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A TYPICAL WEEK IN MED SCHOOL: Internal Medicine | 3rd Year of Med School VLOG

December 10, 2019

Hey everybody! It’s Saturday night. I wanted to do a week long vlog in medicine
rotation and I wanted to start it tonight because I actually work tomorrow, Sunday,
a full shift. I actually filmed like a weekend vlog earlier
today so I was talking about this in that vlog. Since I’m working Sunday through probably
next Saturday, I thought today would be the right time start. I’m setting my alarm right now. It’s about 1am. It’s a little late but I end up kinda staying
up late.. oh not that… so tomorrow I have to be in the hospital by 8 AM. So I’m planning on waking up ideally at 6:45am
but realistically 7-7:15 and then I usually get ready super fast in like 15 minutes and
I leave the house by 7:30 and I’m usually early if I leave at 7:30. On weekends we go in by 8AM, during the week
we go in 7AM and that’s sort of the nice thing about being in medicine and surgery. You start a little later at a more humane
time. So that is my goal. You guys know I also like to set my alarm
on this thing. So I set two alarms, so 7:05 and 7:10AM. The reason why I set them kinda later is because
they start to brighten like 30 minutes before you set your alarm. So for 7:05 it’s gonna start brightening up
at 6:35, slowly over time so it really wakes your body up. And then at 7:05, the time you set as your
alarm is actually when it will like make noise. I think the alarm that I have is some type
of a bird noise–that’s what I have. That’s my night. I still have to wash my face and go to bed. So I’m not getting as much sleep. I do end up staying up on weekends because
I feel like that’s what makes me feel like I have a life. It’s not like I go out or anything. It’s just I have a lot of stuff that I personally
like to do that’s not school related. So whenever I get the chance to, I like to
pay attention to myself in that way because otherwise I’m gonna feel like I have no life
or I’m gonna feel like I have no time for my personal self. I think that’s what makes me burn out if I
don’t do that. So sometimes, I’ll sacrifice sleep so that
I can do the things that I like to do, whether that’s talking to my boyfriend on the phone
or doing stuff online or whatever it may be. So anyway, I’m going to check in with you
tomorrow at some point. Probably not in the morning because I’m like
in a hurry but hopefully later in the day or actually when I get back at night. And I’ll tell you guys all about how my days
are like. Hi everyone! It’s Monday night, I didn’t check in yesterday
because I was too exhausted when I got home. I had long call yesterday, like I mentioned
on Saturday. So I got home around 8:30-9pm. It was a pretty busy day, we admitted I think
like 5 patients. And I think 5 is the cap for our hospital
when you’re on call. I helped to admit a patient who has history
of HIV and intractable nausea and vomiting. She was pretty sick. So she is admitted now. I’m caring for about 4 patients now, which
like, I think at this point at my level, 4 is probably the max I can do and really stand
on top of all the patients and what’s going on. I hope to be able to carry more patients at
a time. But 4 is, I think, my max for now. I feel like I really lucked out in this medicine
rotation in terms of my residents and my attendings because they’ve all been really great, great
teachers, and really nice as well and funny. It makes time go by faster and it’s like an
enjoyable time. So that was today. Today it’s about 8 o’clock, no it’s like night
o’clock night now. I actually just got home because I stayed
at the hospital so that I can write up my H&P. This is my third H&P. I wanted to stay at the hospital so I can
be a little bit more productive than coming straight home. A lot of times if I have a really long day
and I come home like the last thing I wanna do is do work. So I’ll just usually eat and watch a TV show
and then like I don’t wanna do anything after that. I wanted to stay at the hospital so I did,
and I was very productive there. Candy’s collar is still missing so now she
looks like an orphan cat. So I just call her Candy the homeless cat. Lets say hi! Hi Candy! Do you miss your collar? You look so naked without your collar. I know! So that’s how Candy is doing. Anyway, plan for tonight, I’ve done pretty
much all the work that I need to at the hospital so I’m just gonna eat dinner, shower and go
to bed early. Plan for this week really is to get some of
the questions done. I feel like I haven’t really focused on the
UWorld questions for medicine just because I’m so tired by the time I’m done with my
shift. But this week, I hope to do a little more. I think I a realistic goal would be probably
under 100 question… is probably realistic. Doing at least 100 would be nice. So I’m gonna eat, relax and probably not gonna
do any questions today but I’ll head to bed early so I can wake up early. and hopefully tomorrow, I can do some more
questions. Hello Candy! So today is Wednesday. As you guys can see, it’s bright out so that
means I got home early. Today is a good day because. We had our OSCE today. OSCE if guys don’t know is sort of… basically
there’s like a standardized test patient or basically like an actor pretending to be a
patient. You go in, you interview the patient, and
you do the physical exam as you would on a real patient and then you’re graded on like
how well you did. So I had that today, that’s why I’m home early. Medicine has been super busy, if you guys
can’t tell, I haven’t really vlogged at all yesterday or the day before because I would
just get home pretty late. Yesterday I wasn’t on call but I was at the
hospital till like 8pm, just like writing notes and looking up things about the patient. I have a patient who is not very good at communicating
with us, she’s kinda in and out of.. like out of it. So she can’t really communicate with us, like
there is no good family member that I can talk to so I’ve been contacting different
hospitals to see if she’s been there and to get her records and trying to get information
from her previous doctor. So that’s been taking up a lot of my time. I think as a medical student, your greatest
strength on a team is your time and the amount of time you have. You really have to use that to your advantage
and really help out the team by looking up background information, going to see the patient
like several times a day because only you have the time to do that. So yeah, medicine has been pretty busy. Today I’m super happy cause I’m home early
and I’ve been really tired so I haven’t really had time to study either so today I’m gonna
try to get some studying done, do some questions and also like relax a little bit and maybe
like make dinner, hopefully… actually I don’t think I can make dinner because I don’t
think I have anything at home to make. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I’ll have
to figure that out. But anyway, definitely getting some studying
done today so I’ll see you guys later. Hi everyone! It’s Thursday morning. It is 4:55 in the morning. I’m just doing a quick check-in before I head
to the hospital. Today I’m not on call so hopefully it wont
be too long of a day. Just wanted to say hi and have a good day! Hi everyone! It’s Sunday and it’s my birthday! So I pretty much stopped vlogging after I
think it was Thursday or Wednesday that I checked in. The rest of the week it was pretty busy. I had long call on Friday so I was at the
hospital from about I think 6am to 10pm or 9:30pm and then Saturday, I went in for my
half shift, from 8am to pretty much like 3pm which I calculated to be 7 hours. So it was like the whole day. Weekends has a much lighter workload so it
wasn’t that bad. Rest of Saturday, I just kind of hung out
at home watching TV, I got something really cool for my birthday… I got this air fryer. I’m gonna have to share it with you guys later
in a video like what it does. It’s basically like a convection oven and
it like fries things without any oil or with very little oil. So yesterday, I just spent all day trying
out all these different recipes and different types of foods. It was really fun. Today, we’re celebrating. We celebrate by eating and I might actually
go look at some apartments, there are some open houses today. I’m planning on moving maybe like May or June,
so it’s a little early to be looking but I might just look around at some places just
to see what’s out there. So I’m gonna look at some apartments for fun. So see you guys later. We are here at my favorite restaurant for
brunch! Unlimited Cocktails for one hour, 25 dollars. Birthday turnup? Birthday mussels, birthday fries, birthday
salad and birthday water. Birthday cookies! Found some cookies, and now heading off to
see an apartment. Candy! You wanna wish mommy a happy birthday? Hey guys so I’m home and I’m just gonna quickly
close the vlog now. I had a pretty busy week. Medicine rotation has been a little more demanding
time wise than some of the other rotation. So I wasn’t really able to show you guys a
ton of things a ton of things I did this week. I mostly spent it in the hospital. But hopefully you guys got a good sense of
what my week is like on medicine rotation. I will make a video in the future kinda comparing
all the different rotations now that I’m almost done with every single one of time. So I will do that in a future video. As for my birthday today, I had a really good
time. I love looking at different apartments even
though I would be moving for another few months so it’s a little early to be looking but I
love looking at different apartments around the city so I had a really good time today. It’s Sunday night so tomorrow is another new
week. I hope you guys have a great week and I will
see you guys in the next video. Byeeeee!

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