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ACV EXPLOSION! + Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

November 8, 2019

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  • Reply Ana K November 8, 2019 at 12:46 am

    I like you guys and I must say I have learn from you so much,but I don’t think one size fits all ,you see I did experimented apple cider vinegar ,I do love apple cider vinegar that’s my first option for salad dressing ,however after drinking for three moths and trust me I eat very clean I have zero ,absolutely zero change regardless of weight loss I should say it didn’t change nothing ,anyways this might sound very crazy and I know many people won’t agree with me say what ? Well I ate 2 banana a day ,actually prior that when I came to America I was told bananas weren’t good ,one will get fat I was even scared to look at bananas ,yet I have read post from nutritionist from Sweden ,and she suggested to eat bananas and I did give it try ,I did suffer with acne as well to my own surprise in about three months not only I have flat belly as well i heal my acne ,I will never ever ever forget that …well as I mention it I do really have all the respect for both of you although I haven’t try your chocolate but I will and I will make sure to order your products ,that’s on the top of my list and I will let you know it’s me ,I have no idea why but I did wanted to share my experience I will say I am very healthy person ,in my entire life I have taken Tylenol only twice ,zero absolutely zero medication and I ate very ,very simple food but high quality as I grow up ,my grandmas mantra was eat less but eat the best ,and so I did ,I love your videos don’t get me wrong I just wanted to share my experience ,with you I use apple cider vinegar ,I wish you both all the best and much success ???

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