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Acne Treatment + Candida Diet which 100% works.

August 17, 2019

hello my dear friends before i tell you about
natural remedies for clear skin let me address a few psychological
reasons you might have if you have a skin problem first of all our mind and body is in a
very very tight connection everything you think immediately
reflects in your body it’s like a dog`s tale you know when the
dog’s happy its tail doesn’t stop moving the human body was created the same way
when we`re embarrassed we blush when we lie our eyes move in a
certain way when we try to remember something our
eyes move in a different direction that’s how you know if a person is
making up a story or simply remembers it so if you want to have a tutorial about eye movement just let me know so you always can catch a liar
different areas of the body responsible for certain emotions if you have acne all over the face or
even on your back and shoulders it tells you about responsibility
syndrome and that is also your decision-making center it means you need to think what is it in
your life you`re unhappy with maybe are you trying to make a decision
or maybe you have too much responsibilities look at yourself closely where on the
face do you have pimples if it’s mostly on the cheeks it means
you need to check your intestines if it`s the chin it might say about
gynecological problems it`s your forehead then you need to clean up your liver check yourself with the doctor we all
have good and bad bacteria in the body we get it from food drinks and even from
the air there’s no way to avoid it the other
thing is if you feed good bacteria of the bad one for example Yeast infection also known as
Candida quickly grows on glucose it means if you want to illuminate bad bacteria you need to exclude simple carbs
in other words sugars and refined flours from your diet if you want to
feed yourself without feeding candida you need to switch to a low carb diet you can also google it or find one of my
videos about healthy eating I`ll post the link down below in the
description box a very good cleanse for your intestines is
one tablespoon of Apple Cidar Vinegar on one glass of water first thing in the
morning on an empty stomach two hours after meal which i assume is
healthy and sugar free I`d recommend to drink an alkaline
water I know there’s a lot of questions about
alkaline water but it certainly works for me and also brings a lot of oxygen
to the cells of your body oxygen is essential for the body you can also get more oxygen if you walk
a lot of work out if you work out outside like running or playing football or riding a bicycle it’s even better but what is also important
to know about alkaline water is that you should drink it on an empty stomach
in order not to disrupt digestion process these tips have helped
so many people to get skin and better health so I’m sure you will get your results very soon if you find these tips helpful please thumbs up and subscribe for more tips
and free audio hypnosis talk to you soon bye

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