir good afternoon hey I’m doing I’m an I’m doing I I just wanted to chime in
a little bit um the UH the female callers that have been calling in and
I’m giving you an insight behind Alice is a liberal state in a in a
conservative conservative country hear me in my echo in Oh what it’s okay then
I think you might be on the head senator sessions ahead okay yeah yeah that was
like very insightful you know I’m saying it catch the concert as a conversation
my biggest problem with this whole thing is it’s like is the neglect for justice
okay now I I knew there was a possibility if the lady cookie you know
a short sentence with ten years is just ridiculous I mean cuz I like you know I
like to look at the facts and I feel like you know the facts of the great
equalizer and they don’t matter it’s supposed to be no matter what color you
are whatever right it’s supposed to you know it’s about justice thing you know I
mean and that punishment isn’t just and they just added you know insult to
injury with um with that family and that judge going out of their way they think
they baby that woman like like she was the one that was
victim and was crazy it are you from the Dallas area or any port worker in Texas
were you from sir no I’m actually I’m actually from Atlanta I’m actually from
Atlanta I’m saying it’s interesting hearing you talk about it Landry don’t
you’re saying I’ve been coming here since the late 80s back in the days when
they had sharing showcase I don’t know how old you were
I’m young you don’t saying I was born in the early 90s okay good I’m saying but
uh but you’re not saying I’ve been listened to or wagga delirious okay no
since like it’s very insightful I like your position anyway so you’re
interested in the facts and all of us are and I don’t think anybody at this
point can say that you know what the jury decided was not fair and just but
even though we had you know some of us do have a problem with the amount of
time that was ultimately given to her I’m just asking the the more important
question or so I think you know our black people really own code because as
you just said the coning the coddling they were coddling her but from the
other court officer who was fixing her hair the the judge and then and then the
brothers just like Jesus Mary and Joseph and me how much how much more of a
display of coning can you do you know I don’t know you know I mean you know
people surprised me every day you know I’m saying like I never thought I’d see
this you know saying I’m a Christian myself yeah but that was overdoing it I
mean like like like the woman say it that’s like that’s along the lines of
mental derangement I mean you don’t need to care about yours they don’t even care
about your brother I mean he just got killed
yeah young dude you know saying just starting his life in his skin his room
going yeah and he’s killed over nothing I’m not
sick yeah if I die in a shootout my mother’s suing everybody she she ain’t
forgiving shit I already know I don’t know yeah Thank You Cole man thank you
in a in a quick you know a ma’am yes or something okay thank you
hang on a second Ronnie Ronnie hold on a second I gotta treat some of these cash
taps you got a minute Ronnie okay yeah be right back okay hey Sharon she
says I emailed you okay thank you Sharon I will look for your email you got my
word give me a second sike l good afternoon sir he says resurrect cop killer Troy Davis for
Amber hashtag voodoo okay okay he took it
there hey Courtney Courtney says can you pick up area code for one oh let me see
if I can find you let me try don’t miss some of your calls
this might be Courtney right here that Courtney are you there Courtney if so
can you hang on a second good stay right there stay right there
okay I gotta clear out some of these cash chefs I appreciate your support
more Nancy okay more Nancy yeah hang on I see you on 972 give me a second okay
Sharon I’m going to look for your email thank you darling give me a second sike
li got yours appreciate you Jennifer Jennifer says
I’m back on the line 8:40 okay hang on a second okay Courtney are you there so
let’s get to you first how are you I’m good how are you sitting here doing my
thing man I’m a little extra today but what’s poppin when did to happen to your
question about are we on coup yeah and I think a lot of blacks don’t quite
understand blacks in the u.s. don’t really have a culture they don’t really
have a sinner to get on code when you have these other groups they Connor even
though they they might rob for the greater cause of whiteness but there’s
different cultures within and we already know the government doesn’t play with
the one-percenters and biker groups he just had the white ranchers ride a
couple years ago over the cattle okay so these groups are willing to die for
whatever it is they believe in and I think some bloke who says for that and
what’s happening in the country most people don’t know unless the tribe won’t
kind of get it outside perspective like we’re in a fishbowl in this country and
the conditioning that’s happened here is a rap music is a big proponent of
pushing a certain image the black person you know blacks in
America and everybody’s kind of looking at it we don’t we stand for nothing you
know we allow like a certain energy to be pushed through our children like this
music is pushed to like kids and everything else so folks kind of look at
us in the sense of like you stand for nothing so and it’s such an individual
push in the black culture if you want to call it a culture but the black race
look at my material things this dad any other it all plays a part it’s all
connected to how the world sees is how they treat us in court and we’re
definitely not on code because we just don’t we don’t have a warrior class we
don’t have the culture we don’t have anything locked in even African can I
jump in before you go to Africa respectfully how old are you hold you 45
45 okay okay now you’re I’m 55 but you know you and I both know that art
imitates life and we can’t blame rap music although we would like to and
although I have set a lot of slick shit about rap music you know art imitates
life so the baby’s about here rapping about their condition about what they’re
going through and yes they’re talking about stunting in front and but you know
if there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live good wanting to look nice and fly
flashy jiggy so are we really going to blame rap music when again art imitating
alright I’m um I understand it but I also grew up in the real environment of
a drug addict parents or whatever so I know the real you have a lot of people
that are indoctrinated by rap they’re not really of the life they’re
indoctrinated and what’s happening is you don’t see these other cultures
allowing it you’ll never hear the Jewish calls for whatever you want to whatever
you want to throw out you start attacking their kids there’s certain
things marketed to their kids they shut it down okay so I’m get what you saying
but it’s like heroin and all these other drugs have been present forever okay but
there was a thing where the og if you want to call them oh jeez but the older
guys say hey man that’s that take your ass to school whatever it is there
they protected the men protected two women they protected the children they
understood you had to you have to have a dividing line the lines are blurred and
what happens is the rap is so powerful country vibration of it that’s where
most people are looking to get their knowledge of people you know they look
at em everybody’s like that you know to me so it’s not this I hear you lads who
I appreciate your perspective but you know it gets tricky when we start
blaming capitalism and we don’t necessarily distinguish you know greed
from capitalism I’m a big supporter of capitalism I’m a capitalist but I thank
you for your call and your support I’m gonna get some other calls in here okay
all right thanks yes sir thank you okay mornin Co are you there area code 972 oh
hey good afternoon thank you for your support
what do you want to start you in Texas yes yeah I’m here I just wanted to talk
about awesome weather when I was watching it you know at first I won’t
even lie I got a little emotional you know oh my god okay you know so then I
got started to research and talk about st. Lucia and I realized that the
country that they’re from is 90% Christian and also you know they govern
themselves a little differently than the Atos over here yes so as far as st.
Lucia which is named after the martyr Saint Saint Lucy who was a white woman
with blond hair it had me thinking oh ok so he forgave this woman amber who is a
white woman with bleached blonde here who obviously wants the goddess look as
you stated and bottoms John’s best friend was a white woman with bleached
blond hair right so it made me think is there some type of mysticism going on as
far as their whole life they’ve seen this
patron saint Saint Lucie there’s some sort of mysticism of light because it
even if you google her name it means light yeah so as far as her brother like
oh well I’ll have no choice but to forgive this woman because she reminds
me of this I mean I know it sounds a little off but could that be possible
that there’s all this forgiveness and then the judge goes down there and she
starts the witness number one that’s not your job to care about this was a
woman’s religious preference or oh what’s going on because that whole you
know think of forgiveness overshadow the fact that at the end of the day this man
is not coming back and of course like running said all the
news outlets is what does it say forgiveness and it talks about the hook
and everything like that many people have had issues over the hole in god we
trust’ behind the judges right certain quote rooms yeah I had to testify years
ago and they brought the Bible to me to put my hand in the Bible I looked at
judge and I said I’m an atheist no thank you
no right because as they kept going to WFAA is they kept going to breaks they
kept showing they’re in god we trust’ they kept showing their and then she
gives her a Bible and then there’s this whole thing with the name of the country
and then you know they consider saying Lucia to beat the Helen of Troy of with
indeed included Helen of Troy look like a white woman with blond hair so I may
be overreaching but they’re like no no I think you’re right on point and what
you’re saying makes a lotta sense there’s a lot of sense because again I’m
asking you know are black people really own code and I’m not saying that to be
underhanded or to be you know funny style but you know I just I thought that
the family could have said something a lot more connecting to African Americans
after the guilty sentence and after the sentencing I don’t like the fact that
I’m gonna be respectful that his mother she was taught
and the Dallas Police Department corruption you guys have to leave here
I’m leaving okay well someone have prepared a statement for you a little
bit better as opposed to just an emotional rant I bothered me okay right
so she can’t she can’t sympathize with african-american women such as like
business mclubbe I mean I’m not a fan of his but she can’t sympathize with
Trayvon mother Trayvon Martin’s mother she can’t sympathize so only thing she
could do is talk about Dallas corruption okay this woman just killed your son but
yet still you don’t want to talk about your st. Lucie quote/unquote because
then you want to throw Dallas PD you know Dallas police officer under the bus
and say well there’s corruption is corruption I’m leaving I’m leaving so
she can’t sympathize she doesn’t know what african-americans go through every
day and the police shootings she doesn’t know so she can’t speak on anything that
she doesn’t know so I’m just it’s some type of mysticism that’s going on and
it’s kind of eerie and it’s weird how this has all played out you know and as
far as black people being on code we’re not on cold because I will agree with
Ronnie as far as religion religion has been
used since slavery to control african-americans so we can’t really
break out of what we need to do hell we can’t even vote
well we align our views with in fear of people judging us because we might like
Donald Trump so no we have to vote Democrat because grandma’s voted
Democrat voted Democrat no you weren’t we’re still enslaved mentally right
right what else I thank you for your call I have to bring some other calls in
and I thank you for being so patient all right oh no problem have a good day
thank you okay Jennifer are you on the line I had you on hope for the wall
Jennifer you there oh hey lady how are you fine can you hear me yeah if you can
come a little closer close to the phone thank you no thank
for being patient a lot of people really own code or we can talk about does
third-base o MC serch I’m sorry just third-base o hammer an apology I’ll get
to that tomorrow no what do you wanna start early stuff okay Ronny how you
doing yeah I’m a little nervous to talk today but I’m a kind of best I can
um yeah I just know we’re not old coach and I don’t want to put me in that
because I don’t consider myself to be a black or african-american that’s
fighting for a lost cause but the church we have so many churches in the
so-called black community yeah we have no black schools no quote unquote black
schools nothing set up for black infrastructure for these kids to have
jobs we sent them out into that infrastructure and then you know we want
change it doesn’t work that way you know I’m saying these churches and
stuff are set up by the Catholic churches all that the money that we put
in for tithes and offering and all that type of stuff that goes into a European
Bank and it doesn’t come back into your community we all lost so yes we know
we’re not all cold and it’s very sad and it’s very disturbing and you know I
agree with that last caller when she was saying something was going on as far as
I’m praising this type of you know European woman the way that she looks or
whatever like that because I find it very sad and disturbing that this judge
came off her you know she came down and she gave this young lady a hug yes she
did hug the bottom family as well but she was so sympathetic to her the from
the the officer Coleman her here you know you know I made a little joke about
that the other day I said she probably said girl I’m sorry you know I don’t
have to take your place yeah that’s what I wish I could take the bullet for you
right you know so as far as us being on cold no we’re not on call we first of
all we cater to a color you know I’m saying it so please another you don’t
call with that as much as we see from the core no civil rights movement that
it hasn’t worked for us we’re still fighting for it yeah hey Jennifer before
I forget can you send me email when you get time because I have a
topic that I think you you would be great maybe to co-host with me and
Ronnie hopefully tomorrow or next week when you
get time but I’ll give you the last word go ahead yeah I just I just don’t was
just my main thing you know I like I’m a little nervous to talk okay but I know
that the live chat goes through me up I don’t think that we all call and I think
it’s very very sad we don’t see any group of people saying you know white
privilege this and white privilege that you know you don’t go to China and say
old Chinese privilege you know why because they have their Nationals behind
and supporting them who the fuck do we have you don’t say al Sharpton
hypotenuse you know I’m saying so we got a really delve into why this you know
and there’s so many aspects of this of the um you know the judicial system we
just looking at that one aspect of Lisa going to state you could go to federal
you don’t have just have to depend on it on the judicial system which clearly
does not work for us you’re not saying but we don’t want to
delve into that we don’t want to go that far just like that other callers say the
microwave is too far dude I’m saying so that’s justice what I have to say for
today and don’t forget to send me that email because I think you would fit
right in with a future topic all right okay thank you so much all right Bostic
Ronnie are you still there Ronnie was Ronnie – Ronnie have to sign off Ronnie
may have dropped out Ronnie are you there testing testing one two go down I
think I may have lost one hold a second guys hold on if you’re just now joining
the show I’m glad I waited and didn’t do a show last night I was drained and I would have been on
this microphone last night with just like you know sleepy eyes I had some
fire coochie caught me slipping Ronnie you still there did you hang up I
just sent her a text okay I’m gonna wait for Ronnie to um where are you she says
yes okay hang on let me look for your number Ronnie I don’t see you give me a
second guys and do a lot right now let me look for Ronnie’s number hey runnings at you basta quani yes it
kicked me quite yeah I’m gonna switch this phone system because it’s it’s been
murder the last couple of shows hey also can I ask you um I think you and I maybe
we did or didn’t touch on this the woman up at the Bronx Zoo in New York jumped
into the enclosure where the lion was alive then the Lions day yeah yeah was
she high on something I saw a video allegedly high on something where she
was talk him out we turning up something something somebody’s birthday she was at
the zoo and then she jumped into the Lions Den and there was some type of a
little little creep in between her and the lion you know why is just looking at
her like you know fuck anything further with that oh yeah she’s very she’s very
lucky to be alive they have identified her and I believe that there is a charge
pending for trespassing yes because she was not supposed to be in that lion’s
den and she’s very lucky to be alive I say different I think that she’s stunk
you know based upon what the lion you know perceived to be you know anything
just something tasty or you know just a threat because a lot of times you know
animals which are instinctive they don’t necessarily want to fucking eat you you
pose a threat to maybe their den or their their uh their area that they’re
young whatever and sometimes if you have a certain stench animal can just say huh
I mean I’ve had dogs over the years or sometimes I drank too much and my little
chihuahuas go fuck out of here I’m trying to hug me shit like that so wait
so what you’re saying is she needed a summer ZZZ I think that whatever you
know was coming through her pores or her body the lion said fuck out of here I’m
not interested you know she probably had glue glue in the fucking the lace front
as I said earlier who knows drinking some fucking malt liquor and the lion
said what are you doing here get out of here I don’t think she was ever in a
threat to the I just want to say that what’s that mean well she wasn’t a threat to the lion but
the line was certainly a threat to her that’s just Wow yeah okay I’m going to
take a few more calls Ronnie and then any updates on Bernie Sanders I know he
had open-heart surgery you know that or no if not we’ll just keep it pushing uh
I don’t really keep up with Bernie Sanders I’m not into people who are into
taking things from other people to give to other people so you know all right
maybe tomorrow we’ll focus on did did God put an end to Bernie Sanders his
presidential campaign as I’m saying hold on a second Patrick thank you sir I got
your cash app Thank You Patrick jr. good afternoon forgiveness doesn’t mean you
don’t want justice Ronnie okay that’s a junior saying to you okay well you know
sir I appreciate or ma’am I appreciate your donation but the way that this is
playing out is really making it hard if you asked me it’s making it hard for
this woman to really serve her time you know you’re giving her ten years which
is as opposed to giving her 11 again she would have had to have served time in
prison was fighting her appeal she’s got ten years so she’s going to be able to
appeal and come out thank you for your your cash yet okay I read Patrick’s okay
someone sent me an e-mail mccrawley says F Dana she using your show for her trash
Oh what’s right listen Dana Dana helps me I promote her you know we use each
other they’re not wrong with that nothing wrong with that
my fuck with Dana heavy okay okay Patrick also sends in a donation
saying Ronnie going hard yeah yeah Dipset 2017 says star somebody weak not Turner from the grave
okay so you meant to say nap he said not KN ot he’s probably at work typing fast
thank you sir Vince oh hey Vincent Thank You Man
retired from the PD the jury best up at the end
Wow Thank You Benny Blanco let me just say that Benny Blanco thank you for your
donation retired from the PD the jury Fest up at the end any comments on that
one Ronny jury fest up
what did he fess up that’s it this is coming did you say f/stop is in fest
FPSs fest up backed up – what – the react to the
reality of the fact that this is a white a white woman former cop
hey you know she shot a black guys it’s not like she shot a fifteen-year-old you
know aspiring white college dude shadow black guy so basically he’s
saying that the jury told us what they thought of both of genes life like that
sentence I’m assuming that’s what Benny Blanco is saying Vinny again man thank
you for your cash yep I’m assuming that’s what he’s saying
that yeah listen enough enough you know enough with this guy you know being such
a martyr citizen it’s a black night and there today the black guys that’s all
knock it the fuck off also net well it’s excluding the two white jurors and the
one Asian juror I would say that that was nine self-hating minorities who sat
there and came up with that number that number is ridiculous yes Nikki I’m sorry
you familiar I’m sorry not too far from Dallas Texas is
Galveston Texas and right now they’re having a controversy because they had
two officers horseback officers that walked a man a
half hour down the road through the city town with a rope attached to him that
was like two months ago wasn’t it all two months ago
yeah but they yes but they just released that the the dashcam footage where the
officers actually say multiple times on the on the nut dashcam the body cam
footage they say wow this is going to look really bad but yet they still
continue to March for a half an hour with this man you know they’re up on the
horses and he’s got a rope attached to him yeah but not the Rope wasn’t around
his neck it was around his waist if I remember correctly where was the rope
right it was um he was cuffed and it was like around his waist in his hand and
one of the officers she says to him at one point you better keep up with me
because I’ll drag you I made that comment anyway
hey is it Nikia and he ck I a Nakia and was saying a Kia very nice name Thank
You Nakia sent in a cash app are we lost motherfuckers crying for his brother’s
killer yeah thank you so much okay all right Ronnie I’m gonna wrap this up
on myself I just read through some of these cache apps I’m kind of slacking
here thank you for being available anything else we need to put on the
table I know we covered a lot of ground here this afternoon anything I’m
forgetting I need to mention not that I’m aware of but you know like you’ve
already said I’m gonna say the same thing I’m very glad that you didn’t
speak about this yesterday I’m glad that I didn’t because you know I was ready to
you know say some very disparaging things about you know his brother the
judge you were fired up yesterday rania I was looking at the phone like this
like damn she’s gonna hear yeah I was enraged I was enraged I was disgusted
you know literally it was it was just a lot to take in I think I’m probably more
upset about this man than his own family you know all of them
put together so right all right thank you so much running everybody for having
me we’ll talk later okay boss chick one you want to check in all right guys I’m
coming a super chat and cash at bear with me bear with me looking at TMZ all
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anybody give a shit about a Kylie Jenner and Travis Travis Scott you know I met
Tiger owner every day uh struggle forgot the name of the show
I like tiger good guy really really cool guy you know give me a sec let me just
glance at this story okay did Travis Scott leave her for some Instagram chick if such is the case and I don’t really
give a fuck about that that story you know it’s probably because that family
is just really self-absorbed you know and give a fuck how much money you got
close your mouth sometimes you know get off Instagram bitch you know give it a
break go go in there and fix me a tuna fish on rye fuck your sisters fuck fuck
your mom gonna fix that sandwich and give me some onion soup close your mouth
maybe he couldn’t get that sometimes a man just needs that you know it’s not
like you have to be verbally abusive but just you know hey I’m sitting here in my
fucking boxers me a beer close your fucking mouth I’m
doing too much nice Lou all right um Zak was Papa sends in a cash app he says
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app saying too much secular activity out there to be on code oh that’s a nice
little uppercut huh too much secular activity well you know there’s a whole lot of a whole lot of
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thank you for your donation okay Ronnie’s sent me an email Thank You
Ronnie can’t read that right now what is this oh Jesus is that is that the father
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thank you sir for that uh no shit he’ll have a scratch on my face right here that’s from yesterday
short he tried to jump on my head with the fucking stilettos I’m like that hey
calm down calm down if she ever tries to expose me I have pictures of her let me
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eight one seven I don’t see you I don’t see eight one seven if I missed a cash
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eight one seven I see three one seven I don’t see it let
me try and see if it’s three one seven is that natan area code three one seven
no no yes sir how are you where did some others let you know about
this hamburger is here – yes right come on hey I heard you I heard just I
heard you say the day before on the last show issue guillotine I think you spoken
to existed I think you jinxed it unless you can
appeal out of jail I say okay now she can tell them more chicken appeal is you
hang on a second now you know I don’t have no crystal ball I was actually
giving a breakdown that I heard by way of WFA on YouTube they said if she gets
ten or less she can appeal vyas appeal the sentence and they’ll let her
possibly possibly let her out if she gets 11 or more she has to appeal in
prison they won’t let her out to appeal so it’s not that we jinxed her that’s
just I’m gonna tell you what happened come on
mammy to mammy said fuck that nigga I always hatin that’s what you saying I think the leash issue the God was
dissing the least amount whopping okay I think but what she did how she did it
and he you know accepted such as I led up to it may come on man the least of my
she said that that was 15 and and that just treat her like a regular Joe right
yeah hey what you think well you know I would have liked to have seen 2030 but
in realistically you know that that was reaching you know I’m just saying I’m
just saying I’m the I think that’s realistic just for what she D yeah yeah
but but you know the jury and we’ve already combed through this I don’t know
if you heard earlier Ronnie gave the breakdown I think five african-americans
on the jury so the jury gave her what they gave her and we have to accept that
but I’m just I’m more so concerned about you know
black people on code because you know a lot of people in this country black
people whether they be in Carribean or whatever they were saying hey we’re
right with the family and then the family just pulls out a fucking stunt
stunt man you know begging the hug you know that old goofy shit you know I get
a last word though let’s be honest I want to know who the third people in
bottom John’s family here’s who’s seen that that that little act and it’s gonna
be on the little brother here for that the other family that donates all my own
CD yeah I’m sure I’m sorry got extended family this thing like what like what is
our family doing yeah I think they’re so mystified to the point where you know
they have found you know comfort closure if you will and that’s just sit but
thank you for you call me I gotta take some more thank you thank you alright
okay I said hey Nate are you there everyone code eight one seven was neat hey hey Matt thank you for being patient
I got your screen shot I got your cash up what do you want to jump in sir you
good it’s kind of funny that you know it’s like everything is lining up I’m
supposed to be right okay you have the police department was it Marion Brown
she wants you ta okay you had the cop yeah let me ask you one thing what is
one thing that trunks races say then he asked me a question yeah one thing that
cause racism is feminism okay right I’m listening to you come on my
whole thing about it is yeah my whole thing about it is you have this female
cop you have a female judge you have a female Aceros at the Department of
Dallas County whatever okay I think that is lined up as you know even the half of
the staff on the jury was with fit with females you know it’s like how you kill
somebody cold-blood and just receive seniors in
there you have the judge fucking Bible fuck is this that’s from that some good
years feminist cool super okay means you have a brother giving a hug kisses and
she like boom wait you know our knows who of you they’re gonna know what you
being a solitary farming on a would happen we should go down to prison or
whatever bro but I will see their you know her day is the way another you know
I think they’re gonna give her a Playstation in in prison and she’ll be
fine yeah I think the judge is gonna make sure that she’s in a very
comfortable prison and that’s just what it is
mammy went ten toes down brought out the Bible did you see that so that that
video mammy said fuck y’all niggas talking to us fuck y’all niggas man so
white baby here yeah pretty pretty much man you know she know she was a
prosecutor at first and you know fuck y’all niggas straight cheese hey man
thank you for being patient I gotta clear out some of these cash chefs man
salute thank you yeah yes sir yeah that’s an old reference for some of you
who don’t know straight cheese you know hey let me ask you guys in a live chat
before I go back to a cache after super chat live chats always right here um
good afternoon question question I’m not sure if I
should dig into this or not did third base ever apologize to MC Hammer
I know search but you know what that ain’t got shit to do it shit and you
talk about somebody’s mama that’s crossing a line you know
a search said some suckers shit one time he about me and I caught it he doesn’t
think I know very loose with the mouth you know I let it slide but in reality
that’s always been his way of moving about you know and I’m up to speed on
the attention and Prime Minister Pete NIH’s pulling out the cannon on search
in case you did not catch that on Sirius XM so here we are now and just to go
back a little bit you know sir Chisholm talking about he’s an older man now he’s
got better perspective and then all that’s that’s cute but one of those
interviews up on Vlad TV he tried to flip it as if what hammer put him and
his family through and I’m like what the fuck playing the victim now and I’m real
close to pulling out the cannon on search I don’t give a fuck like that you
know I’m saying just we can be I but you know if we never sat down and broke
bread you can catch it man did search or third base ever apologize to hammer I don’t like that bullshit about yeah
$50,000 hit fuck out of here fuck out of here you put $10,000 hit on somebody
they’ll wipe out your family back in those days fuck out of here somebody
keep me up to speed please if you find the time or is it just an old story that
you just let it go star I can let it go out a little give a shit but you know
just Prime Minister P pulled out they can in on search in case you don’t know
Sirius XM Lord seers show who crazy all right let me go to stupid chat before I
get out of here brandy hey brandy brandy says Travis Scott and Kylie was bound to
break up it’s the Kardashian motto smash a black guy then dip okay okay thank you
for your super jet darling Knicks 33 says actually Texas changed the law in
2017 murder convictions do not get appeal bones
amber Geiger will have to appeal from prison okay I heard different
I heard different can you send me a link I would appreciate that
send me your source you know anybody can say anything I I pulled up I don’t have
in front of me now but she can be released on appeal if you say otherwise
I’ll take your word for it but I think that judge Manny she’s gonna do all she
can to help them to help that white girl huh but thank you for your donation it
kid Mel hey man good to hear from you get Mel
he’s on area code nine five four sit tight and see if I can get you on it get
Mel hunter Acre Woods good afternoon he said star I’m not up to speed what’s on
code the G code at question mark the street code question mark Neely Fuller’s
a compensatory counter racist code question mark we got too many ideologies
you know you’re absolutely right but I was referring to the trending phrase
that people always say okay get on cold get on cold it sounds great
sounds great get on code but what is really getting on code it and I gave her
some breakdowns earlier I don’t wanna go back into what you know what I said just
I said what I said I stand on that was the family-owned code 69 shop shop says
when Amber Geiger appeal she will get time served she won’t do more than one
year I’m not a lawyer loved it loved it says this is about
coward coward right cowardice and cornering not faith God hates a coward
revelations 2021 eight for me my screen Americans need and what an
answer to police criminality okay thank you
Hader jr. says let’s not forget Emanuel mmm ayyy forgiving the church yes
forgiving Dylan roof right after the shooting yeah we spoke about that early
thank you earlier Bubba Quan Thank You Bubba Juan says to add to my last super
chat you meant to tell me a model blacks civilian is only worth maybe 10 years if
murdered question mark guess we still worth half a cent shaking my head if you
asked me both hymns life was what was worth five years based upon the outcome
of this case five years lovesexy 71 sends in a super jet star what is that
black spot on your face on your upper nose question mark don’t hug a killer
unless you have a knife for her back or a chokehold to snap the neck yeah I got
a UH right there I spoke about that earlier it’s a scratch mark from
yesterday I had some fire coochie you know I I don’t know exactly how I got it
what’s just set up you know young woman came out of the back room with some
stilettos and a fucking negligee I said Oh Lord Jesus
get thee behind me Satan I almost said that the Thunder sound says West Indian
moms are bipolar I know she slapped that boy when they got off camera West Indian
and Africans ain’t used to white terrorists Jesus what I think I think
they’re on the same page the family I think he learned that from his mother
and father but thank you for your donation Bubba Quan says wish I could
call but it hurts more when it’s your own doing the protecting because I
expected that from the get-go this shit is disgusting yeah cool jad
says can I call I’m new to this how do how does this work well cool j8e thank
you for your contribution now respectfully if you can read you look on
the screen there’s a phone number I can’t make it any more simpler than that
if you can’t read then just listen all right Spanky from the BX it’s talking you pick
up – okay I gotta pick up you and a kit Mel give me a second what’s a key Mel’s
number I gotta get out of here soon guys I got some business behind schedule where are you – 1 4 is this
Spanky big head from the BX Spanky’s at you yeah hey how you men hey hey listen
that two thing don’t want to say yes one I still have to give you props because
you dropped the jewel okay four years ago okay on when you were doing the
sower alias about the time OOP yeah when I did some research fun that you’re
exactly right that’s whole philosophy of doing business
it’s not to care about them even to some degree you’re supposed to use certain
groups for profit it’s either either referenced as the
towel mood or the Talmud some people say differently but go ahead correct yes
correct correct the Quran but not it’s a mood look I I’m
itchin X about you what is that what the hell again the other thing though is you
know this is the reason why it’s very important for the ados movement to
really take hold because you know there is a difference between Caribbean blacks
African Americans what we’ve dealt with in the countries and our experiences and
it’s you know to see to see someone embrace I listen you want to give
someone you want to take some time to release that type of hatred just under
that takes years senator – – do you know that that’s a process
right you know you don’t see that in the courtroom after a verdict or after
sentencing – to embrace someone like that who who talked about shooting have
I think in the heart or whatever they wanted to be wanted to think they should
okay how do you how do you embrace someone like that and tell them if you
want to be that friend or you want to you love them like you listen you know
you know I’m this I don’t want to spend two seconds stay with me now you know
respectfully and again I always like say respectfully when I’m talking about
religion because I am anti religion and I’m another believer but there are
people that do find comfort in that system of living I can respect it even
though it’s not my way they find comfort it helps them and this is what they
preach to others I’m not saying they’re wrong
but I’m just talking about the greater good of african-americans or black
people collectively you know systematically how do you advance if you
have others that continue to make this open display of it’s okay that you
kicked me in the ass I’m going to take that foot in the ass and I’m gonna I’m
gonna keep on going you know you you can’t yesterday is you can’t what the
thing is is that we can’t let we can’t let those individuals hold up the rest
of of those who are not following that type of logic but I don’t have to leave
you have to leave them to some degree you it’s almost like you know like you
say you know certain friends you don’t mess with anymore once you grow up once
immature once you’re once become wiser you you have to sort of like leave
people behind and I I just I just have to say hey listen it’s a weird on the
other polar called and said you know it’s almost like a sickness you know
what they’re right because you still need time to grieve forgive I get it but
and they’ve had some time to grieve and vent but to embrace someone who was
really unapologetic on the stand oh you yummy and then all of that other
corner we that was going on call me someone’s hair have you she took the
verdict with a straight face amber Geiger she took like John Gotti
right but let me ask something but what are
the cold water have you ever seen a judge come down and hug a defendant
connected on a murder never never um you know you know every time I turn
around and I think III think I learned something new I just got something new
I’m stunned by the behavior of some people with brown skin but but you know
what that’s the way it is I don’t equate them with me even though
I I married a Caribbean woman I married a Haitian one have been married 23 years
congratulations um you know when you’re more of a man than me anything I got two
daughters a daughter from another relationship again beige have Beijing
okay yeah yeah I don’t I was on that wild shit back in the day but listen the
bottom line we have to do better and like you said can we do better than you
did with acts like this the answer is I say no for right now
yeah I’m sorry you know that’s what Oh drop drop for Jules please drop more
Giuliani I appreciate the call man I’m gonna take some others before I get out
of here oh thank you man all right okay I’m not your brother thank you so much I’ve rambled in the past Mahatma Gandhi
we know which is the foundation of a lot of forgiveness huh Martin Luther King
jr. I was about to say Muhammad Ali Martin Luther King jr. took Mahatma
Gandhi’s philosophy and brought it here to America and I know it sounds great
turn the other cheek beautiful and so on and so forth but um from what I remember
Mahatma Gandhi over 400,000 Indians were killed by the British soldiers somebody
correct me please I don’t remember a lot of this stuff imma imma drop out and they don’t even fuck with Gandhi like
that in India now hang on a second okay maybe we’ll come back to that I
don’t know uh hold on a second I was trying to pick up a kit mil nine five
four where it’s a kid Mel hold on a second and then I gotta get out of here
I gotta get out of here maybe code nine five four is that a kid
Mel nine five four hey how you doing hey man how’s your
channel did my car yeah how’s your channel coming uh good it slowed down a
little bit because YouTube is on some craziness right now yeah with the
algorithm and stuff yeah I’m doing okay good good I want to touch on I know you
hear about to head out so I don’t want to talk over stuff you’re already talked
about but with the parole and appeal I think some people are kind of confusing
those terms because the parole from what I understood shall be eligible in five
years for parole hearings she could possibly get out and I wasn’t even
thinking let’s say the families forgiving because as Ronny said which is
true the father did forgive amber Geiger and even spoke about being friends with
her so let’s say the family comes for that parole hearings don’t you expect
the family to go to her bail hearing and say we forgive her don’t you expect that that’s crazy and then the whole thing
too with the appeal it’s possible that they can but people should know that the
appeal can backfire if she goes back to court and tries to fight it against for
lower sentence they can even give her something higher right until the seal
can backfire on there yeah yeah I hate to cut you short my phone line is
cutting off many just at 90 seconds give you 20 seconds okay and the other thing
to real quickly is the CPR and she applied to pair with one hand and she
gave him a sternum rope yes ridiculous you rub this chest that’s for
overdosing when somebody trying to like die and they need to wake him up so I
just want to bring that up though thank you man have a good many female all
right thanks Kevin thank you you know hang on guys let me shut this phone
system off you just said 90 seconds hold on okay I’m gonna finish up on some of
these cash apps and super chats I appreciate your support let me shut down the phone lines give me
a second me a signal yeah it’s good thing I didn’t do a show last night man
I’d have said some crazy shit we would have had to delete the whole goddamn
file okay brandy I got your super chat thank you honey echo woods live the
legend lived it pardon me I love sexy 71 the Thunder sound Bible Quan Cool J 80 I
got you Spanky from the BX pimp-juice Junior’s says I got a single childless
paid 49 year old cousin who’s 5-2 and slightly under three bills but nice just
try your best to look past her stubbles and razor bumps send me a picture okay
send me a picture pimp-juice Junior all right smooth smooth says pick okay
smooth I’ll get you tomorrow I apologize had to shut it down
slice cat man says let’s go big nigga I had some coochie so far I became
temporarily retarded be warned no amount of ginseng gas-station pills or viagra
will save you sir I’ve never fuck with that viagra shit that that’s Kitty stuff
compared to him to this shit right here pharmacist us 300 I’m 55 years of age
fuck with that okay that’s that shit viagra I don’t need that so if I have no
problem I’m gonna get too graphic but I don’t have no problem in that area never
have you know isn’t that viagra for like penile dysfunction or some shit like
that that’s never been my issue I just you
know I’ve always been a proud two and a half minute man
but yesterday fucking around I went seven minutes slipping but thank you okay what is this grape kool-aid the big
booger bear coochie will make you really ate your whole
five star hashtag don’t sleep I’m scared of that man to be honest with you you
know I’m scared you know some old broad catching me lack in the next thing you
know he’s talking reckless no Clark cunt thank you for your super chat all caps
fuck you star fuck you nigga oh thank you man and he pay for that too the
coochie Grinch don’t be hard on yourself boss nigga fire coochie is the fountain
of youth give her okay he’s talking really really
graphic whoo whoo okay thank you d chill says if it was bottom John’s
brother I would have Stone Cold Stunner stunner that bitch in front of the judge
hashtag fuck forgiveness okay 2k 20 says I’m convinced that the
brother I’ve got a bag if we see see that nigga lifestyle upgrade it should
be an investigation look for Gucci slides on his gram yeah j-roc freak okay
I think I read that one hang on a second all right guys I got to roll out let me
just say if I missed any cash apps I will get to them tomorrow you have my
word okay Brandi says I’ll be in Atlanta in February 2020
okay Brandi thank you baby laying on the check and lanes Lane says
if this was a gay white policeman I’d go for the death sentence but ten years is
okay for Becky three six nine or make academics take the stand and fjz okay
thank you kid excellence says star MC serch is a tourist just like you do the
devil knows its own hashtag respect sir I’m not a tourist
III denounced astrology and mythology back in the mid mid 80s my sign is
limitless that’s my sign limitless the hater and
fit into that bullshit you know so yeah scorpio girls of this and the cancer
girls of that you know and uh Leo’s that’s all bullshit man okay okay
that’s all of the super chats let me go to the cash apps and finish up the show
here meet log out hole in a second guys if I miss a super chat I’ll get to them
tomorrow no if ands or buts okay Darryl I got your cash at Zachary says law was
changed she has to stay in jail okay if that’s what it is that’s what it is I
heard something different but if that’s what it is that’s what it is okay we are
condiments at the picnic that’s what Darrell says via cash yep
okay hey Ruth thank you for your donation she says I’m five nine cold
switch weekly due to my profession okay I’m a little confused can you shoot me
an email Ruth and we’ll talk about it thank you so much to you 59 59 years of
age or 5/9 height send me an email darlin thank you for the donation let’s
talk about it are you in Atlanta dark night money sends it a donation saying
amber and that family should be under the jail got you okay I got Ruth on a
second oh wait Nate I picked up your car you talking about I’m gonna send you an
email Nate because I picked up eight one seven I said Natan somebody say yeah
this is Nate are you sure I’ll email you after the show okay all right that’s it
hey guys thank you so much for your time and your support today
let me get boss check Ronnie’s banner first and please take notice for those
of you who you know use you’re sending emails yo-yos somebody told me what
Ronnie looks like here’s nice banner on the screen if you wanna
you know say say whatever hey hi there’s Ronnie’s banner okay and I’ll
see you guys tomorrow not tonight I’m trying to go see a concert tonight hold
on a second trying tonight how the Creator
I’ll keep you posted right alright see you guys tomorrow take care be safe and
thank you for your time you


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    100% agreed when forgiving it feels so good to the soul truly does especially giving it all to your higher power spiritually.
    But to fucking beg to hug or even touch that person who took your
    child/siblings/parents/whoevers life away forever. Your sick. period.

    The black family got paid the fuck off. Or the brothers were fucking the white murderer

    Rant over…. wack

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