A Workplace Conspiracy: The Flu Shot Plot – Every Damn Sketch Show

October 3, 2019

OK there you have it. Libtards, Cucksand Snowflake’s
are the three words that we want you to stop
calling us in the comments. Let us know which word you want
people to stop calling you. See you next time on every damn
day. Ryan that last take was. A take. Reminder the nurse
will be by this afternoon to give everyone flu shots.
Great I don’t have health
insurance. Do flu shots cover rabies? This dog licked me you can’t
get rabies from a dog licking
you I didn’t tell you where he
licked me. Did he lick you on
the voodoo doll you Keep on a chain around your neck Cuz that can give you rabies It happened to my uncle
he lives with the wolves now. OK guys let’s just
please act normal today. Hi
So you’re like a doctor right. No. No. I’m a nurse just here
to give a flu shot. Don’t sell yourself short. Listen getting this flu shot
makes me so nervous. I feel like that maybe qualifies
me for some medical weed. Wink wink. I need five flu shots
a shit load of Z packs and whatever medical exams I need
between the ages of 18 and 30. Or you can have one flu shot
or no flu shots. What about three flu shots
and I slip you a 20. Okay. This is sterile.
So where to draw the line. I don’t trust this so-called.
Flu shot. I’m sorry what. Oh this is how they killed off
the X-men and get them all
with the legacy virus What are you saying Oh what I’m saying is this
better not put me in the sunken
place Oh god so much anxiety
really could use some medical
MDMA or medical whippets is no such thing as medical
wippets whatever the medical
term is. I just need to get
as medicated as possible. Wink wink. You know you’re not
even winking when you do that. Thank you so much for coming in.
Yeah it’s really great because when you work full time you know
it’s hard to find the time. Of course. Oh actually.
Can we do my voodoo doll first. So he doesn’t get jealous.
What is wrong with you people. We make comedy content
for the Internet. So each of our brains
is broken in different ways. Okay great. Dolly wants a shot
but a down shirt going to get right in the middle
of the neck there. Oww Yeah yeah.
Okay good. Well he is good for the flu
then okay. Great job. Why do you have a special trash
can for the needles Used needles
are a biohazard. I get it you’re trying
to clone a black man. Kill the originals.
and control the clones. Who are you talking to
I’m talking to my people So how’s your day going.
ok I. Am so so sorry.
I told them to act normal. I appreciate your apology
but please never call me again. They’re on to us. Chris knows abort operation
chocolate clonedrone.

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