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Advanced Care for the Philadelphia Region’s Most Critical Patients – Dr. Claire Raab | Temple Health

December 4, 2019

When a patient is at their
local hospital, the physicians caring for them at some point
may realize that they don’t have the services that
the patient needs. Services can be the clinical expertise,
or services can be a specific intervention or procedure–
your basic pneumonia, your basic heart failure. Those diagnoses that start off as
simple become more complex. And that’s when they
would look to a place like Temple. The patients that are sent
to us often are rapidly deteriorating. And our outcomes are better than
would be expected for patients in that state. Our partner hospitals are
confident that when they send their patients to Temple they’re
going to get excellent quality. In a given month, we have
over 70 different hospitals transferring their most
critically ill patients to us. The sooner they get to
the advanced care hospital the better chance of survival. Temple is critical to providing
these life-saving options.

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