A Poor Man’s Guide To Survive THE AMERICAN Food Shortage

September 3, 2019

a lot of people ask me about the food
shortages of 2019 and I hope you stay tuned to listen because I’m going to
share with you practical insight plus I’m going to share with you something
that you can make yourself that’s going to help you if a food shortage would
ever come food shortages in the United States of
America but what do you do if you don’t have any money to go out and buy hordes
and hordes of food today I’m going to share with you a poor man’s guide to
providing for food in case you have a shortage back everybody oh my goodness
I’ve had so many requests on the food shortages of 2019 and what do I think
about them well you know I don’t know if we’re gonna have a whole lot of food
shortages you know if they’re talking about it because of the weather they’re
talking about it because of different aspects out in the south but I’m just
going to share with you a little bit now my concept and a little bit about what I
feel about food shortages or anything in general as you know I’m a foodie as you
know I have devoted more than half of my time into preparing food in fact I just
came back from that place where I get all of my food right before it’s gonna
be thrown away I’ve got a truckload of it you won’t believe what I got this
month you are going to be shocked and I’m so blessed by it because I don’t go
to the grocery store anymore I have no need to go to the grocery store other
than for milk I don’t need to be buying regular food so the food shortages of
2019 the future ninjas of 2019 you know is a humdrum of all of YouTube channels
prepare now prepare now you know you never know and it’s true but to put fear
in people’s hearts is not gonna get you anywhere because a lot of times when
people have fear in their hearts they freeze up and they just don’t do
anything so I’m gonna say it like this what would you do if you couldn’t get
out to the grocery store let’s just say you were in an accident or let’s just
say you had no way of getting there you couldn’t drive what would you do in that
situation so having food really does make you more
alert about the need of having to go out on the road what happens if there is a
lot of chaos outside your four walls what happens if there’s you know storms
or there’s ways you can’t get out having a food storage is should be your number
one goal because you have insurance on your
cars you have insurance on your life you have insurance in your houses but
where’s the insurance of your food you can’t go long without water and you
surely can’t go long without food that should be your top priority I know a lot
of the people on my channel are older and so they can’t garden and they can’t
can hundreds of quarts of food what can you do what can you do if you don’t have
money what can you do if you don’t have the ability to do all of the food
canning that I do so I’m going to share with you in the kitchen some practical
steps about how you can have a little bit more food safety if there would ever
be a food shortage so let’s get in the kitchen I’m going to share with you a
practical way to buy a little bit of food and a practical way that you can
make it so here we are in the kitchen so I’m going to share with you how you can
have food storage for pennies to start with and that is going by the Dollar
Tree or going by a Walmart and getting beans and rice and oatmeal now you want
to get food that’s high mileage and what is high mileage high mileage is a food
that is going to give you a nutrition it’s going to give you energy and it’s
going to be very frugal and it’s going to be something that is very good for
your body you don’t want to stock up on things that are low mileage in other
words sugars and things like that that you’re going to really consume and
quickly it’s going to evaporate so we’re going to talk about today is beans and
rice and oatmeal so we have beans here these are black beans and I buy these at
the Dollar Tree for one dollar now I vacuum seal them but you don’t
need to but I do do that I vacuum seal my black beans but you don’t need to do
that the reason why I do it is just so I have a long-term storage I take my beans
and then I can my beans now a lot of you can’t can you don’t what I can that you
could go ahead and buy a can of beans but if you buy them this way it’s going
to be a lot cheaper for you so we have beans and we have rice but a lot of
people don’t talk about what do you do with your beans and right
okay I buy bunions and rice but what are you gonna do with 50 pounds of beans and
50 pounds of rice when you’re not used to making it this is the key when you
have a food storage you really want to stock up on in all kinds of herbs and
spices you want to stock up on all kinds of seasonings you want to do seasonings
any kind all kinds because if you’re stuck with eating beans and rice you’re
gonna need to have different flavors I make my own seasonings but you go to the
Dollar Tree you get onion seasonings you get Italian seasonings you mix it
together and it’s just like this so you mix a bunch of seasonings together then
you have an all-purpose seasoning for your beans and rice I dry my thing so
this year is spring onion tops i dry them with beans and rice there’s
hundreds and hundreds of ways you can make it add a can of chicken to it you
can add a can of sloppy joe or B barbeque to it you can have it as a
vegetarian and have vegetables to it I really want to emphasize it’s important
to have some kind of books books that show you how to do things because what
happens if we wouldn’t have electricity do you know how to cook your beans and
rice outside and the stove or outside on top of a grill or on top of a fire like
you’ve seen me do this book I am really recommending and it’s called
366 delicious ways to cook rice beans and grains so I’m gonna see if I can find the link
to this book this book is amazing and when you get it used you can get really
cheap 366 ways to make beans and rice and it’s perfect so today I’m gonna show
you making beans and rice now most of you know how to make that but I’m gonna
share with you just a little twist on how I make it and how we could probably
eat beans and rice almost every day of the week because there’s so many
different ways you can make it and by going to the Dollar Tree or Walmart buy
yourself ten dollars worth each week you won’t believe what difference it would
make and find yourself a book or start now and copying recipes out of the
Internet and making your own little binder it can be a lot of fun I don’t
know if there’s going to be food shortages I don’t know what tomorrow
holds but for me in my house I want to have food storage
that is something very important to me that is something that I am very
passionate about as you all now I am a foodie and I love just preserving food
so let’s get started and I’m gonna make you some beans and rice today show you
it doesn’t have to be bland or horrible it’s actually something you might even
crave all right I’m gonna end this video is sharing with you just one way that I
like to have beans and rice guys tomorrow yum-yum mmm that’s a
winner dinner you

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