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Alice shares her flu story | MyShot

December 24, 2019

I’m an only child. I’m not close to my
father and my mom is everything I have. So when the reality hits you, that the
person who has made you stronger, the person who has been there for you every
time you needed anything has the possibility of being gone, it’s a very
scary situation. After the heart attacks, and she came in the following year with the non-hodgkins lymphoma, if she got the flu it could be detrimental. It could it could even lead to death. Changes had to be made in our household, in our lifestyle. Anybody who comes in contact with her or spends a great deal of time,
it’s very important that we get the flu shot. As her caregiver I need to make
sure that I am healthy for her health. We spend a lot of time running around from,
you know, grocery stores, or shopping or doing different things. She’s a trooper. Gives me great peace of mind to know that my mom gets her flu shot because I
know what we went through when she was sick. My name is Alice and I make sure I
get MyShot. If you are caring for someone fifty years of age or older with
one or more chronic health conditions ask your doctor, “What are the risks if I
or my loved one get the flu?” And “What flu shot options might be right for us?” Go to to learn more.

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