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Alicia Anderson, C.N.P. – Hospital Medicine, Mayo Clinic Health System

March 4, 2020

(upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Alicia Anderson, Hospital Medicine, Mayo
Clinic Health System. I choose to become a provider because one, the human
body just fascinates me, so it’s a subject that I feel like just is super interesting to me and the other aspect of it is that I simply just love people
and being around people and serving people, so this job has kind of the best of everything. I think the most important thing that I offer my patients is
in a very welcoming place and I try to, again, create that relationship with my patient where I truly understand who this person is and
what’s important to them. And my goal is to help you live the healthiest life possible whatever that looks like for my patients. The best part about being a provider is the people that is
what makes this enjoyable without that there’s no reason for me to even be here and doing what I do. My practice philosophy I think starts with the idea of there
isn’t a task too small or that is beneath me in any way. I come from a background
before I was a provider I was a nurse and I’m used
to working with people and working hard and
from my practice it is, I will go that extra mile, I will work hard for my patients and I will do whatever needs to be done to help them live the
healthiest life possible. In my spare time I love reading for fun, I don’t read medical things all the time and then I also love music, so I like going to concerts
and then I love being outside, so hiking, camping, fishing. My Name is Alicia Anderson,
Hospital Medicine, Mayo Clinic Heath System. (upbeat music)

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