Ali’s story: taking my medicine

December 24, 2019

Every morning, after breakfast I take my medicine I have to do this every day it’s really important that I do this so my seizures don’t come back When I first started taking my medicine I was having lots of seizures I didn’t like it at all I kept having to come home from school I even wet myself in the playground They made me feel so bad that I didn’t want to go out and play
with my friend I was too worried about having a seizure but then, I went to the hospital they did some tests like the one where
they stick pads to your head and measure the electrical brainwaves
in your head After the test,
my doctor said I had epilepsy and he gave me some new medicine to take So I started taking one tablet and then two tablets every morning I really didn’t like taking them at first I felt so bad I felt tired and floppy
and I couldn’t concentrate on anything I was so angry, I thought “Why do I have to take these
stupid tablets every day?!” But after a while, maybe a few weeks I was feeling a bit better and a bit more better and the best thing ever, one day, me and mum looked at my seizure diary and I hadn’t had a seizure for a whole month! So I realised that if I take my tablets properly even if they make me a bit sleepy sometimes I think that it’s loads better than having my seizures all the time They haven’t made my epilepsy go away,
it’s still there but if I keep taking my tablets
each morning after breakfast I am lots better Find out more about epilepsy

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