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A Viral Bad Date Gets a Second Shot || STEVE HARVEY

December 16, 2019

(audience applauding) – Alright, welcome back everybody. When my next guest
volunteered to participate in a blind speed dating with 10 guys she had no idea how wrong
and how viral it would go. Take a look at this. From Jubilee Media. – Yo.
– Oh, you’re cute. (laughing) – Nice to meet you.
– Hi. – Nice to meet you, how are you? – I’m good, how are you?
– I’m doing well, I’m doing well. – I didn’t really envision
you looking like anything, but I’m really happy you’re cute. – Thank you, I appreciate that. (laughing) Thank you.
– And yeah, I hope this kinda goes somewhere I guess. – Well, I gotta girl. – Do you, what? (laughing) What? Dang, I’m…
– That was really good, you’re awesome though. – Did this just happen? (audience applauding) – Everybody please welcome Alexa. (audience applauding) – I’m so happy to be here. I’m so excited.
– I’m glad you’re here. Set this up for us, how did it happen? – I was watching one of my
favorite social media influencers and I noticed that they were doing like a casting call almost
for their social experiment. So I looked in their description and I found the link to a
document that I just filled out, and they called me up and they said, “hey, do you wanna be
a part of our video?” And I said, “sure,” and we
went through the whole process, and I found out he had a girl. – So, I mean what went through your mind when he said he wasn’t single? – At first I was disappointed,
I was shocked of course. The producers were
shocked, everybody on set was just like horrified almost
because it’s a dating show, obviously you don’t want somebody to be taken in a dating show. But I found out about it, and I was like, okay, cool, awesome, great, wonderful. – Well I saved you a lot of problems – Yeah.
– ‘Cause you found out at the beginning instead of – Yeah, I did.
– Half way through it, right. (laughing) Well, what was the response to the video? What’s that been like for you? – Oh my goodness, my social media, everything has been psychotic. Everywhere from Twitter,
where it got posted, and where it went the most viral, it’s gotten I think 12 million views. I’ve gotten thousands of followers on every social media
platform you can think of, and of course, hundreds
and hundreds of DMs from boys saying that
they don’t have a girl. (laughing) – After this story broke, everybody, I felt it was my
responsibility to as the CLO, Chief Love Officer, to
introduce you to some real guys, face to face, who I vetted. I know they’re all single,
I know where they all work, (audience applauding) I know what they all do for a living, and these are the kind of guys I think maybe you should meet. Okay, so you ready? – Yeah, of course.
– Alright so guys come on out. (upbeat music) (audience clapping and cheering) Alright fellas, tell us a little
something about yourselves. – My name is Sebastian,
I am student athlete, and I’m from Los Angeles. And I’ve been single for a while, and I think it’s time to be serious. (audience clapping) (audience yelling) – My name is Charlie, I am
from the beautiful state of New Hampshire, I’m a
writer, I am 20 years old, and I’m heavily into the arts. And let’s see where things go, alright? (audience applauding) – How you doing? I’m Quincy, I’m 22, I study
politics and economics. I come from the cold,
cold state of Minnesota, and I have never been in a relationship. So I’ve been on a couple
dates here and there, nothing’s ever really stuck,
(Alexa laughing) but I’m trying to explore some new things. (audience applauding) (laughing) – Well see, he threw me when he said, “I’ve never been in a relationship.” And I went (screeching), you know, ’cause I didn’t
know what the hell it was. And then I got to remember he’s 20. 20, probably ain’t been
in a real relationship. That’s probably what you
meant by that, you know. – Yeah.
(laughing) I’m sorry. – Own it. – I’ve never been in a
relationship, and it’s okay. – That’s good.
– That is cool. Here’s the best way to say that, Quincy. – Yeah.
– I’ve never found the right one that has produced anything of value and longevity. If you say that, you
understand what I’m saying. (audience cheering) Quincy! – Alright.
– You cute, you on point. Now they going, okay. (laughing) It’s just conversation. So when we come back everybody, Alexa’s gonna do another
round of speed dating. I got a feeling this is
gonna go a lot better the second time around. We got three great guys over here for you. Find out right after the break. In your hand I’ve given
you a list of questions. These are 14 questions
that I wrote and designed for women to ask men on the first date ’cause it helps you out. A lot of women struggle with
how far, what should I ask. I done figured all that out. I wrote 14 questions
– All right here. – That will tell you really,
really some great things about the guy that you need to know. So these are the questions. You can pick any of
those, you can ask any one of the gentlemen, I got
three great guys here. (audience applauding) You ready to get started?
– Yeah. – [Steve] To confirm, you’re all single? – Mm-hmm.
– Yes. – Yeah. – Now, you ready? – Yeah.
– Any of those questions that you like. – Charlie,
– Yeah. – Since you’re not in school, what is your dream, and where are you at achieving that dream? – I’m a writer, so I would
love to put my stories out and make something of them, but my dream is just to live
the best life I can live. Just be spontaneous, just
see what life hands me and just take it and go with it. – Okay, alright, next question. (audience applauding) – Quincy, what is your biggest strength, and your biggest weakness? – I think that my biggest
strength is my biggest weakness, in that I have a lot of ideas and goals, and like things that I’m
interested in and wanna do, but I spread myself too thin, and I’m terrible at scheduling. And so, if I had 40 hours
in a day I’d be straight. (laughing) – Me too, me too. (audience applauding) – [Steve] Okay, get it. (laughing) – Sebastian, what is the
biggest lesson you learned from your parent’s relationship? – I’ve learned that honest
is key in a relationship, without that, there is nothing. It’s really loyalty and just being honest, and explain to you how you
truly feel about one another, and just keeping it real, ya know. (audience applauding) – That’s a good answer.
– Mm-hmm. – That’s a good answer.
– Alright, one more question. – Oh gosh, one more.
– For the guys. – I’ll ask all of your this. What is one thing you won’t
tolerate in a relationship? – I think for me, it’s closed-mindedness, and an unwillingness to try new things. (audience applauding)
– I like that. – Quincy, let me ask you a question. – [Alexa] Oh no. – You sure you ain’t 40? (laughing) – I got my ID if you wanna… – I’m a damn sure look
it, that’s for damn sure. (laughing) What’s the one thing you won’t tolerate in a relationship, Charlie? – I like the fact that people
are open and vulnerable in a relationship, so I think
not holding anything back because that just builds up inside of you. And just letting whatever feeling you have coming out with it to your partner. That’s definitely something I value in a relationship right there. (audience applauding) – What about you, Sebastian? – I would have to say just dishonesty. – Yeah, okay.
– You don’t wanna be in a relationship with someone
that’s dishonest to you, and always lying to you behind your back because that just causes more problems. It creates a little problems to chaos, and it just doesn’t work. (audience applauding) (laughing) – Alright, it’s time to pick. But now this is interesting
because this is the age where you just wanna go out
and see if you can enjoy a person’s company, that’s all this is. You’re just trying to formulate
some great relationships along the way, and if one
of them sticks romantically then you got something. But right now these are all young people. He’s out here pursuing it. He’s got himself dialed
into a lot of things. Let me tell you one thing though. See, what would help
you with the broadness and the spectrum that you’re looking at, is focus on something that
tied directly to your gift. ‘Cause I know where you at,
I was the exact way, man. I was spread out like that,
and you’re in college, your ticket door is clearly to me, you gotta play ball so you
can get the thing paid for. And that’s real. Some good young guys up
here, really, really are. (audience applauding) So Alexa, which one of these gentlemen do you wanna just go and see
if can have a nice time with? Just enjoy your day.
– Oh gosh. – Yeah, it’s tough, I know.
– It really is. – Audience, who do you
think she should pick? (audience yelling) That lady said, “I don’t know, just pick.” – Oh yeah, that’s my mom. Hey, mom. – Mom, mom you said you don’t know. Terrell, just show her that card. I wrote a name on that
card, let her see it. And I’m gonna see, tell me
is that who you thinking? – Probably, I don’t know. – Yeah, just let her see
the name on that card. That’s not who you picked? Wow, okay cool. Who’s it gonna be, Alexa? (dramatic music) – Okay, for the record
I would go on a date with all of you, so no
hard feelings, I promise. – And as your daddy,
I wouldn’t allow that. (laughing) (audience applauding) – I think I’m gonna have to go with Sebastian. (audience cheering and applauding) – [Alexa’s Mom] You
were right, I was wrong. – I knew it. – Mom, I thought you knew me? – I thought I did too, apparently not. (laughing) – No, see but I watch the
man, and I watch his eyes. I know the man who’s trying
to make the connection. It doesn’t matter what she says or think. I follow the hunter. I know the hunter that’s
trying to capture. (audience applauding) That’s how I knew. And so he was trying harder. Come on over and meet her, Sebastian. (audience cheering and clapping) Keep us posted on how it goes. We’ll be right back, everybody. (upbeat music)


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