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A Prickly Stink-uation | The Incredible Dr. Pol

August 15, 2019

[music playing] NARRATOR: Dr. Pol’s
next patient is a little on the prickly side. AUTUMN: She’s not happy. Her name is Pokeyhontas. And I got her in July, so
she’s about six months old. I was gone for a couple
of weeks on vacation and came back and found that the
hedgehog had an ear infection and some pretty nasty
smells coming from her cage. Come on in. OK. They’re so particular
and temperamental, they might not be suitable for
most people to hold and have. Very pokey– she’s
the pokiest I have. Oh my gosh. AUTUMN: Yeah. I see that. Being a hedgehog, he rolls up. And his ears are hidden. You just smell him. [sniffing]
Man, that’s a bad infection. When you pick him
up, you can smell the infection in his ears. And he does not feel good. Smell me. [blowing] This is me. [blowing] Yes? Get your– [giggles]. AUTUMN: They don’t like
to really hold still. And they ball up pretty hard. I think that’s the hardest
part about having hedgehogs. NARRATOR: The spines are
spiky but not permanent. They tend to fall out
naturally once a year. DR. POL: I’m going to knock
you out, if nothing else. I may have to. NARRATOR: Pokeyhontas is
a little ball of nerves. OK, let’s see if this
will tranquilize enough. Oh, yeah. Now you’re way down below. AUTUMN: [laughs] Come on! Get out of there. NARRATOR: Some
sedation should help her open up to the good doctor. DR. POL: Good night, Irene! How did this happen, any idea? AUTUMN: No.
I don’t know. I came back– Because I have never
seen that in these animals where they have that
much of a bad infection. Holy cow, look at this. That’s the puss coming
out of the ears. AUTUMN: It was a
very foul smell. It gets enough to knock
anybody off their feet, really. NARRATOR: The stench is so
bad, Dr. Pol needs to share. Smell this. Smell those ears. DR. ELIZABETH: Dr. Pol caught
me in the hallway and said, hey. You’ve got to smell this ear. Watch out! Ew! Definitely a nose wrinkler. I was very curious
as to what was in it. If you can see anything there– DR. ELIZABETH: So I’m looking at
a slide from Pokeyhontas’ ear. There is a lot of
bacteria in there. DR. POL: It’s a typical
bacterial infection. How he got it, we have no idea. NARRATOR: Now that the
infection is confirmed, doc needs to figure out the
best way to give her medicine. Do you think that you can
squirt something in his ear? [imitating spray] Yeah. From that far away, yeah. Like getting q-tips
in there, I think– No. AUTUMN: That doesn’t happen. No way, no. You can’t do this. That’s the problem. So this is going to be one time. Oh, yeah. He’s going to pull through. NARRATOR: If Autumn give Pokey
her spray medication every day, she should be just fine. OK, there. Put that in– in there first. He gave her an antibiotic shot
and said she was good to go. You– you little stinker!


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