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Abby Glick: Academic Immersion – Introduction to Medicine

February 3, 2020

>>ABBY GLICK: My name is Abby Glick and I
was a part of the AIM program, the Introduction to Medicine. Well, I wanted to get like a real sense of
what the medical field was like and the AIM program was the longest and the most involved
and had the most hands-on opportunities for me. Most of the time we would take the bus over
to the Medical Campus. We would stay on the Medical Campus for like
about three hours. We got to use a lot of cool things on campus
and we also got to do a lab with cockroaches which was pretty cool. Yeah, we used what we learned in the morning. In labs we learned about like neurology and
then we got to go to the labs actually the next day and learn how that actually would
be working in a real life cockroach and how you can connect pulses to the leg and it would
make like move and you could connect songs and it would dance the leg which was really
cool. I loved the hands on. We leaned how to suture which was really really
cool cause I had no clue, I thought it was like sewing a little bit and it’s similar
but there’s so much more to it and you see doctors do it so quickly. This was really like kids who want to be here,
who really really want to go into medicine, are willing to commit, which was really nice
to find someone, to find a group of people who had the same interest as you, which is
cool because I don’t really get that everyday. Medicine may be a hard field to get into but
once you do it’s so worth it.

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