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Adding Ducks and a Goose to Our Homestead

August 27, 2019

They all have bands.
Are they all boys? That one has a band on the other foot.
They’re very floofy. most have bands on the left feet
except this one has a band on the right foot so i’m assuming that’s the boy. Ed’s already causing trouble. She thinks I have scrambled eggs. They love scrambled eggs. You’re crazy. Ok. Just skydive. They’re a lot more active and curious and crazy than chickens. But they are cool look how cute he is. You takin a little break? What are you doin Ed? Trying to swim and there’s nowhere to go I think they’re actually
bathing. Like cleaning themselves. Make sure you get behind your ears. You guys all done? How to dry your duck. Yeah, stay here. No I’m not smooshing, he’s trying to escape. Wants to go back in the water. No don’t do it. Don’t high dive, no.
Come on. We need to dry you off. I’m going to need assistance. So today we moved the ducklings in
with the baby chicks and this is their first time in here. Over here are the
ducklings and the goose. And they’re in a separate cage. We’re monitoring them.
Right there’s our monitor in the purple shoes. Big chickens… are not really liking this.
They’re all having a chicken meeting about it. They’re not really digging the newcomers. And these guys are just all over here chill and pretty much taking a nap
cuz they don’t really care. So assuming they continue to just not
care we’ll leave them in. They’ve been here
for a couple hours, we’ll watch them and we might open the gate and then see how
they integrate with each other. Right now over the next couple hours we’re gonna keep them in this cage. and just see how they do… keep an eye on them. These guys really are happy to be
outside. Where you think? All right so we are going to open the
door and see how the chickens the big chickens and the little chickens and the
ducks all mesh together, but first we’re going to turn the fence on so
hopefully the chickens learn what the fence is all about. And ilaria is going
to release the chickens. All right go ahead. Watch that string in front of the
door. Oh maples a little curious. Here comes Ed. I don’t think Truffle knows what to make of
Ed. All the big chickens are going in to their old coop. Oh there’s a
little tif there. So far it’s pretty anti climatic. I think Mushroom
is afraid of the duck. They’re only about two and a half weeks old at this point, and
seems like Ed rules everybody. These guys need to figure out what the fence
is all about. So all the big birds ran into the coop
cuz that used to be their home, so they’re all checking it out and eating the food
in there. Ducks are over here by themselves in a
pile of peas, and these guys, I don’t know what these guys are doing but they look like they’re about ready to get zapped. Awfully close. Someone just got zapped.
Fence is charged. Don’t go near the fence. These Dorkings ended up being so
sweet. They’re really lovable That little Welsummer just kind of
hangs out by herself. Just kind of free roaming, and you can see Elvis,
that’s the male with the white breast, and that’s a girl, and Ilaria is holding a girl. One of the babies is gonna get zapped. Uh Oh. There we go. One of the ducklings just got zapped. It’s
really important that they do understand the fence and that is fully charged and
that they understand that that is the boundary. Otherwise they could very
easily squeeze through this hole and we don’t want that to happen. The big chickens are eating the baby food.
The babies are eating the big chicken food Ed and the ducks are eating grass. But everyone for the most part is getting along. A little bit of pecking going on. Let me introduce you to
the newest members of Guildbrook Farm. We have Quackers, Cheese.. which are two Khaki Campbell Ducks, and then we have Ed with the fabulous hair.
Also known as King Edward with the Fabulous Hair. Ed is a Tufted Roman
goose. Now the reason we went with Khaki Campbell
Ducks… one is male and one female… is because we really really like duck eggs.
and with having a male a female we’re able to breed them and hopefully we have
more ducks and more eggs and we might be able to sell the Ducks as well. and I’m
getting the evil look like “What do you plan on doing with me?” So that’s why we have these guys. We went with the Khaki
Campbell’s over other ducks because they’re really good layers and right now
we don’t really want to raise ducks for meat. We’re really
interested in the eggs so that’s why I went with the Khaki Campbell’s because
they’re really really high quantity layers. Now as far Ed… Ed’s a Tufted Roman goose and to be perfectly honest I did not want to get a goose.
I don’t like geese, I think they’re loud and they can be very very mean and I had
no desire to get a goose. It wasn’t actually until I watched a video by Art
and Bri… and I’ll link to their channel above…
but they have a Tufted Roman named Donald on their channel. Now they did
a video on Donald kind of explaining how he sort of is like the guardian of all
the chickens and they had some trouble with him as far as he can be really
mean but he also can be very protective. I looked into Tufted Roman Geese
when I saw that because that was a breed that I hadn’t heard of before and it turns out
that they’re the most gentle of the geese so I wanted to give it a try in
particular because right now you can see that we run these mason lines above our
run and this is to protect our chickens from hawks. Now we’re very very quickly
going to be outgrowing our fenced in area and at some point we’re going to want to
free-range a little bit more or put them in a larger area such as in with the
goats and we’re not going to be able to string mason line above something like
that so we need some sort of protector of the chickens to help protect against hawks, we have a lot of red-tailed hawks that fly over here that nest over here
and so the reason that we wanted the goose was for some sort of hawk
protection. Now they don’t actually fight off hawks but they do make a whole lot
of noise, like that except the adult version. They do make a whole lot of noise
and they tend to scare off hawks. So we figured we’d give him a try and see
how he does. We do know that there is a risk of him being mean to the
chickens. I’ve read a lot of stories where people have had some really mean geese that would hold chickens heads under
water and drown them or pick them up and slam them down by the neck and so
I’ve read a whole bunch of other case studies where people have raised chickens and ducks and geese side by side and
they work perfectly well. So we figure it’s a case by case basis and so we are
willing to give it a try, and so here we are with Ed with the Fabulous Hair and Quackers and Cheese. So a quick little story about Ed. Ed is about two and a half weeks old. So are the ducks. Probably about a week after we got him we noticed that Ed was laying down a lot. He was just laying next to his water
bowl and drinking. Just seemed really weak and so after doing some research I
thought it might be a niacin deficiency. Now there are a lot of people
who say that you can raise ducks and geese on chick starter. It has to be
non-medicated chick starter and you must supplement with niacin which can be
found in either brewers yeast or nutritional yeast, so I was using
nutritional yeast to supplement for the niacin and I was putting it in their feed every
third day. The reason I was doing it every third day is because nutritional yeast
has a much much higher level of niacin than brewers yeast. It’s really high so I
didn’t want to overdose them. But after seeing that Ed was pretty weak
I was a little concerned I might not be dosing him correctly. So I upped the
dose I also added some B12 to his water and I started giving some cod liver oil.
All these things were things that I read that people tended to do whenever they
had a goose or ducks with weak legs. I noticed a slight improvement in Ed and
then I would say probably a day or two later he just completely collapsed. His
neck was weak, his wings were saggy. It wasn’t just his legs. and I got the impression
that it wasn’t a niacin deficiency. At that point we thought that it was
probably a virus and so again I’m online trying to do a
whole bunch of research and figure out what was wrong with Ed and what I
could do myself and I read a whole bunch of case studies on that and anybody that
brought them to the vet basically just splinted the leg together and gave him
antibiotics and that worked I would say maybe five percent of time. A lot of the
time the geese just ended up dying. What we ended up doing was we splinted his
legs together above the hocks, so right above this joint here, we splinted
his legs together with vet tape and then his legs started curling under and we
used painters tape actually and spread his little foot out like this to
make sure he had flat footing. And we did that for about three days and for about
the first day he face-planted pretty much constantly. We tried to help him get
to the water and the food. He was still eating and drinking. I was still
supplementing with cod liver oil. I was putting it in his food. I was putting
b12 in his water and then I switched over to a waterfowl feed just to make
sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong with the niacin. And after about three days
the tape fell off of his foot and I believe it was the morning of day four
that the tape fell off or he picked it off of his legs, and he was
walking perfectly fine so I’m not sure if that was it, the cod liver oil, the b12 in the water, the correct feed, but he’s doing really fine right
now So we moved him outdoors with the baby chicks who are about six weeks old and he’s been
terrorizing them ever since. He’s very very much bonded to the ducks and he
is very very protective of the ducks. He sticks out his neck and goes
after the poor baby chickens and grabs their tail feathers.
But the reason that I stuck him out here so early… he’s not feathered out yet
but it’s really really warm days… the reason I stuck him out here so early
with the chickens is because I want him to get bonded to the chickens. I
don’t want him to be constantly just protecting the ducks so my goal here is
to try and bond them with the chickens as quickly as possible so
that he doesn’t end up being a mean goose. Time will tell on that one. If he
ends up being mean well we’ll end up having to sell him or or something. But right now he’s really really sweet he’s doing what he’s
supposed to be doing he’s just only doing it with the ducks and he’s not doing
it with the rest of the chickens so you can see he’s also bonded to us. He’s very sweet
he’s just not so sweet to the chickens.
Even the big chickens are scared of him. Like they run away from him he just has
to put out his neck and the big chickens run away but he’s a very sweet goose.
I’ll put him down with his family. These are little Dorkings. They about five and a half, six weeks old something like that. They’ve been out here locked up in this run separate from the big chickens. We haven’t opened the
door today is the first day that they are integrating with the bigger chickens.
For the last three days we put the ducks in there with them and like I said Ed was kind of terrorizing them a little bit they kind of stayed
their separate ways. We have the ducks on one end and the chickens on the other
and then they would swap. They just basically avoided one another and today
we decided let’s kind of get them merged out here with the other chickens and see
what happens. We made sure that the fence was fully charged because we want them
to get accustomed to that fence having a bite to it. And we had everybody in here
to make sure that there was no escapee’s and nobody was getting
significantly hurt. There’s going to be some pecking on the head
so establishing the pecking order with the different birds and that did happen
but so far nobody has gotten significantly hurt or anything like that.
Just a little bit of pecking. Basically everybody has been avoiding the ducks
and nobody goes near them. You see in the background they’re working on
establishing their pecking order. A little bit at a time we’re just letting
them out for a couple hours and just seeing how it goes. So our setup in here
this is going to be our grow out pen for our birds. We have the baby chicks in
here now and we have the ducks and Ed. We’ve introduced Ed and the
ducks in here and Ed immediately chased the baby birds away from the food so we
ended up putting separate food dishes in here. My pyrex cooking ware because I
didn’t have enough rubber bowls. As you can see they’re super messy. We just
literally cleaned that out. And we have separate bowls over here so that
they’re on opposite sides so that if Ed chases the chickens away from the food
at least they can go to this other side and still eat. The feed that we’re using
in here is the waterfowl feed. We’re going to continue using the waterfowl
feed, which is a high protein feed, until the end of week 3 which is coming up
here in the next couple days. After that we’ll switch them over to a lower
percentage because ducks and geese do not need to be on a high percentage
food past three weeks. And then everybody will be on the same feed. I’m
not too concerned about the babies eating a higher percentage of protein
right now, just want to make sure that Ed and the two ducks are getting what
they need because they’re the youngest. And then when we switch over to the
lower percentage of chicken feed I’ll just supplement again with the
nutritional yeast. At night the ducks and Ed have a little bit of trouble
getting up into the nest box. I am keeping the babies together, the chickens
and the ducks together. So I will just… the chickens will go up themselves but with Ed and the ducks I’ll just pick them up and put them in there and they’ll just nest on the floor and all the chickens will go up in the roost, and now we just
close them up for the night. We also found that the ducks like to swim
in the water bowl so we’ve ended up putting a little container of water in
here. There is a brick inside and a little walkway so they don’t get trapped in
here. The ducks will go in and swim, the chickens will go and stand on this
little brick here and peck at the water and so everyone seems to be happy
with this setup so far. That’s about it guys, just a quick little update on our ducks
and our goose. Quackers, Cheese and Ed with the Fabulous Hair. Everyone’s still
getting settled in – Everyone’s getting used to each other.
We’re by no means experts on water fowl or on chickens but this is what we’re
doing. So far seems to be working for us. We’ll keep you posted. If anything’s not working we’ll let you know. See you in the next video.


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    So, the big question: What happened to all the other ducklings?

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    P.S: Is there ANYthing that Jeremy DOESN'T know how to do?!!! The man is a revelation! (:

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