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Aaram Se Marunga ft. Badri Chavan, Mehek Mehra & Vishal Bora || आराम से मरूंगा || Log Kya Kahenge ||

March 5, 2020

Go! Tell her! Go on! P.. Preeti.. I …. really love you! No! Are you crazy? Get lost. Go away! You don’t have it in you. Come here. Let’s update one last post Oh People… forget me.. No…. I’m killing myself? Nope… Yeah.. I quit! Bless me oh God! Let’s rock! Somebody commented.. No… No… At least somebody cares about me… “Before you die, please hook me up with your sister.” Son of a…. Nothing can stop me now. Ahh… didn’t work? God! What now? Damn! Crap! Move… Move… This is quite heavy.. Garvit? Come here son.. I’m not coming! I’m doing something important. What important? I don’t have to tell you. Fine. I’m coming inside. No.. no.. no no.. Please… don’t I’m coming. What is it? Here! Get some milk and raisins. Can’t you see? I’m working. Please go… You can play after this.. I have to make kheer. Kheer? I can have kheer before I die. No no no… I’m not going. I can’t go.. I’m doing something important. Let’s have kheer first! How about getting run over by a car? Nice idea. This would work. Bless me oh God!
Let’s rock! Yeah! You’ll do it…
You’ll do it.. No… too fast. Yes yes yes…
Yes yes.. no… Big car.. big money.. Yes.. you can do it… You can do it..
Come on… yes.. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Son of a bitch! 10,000 and we’re even.. 10,000? You want money?
Let me give you some..
You butthole.. I don’t wanna get beat up before I die. Bloody asshole! Screwed up my plan. Kick his ass.. yes! How much? It has been a long time since she passed kid.. Is this rat poison good enough to kill a human? The sorrows of life can alone kill a human, kid. I’m trying to ask…
…if this rat poison is good enough to kill a human? Death can’t kill the dead! Have you ever had sex? Dead can’t live.. Fuck off! Ahh.. Don’t you want the rat poison? Keep it. You need it more. Let’s go home and die. At least I’ll get to have some kheer. Hey..
Garvit? Hey??? Where are you off to?
Tell me… I’m going to die. Going to die? Yeah! Have some cake first. father is throwing a birthday party for me this evening. Bro.. I’ll be dead by then. I won’t be able to show up. Hey?? Where are you going? Listen up..
I’ve also invited girls.. What would I say if they ask about you? Screw your party man! Girls? Yeah! Ahh.. No..
I have to die… I can’t come.. Hey.. listen.. Listen.. I’ll help you out.. My father can take you to his slaughterhouse..
Just come to the party.. It would be so fast… there would be no pain. No pain? You sure? Giving you my word bro.. My father always does what he says.. He is a man of his word. Don’t back out later.. I won’t.. kill me.. You sure? If I say no, then force your will..
Just put me out of this misery.. And listen… make sure the girls show up..
All of them… Ahhh..
Don’t worry about it.. Trust me.. You’ll lost count.. Hey Garvit!
Bro… Dance… Where are all the girls you dumbass? These are all guys. I don’t know bro..
I swear I invited them. Maybe the party is late.. that’s why.. It’s only 7.. I thought it would be fun.. At least I’d nail a girl before dying.. But no.. I wasted my time…
Should have killed myself in the morning only… Stay bro…
It’s my birthday.. come on.. Let’s dance! Let’s dance! Fuck off! Bro? Garvit? He’s having the cake… inside. Please stop Garvit.. I’m not Garvit. I know it’s you. I’m not.. I know it’s you. Please.. Okay, listen. I want to apologize for the other day. I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. I’m sorry. Okay.. I know I said bad things.. ..and you were hurt.. I’m genuinely sorry for that.. Okay? Bye! But I do love you! Then why didn’t you say? I did.. that day.. You turned me down.. My friends were standing next to me.. It happened all of a sudden.. Maybe I would have thought about it if you said it in person.. I did..
Right now… Nobody’s around… Would you be my girlfriend? So cute! You want me to be your girlfriend? Wouldn’t you take me out on a date first? I like pizza! You’d go with me? Let’s go out tomorrow?
After tuition classes? Yes! I mean.. Okay… Bye! Preeti… ..say Happy Birthday to Qasim.. Okay. Garvit… Hey Qasim.. I’ve cut the cake..
Now it’s time to cut you.. I changed my mind..
Preeti said yes! Come on! Qasim.. bro.. I don’t want to die anymore..
Listen to me.. No.. no.. You said it yourself..
Do it even if I say no… I won’t change my mind. Do it. – Listen to me..
– No.. Father has sharpened the knife…. What’re you talking about? Listen.. Look your NRC papers.. Where? Where did he go?
Look for him.. Making me run on my birthday..
You fat bastard!


  • Reply Starboi Gaming March 5, 2020 at 11:51 am

    This is a serious topic bro.. my friend in 9th standard committed suicide… i hv seen his parents condition… But u guys made a serious topic also in a humorous way…

  • Reply itsbit2 March 5, 2020 at 11:58 am

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