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Acting HHS Secretary Hargan visits CDC about Opioid Epidemic

December 17, 2019

Fitzgerald: Hello! Hargan: Came down to meet with Dr. Fitzgerald
and Administrator Verma to talk about the current public health emergency. Hargan: Both CDC and CMS have been focused
on this opioid emergency. Hargan: If we’re gonna find any information,
it’s going to be here in Atlanta at CDC. They learn about everything that’s going on
pretty much in real time. We have to know the epidemic before we can
deal with it. Fitzgerald: All these people, for every one
that’s an overdose, there are all these people that are already involved. Hargan: The thing that I was most surprised
to hear was not just about the overdoses, the deaths, but also about the number of people
who misuse the drugs. It’s many more people are affected by it than
I had actually understood. I’ve learned a lot here about the emergency
nature of what they’ve been seeing. What they have in terms of strategy. CDC is really the eyes and ears of the federal
government when it comes to public health. Whether it’s dealing with the current public
health emergency, or anything we have in infectious disease or anywhere else, we’ve got to look
to CDC to tell us what’s going on. It’s the common defense of the country. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Produced at taxpayer expense.

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