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Allium Family Special Anti Candida Food #5

August 14, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher. I’m here to talk to you today about the fifth
Candida crushing food, the allium family, in particular, brown onion. Brown onions or
red onions are quite similar. Brown onions are a bit stronger. So brown onions we call
Allium cepa and garlic we call Allium sativum. So I’m going to talk a little bit about a
study that was conducted at the University of Tehran in 2006 where they compared water
extractions of allium cepa and allium sativum, so onion and garlic, against 19 different
strains of Candida albicans and about 12 different Candida species in general, including 35 different
types of dairy defined species. So these are various species of yeast that infect hair,
nails and skin, different parts of the body. So what they did is they prepared these little
agar dishes of these little, you know, growing medium in a laboratory. And they would have
all these different species of yeast growing there on these plates and then introducing
to those plates water solutions of garlic and onion to see what the activity was like.
And they were stunned to see how powerful both onion and garlic were when it came to
reducing the populations of yeasts. And, in fact, what they found in some respects the
activity was even more powerful against strains which are resistant to Fluconazole and particular
pharmaceutical drugs. So the point I’m making here is it makes a
heck of a lot of sense for you to incorporate onion into your diet, very small amounts of
raw onion, raw red onions, raw brown onions, spring onions, you know, the shallots or scallions,
the green things. Cut them up and add them to your salad. Get some red onions and cut
it really fine and add it to salads. Add it to different types of dishes. So raw onions
are extremely powerful and have been used for thousands of years by many different people
around the world. Egyptians used onions going back a long time
ago. It is said even when the pyramids were built, garlic and onions were actually traded
for labor. And these foods also are very high in sulphur, which is an important compound
required for detoxification. So your liver, in particular, has got a high infinity for
sulphur for cleansing and purifying the body. Sulphur has been used for a long time. And
here in New Zealand, we’ve got these sulphur baths, you know, the hot water that comes
out of the ground in thermal activity is high in sulphur, which has a very deeply purifying
and cleansing effect on the body. So now why should you incorporate the allium
family into your diet? Well, think about it. Antifungal activity, cleansing activity, purification,
cheap, it’s something you should really consider doing. So instead of rushing off and buying
the latest, greatest pill or taking drugs which can develop resistance against fungi,
you can eat foods which are grown and available at your grocery store or supermarket, which
have an anti-fungal activity. Make sense? Makes a lot of sense to me. So I hope that answers your questions about
the allium family and anti-fungal activity. Thank you.

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