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A Day in the Life of a Mom | Chatty Vlog | Rahde Family

October 24, 2019

Good morning everybody Today, it’s Friday So we’re have one more day of work and the kids are fighting This is my life. Oh, yeah, baby. I See So we have one day of work I have to get ready at 7 o’clock we leave at 7:30 the boys oops The boys are not dressed Astrid just threw his food on the floor so he’s done with breakfast Sit down Astrid Joel sit Eating his waffle. I had half of a bagel so in eating boogers apparently So yeah, we are gonna go on with our date, oh I have to scrape my car it’s all frosted over Oh, well, here’s a beautiful morning so far Watching the good dinosaurs And causing havoc in the house, right? Ash One of the many perks at working in a gym is you literally get to wear whatever So I just threw this on really good I have to do laundry Dishes started And boys dressed in their lunches. Yeah and Probably a few other things before we leave and we have 30 minutes to get all this done Oh my gosh this logic so heavy. Oh my godness It’s a disaster today. Well jumping over this date every time we want to go anywhere But this little guy you’re crazy if we don’t have it up laundry laundry So yes, this is what we got to do I’m like running around I’ve been up since 4:30, but do you think I would have done anything? No, I did not Well, I got my Bible time done, which is awesome But Asher’s in my room sleeps in my room still If you didn’t know and so getting anything done in the morning is impossible because everything’s in our room That needs to be done Except I couldn’t have two kids, but I didn’t So there’s that Zeke is right in his scooter because Why not right and it is officially time to go let’s go Better ash pie get them Transferred successfully kind of he is obviously having a very Nutritious Did you have a good day at work So we’re home and we’re eating lunch and then Zeke’s going down for nap Asher transferred From the highchair to Clark to the car to his bit. So that’s awesome because sometimes he doesn’t Change a second. And so I need to get lunch I need to do put the dishes away that I started this morning Switch the laundry to have another few loads to do tonight, though and then hopefully relax I Probably will find something Zeke wanted to show you his really cool scooter You like to write it inside? Yeah, pretty cool My sad lunch Who’s the freezer burrito? Of course as soon as I sit down for lunch Asher wakes up and starts talking I’m just gonna leave him so I can eat this really quick because he’ll just be like Screaming at me if I don’t give him some attention when he wakes up Even though he had like a five-minute nap Well Mom life for sure Well, look who won Dude, you win. You’re not gonna sleep. Anyway, yeah, I think you know You’re so cute So I guess I get no break today I go. I mean do we ever no? That’s okay. That’s Okay Emily got my burrito before He was like mom. I know you hear me. Let me out. So on the diaper bag Can’t walk but it’s gonna try to ride a scooter. It should be good. No You can’t ride the scooter you will get hurt I’m trying to reset my computer giving it to my sister because we got a new one and I have no idea what I’m doing, so I had to Google how to restore a Computer but I don’t know how to do it. I Am seriously like so technologically I’m not smart. Like I Just don’t understand. I just want push a button that says Go back to how I bought you Where is that button? Oh my goodness. Okay. They’re growing out. My hair is kind of growing out from Hemme Asher Babies babies they ruin your and body at all. Oh Okay. So, how do I do this? You tell me I need to but how do I do it? And I’m back working tonight The person who was supposed to work just like found out that I could work and didn’t want to take the shift After all, so now I’m back and it’s like a three-hour shift Technically, like if nobody’s there to a half hour shift and I’m like Not feeling it. I should have I should have because I’m helping out, you know, but you know when you’re like you Just don’t want to stop right? That’s how you feel. It. Asher hasn’t napped He’s gonna be miserable there Whatever I mean it is what it is But we’re still updating or updating but resetting Asher keeps turning he’s hungry but won’t be I’m watching deck the halls of Nursing is amazing it I sought the movie store, so I decided to Rent it wearing my husband’s sweater. And I think I’m taking exit super-comfy Sure, she’s not having it He’s not having it today. I Don’t know what the deal is with me if I’m having like allergies or cold or what I can’t get over it You’re naughty Are you taking her milk with you? What would you plan? What’s your plan? Oh I’ll get You some still yeah sure You are really good You know, we have no groceries and I have to figure out what to pack them That they have it eaten like ten thousand times today, oh My goodness, oh I just wanted to be good to eat go to bed. I’m cranky It’s just one of those days where I just don’t want to go back out We have to leave it like a half hour and I shouldn’t back down for a nap. So that’s awesome This day this day ticket like and I can’t hack anything one because it doesn’t stay warm long enough I mean, I guess I could try again See if Eat know what do you guys pack your kids that they actually if you if you have picky eaters my kids don’t eat anything I Don’t know what to pack them and obviously stress is happening all of my face today I’m bummed out. I Know what I was going to talk to you guys about I got essential oils. I know this lighting is terrible. I got essential oils because I’m feeling good and I Don’t know. I’ve been wanting to try in for a while. So I got a set of 20 Off Amazon, so you are people who are like you got to get the most pure Organic whatever I didn’t in it’s fine. We’re just just gonna roll with it. Okay so I need Your help what do you do with them I got a diffuser It only runs for like five hours to that. Is that like um Normal, or do I need to get like a better diffuser? I don’t know. I don’t know what I was doing I was like, you know where you’re like Through the morning shopping and then the package or Ishak come whoops. That was kind of my situation So I have this set it’s a Set of 20 and Some of them are missing by you you go with this just like a hot towel for my congestion this morning and actually Cleared it up, which is kind of like what you know what I’m saying? And is that normal do you put that on like a hot towel? I got it. I don’t know. What are your favorite sites? Cuz I’m literally included and how do you storm is this like a good storage situation not? because I really kind of Spot down here. So I’m going back in there honey storm and we’ll use and how you use them And I sure did not sleep any better last Night but these are what I got Now my location of my job has changed So I’m actually closer to my house, which is nice. You don’t have to leave as early, but Sorry I blinked but um It just means going back to the same location for the kids and they’re not gonna be happy there but there’s not much I can do but that means that I can Get them closer so they can get home and get to bed sooner cuz it’s gonna be a late night for them It’s Friday. Oh Oh Who else like weights to Saturday like Saturday, my sister helps me out all day cuz my husband still works It’s like the best day ever you swear Saturday’s are What I was trying to get to every week just get to Saturday, you know I’m sorry, this vlog is so rambling and I’m not feeling good. I’m not in my head. So I Have no words for you guys. I’m sorry. This is as good as it’s gonna get I think I’m gonna take some of my husband’s allergy medicine cuz See if that does anything. I think he and not you’re bummed that I have to work tonight. He doesn’t want to go back Me either but we compromised because we could have bring the good little dinosaur decor, right? So it’s a bummer but I think we’ll make it right So I never closed the vlog last night because I Knew I should have worked the night shift. I knew it so we Like we are there it’s fine. It’s whatever, you know And Kate walks in like 4 10. It was like hey, I don’t work So now I’m missing family night. So he picks up Zeke to take him and have a few hours of just those two And so I’m with Asher and he’s playing on the floor and also do sauce puking everywhere Yeah So I’m going with that. I don’t know if he ate something bad or via stop flu or whatever You know, I’m like what what the heck happened so I get him all cleaned up And he’s playing and happy and He like had his arm out Like and his head up and he liked his hand like fell out From underneath him he hit his head like he was laying on the floor sweet like not far, you know and Bit his lip two different places cut it open Then his lip tight like severed which is good, you know So there’s blood everywhere I’m like what is going on right now? This is crazy. So I’m like cleaning him up that he’s screaming finally It’s a half hour before closing so I can leave all the kids are gone. It’s not busy Like that’s not the issue at all. And so I’m like finally, okay, you’re ready to go to bed. I’m ready to go Let’s go then My kid comes in good so I have to stay First for a half an hour, which is fine, you know, but your kids sick. I’m ready to go and so Whatever. So this morning, you know all night without throwing up. So I was like, well, that’s weird I must the bench he overate or whatever. I don’t know And so we’re hey, you know and I’m like, okay, let’s scan a house. Let’s just have a like some day so You’re relaxing but like get out. Yeah, and We get in the car and we’re headed out in he pukes over his car seat So I’m guessing he has a stomach bug Or he has a degree, I’m sorry, so she or it has a deer he has a dairy intolerance because this would be his second like stomach bug within since I started working and Cheese he only had one gene stick yesterday – I know it’s so she He’s happy, he’s like whatever he goats in these like he’ll start like crying and be king he But like She was it he’s like Am I any away sir Okay, I’m sorry good news gracious So anyway, that’s how my night went. It was horrible and I am there’s a night shift again Nothing has a like I mean that was terrible but like just because It’s night. He’s tired. I’m tired. I had worked the day shift. I don’t want to do it too. So Yeah, I Hope you guys had a better Friday than I did. I will see in the next video. Make sure you comment below Let’s see. Why should we comment today? Let’s see, what is your weather like right now? It’s a monsoon outside I swear It’s like pouring it’s crazy. Um, so what’s your weather? Like, where are you, right? Alright. Thanks for watching fight

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