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A Day In My Life (Tokyo + Chronic Illness Life)

January 27, 2020

– Hello. Good morning. This is what I look like when I wake up. I’ve had many requests to do a day-in-my-life video in Tokyo. So, I guess this is how it starts because, this is the first moment of my day. I’ve already been awake for
two hours at this point, ’cause I was too nauseous to sleep. So that’s fun, I’ve taken
some anti-nausea medication. My mornings usually start quite slowly. Let’s just take a moment to
appreciate my cute fridge. (flakes clinking against mug) I’ve run out of cereal. What is this? This is pathetic. Mix it with my dessert
cereal, chocolate granola. I take 12 pills every
morning to help me out with my various chronic illnesses. I have a video that’s
more in depth about this, if you wanna check it out. Hello. – Hello world. Why do people want to see this? I do not understand. – This is a good
representative of our mornings. Is me bothering you, instead of actually
doing what I need to do. (beeps) Showering when you’re
chronically ill is exhausting. I usually only shower about once a week. I’m lucky to not be a
naturally stinky person, so I can usually get away with it. Also, I’m excited to announce that we have a new member of the family. So, you all know and love Buggy. Well everyone, welcome Petunia. She’s really good at dancing. (lively music) Oh, hey, nice dress you got on there. Psych! It’s actually a pantsuit! Hello. – Feels too weird with you
standing over me like this. – Hello, Luci. – Hello. – This is how I normally
talk to you in the morning. [Luci] – Yup. Yup, we vlog every morning,
but we don’t release them. It’s just the only way
we’re ever able to talk. (Annika laughs) – What’s your plan today? – What’s my plan? Well, I’ve had my shower and we don’t have any coffee left in here. So, I’m gonna get a coffee.
– Aw, don’t talk to me till I’ve had my coffee. – Oh, don’t talk to me
till I’ve had my coffee. Whoa. – Do you wanna help me do my physio? (Luci’s tongue clicking) – Now?
– Yeah. – Sure.
– Thanks. (upbeat music) – Tight? That a good tightness? – Yeah.
– A bit less? – No, that’s good.
– That’s good. – Okay.
– At home, we just have a hook that this hangs off. There’s no hook here, so I am the hook. (Annika laughs) – Look at these baby biceps! (Luci laughs) (Hands clap) Three hours after I woke up, I’m finally feelin’ good, yay! I should just film my, I just should pretend I’m
waking up now, all right? (gentle music) Beep beep beep beep! Aw, 6:00 a.m. Aw, (yawns) time to wake
up and go for a run! Oh!
I just woke up like this. – [Luci] I love those stay
at home life, type videos. They wake up in the morning and they so clearly have a light box. (Annika laughs) Like, pointed at them. It’s like oh,
– Yeah. – [Luci] do you sleep with
the light diffusion box pointed at you all night? (Annika laughs) – Bye, Luci!
– Bye-bye. – [Annika] Where you goin’? – I’m going to get, I think I woke up too
late to call it a breakfast? – [Annika] ‘Kay, bye! (upbeat music) Hoo! Gotta stop every 20 to 30 minutes or so to rest and stretch my back. ‘Cause otherwise, by the time
a few hours have gone past, I can not move. (upbeat music) Here’s a special message from Buggy. Sometimes, you feel flat. But then eventually, you
spring back up again. (upbeat music) (Wind blows)
(gentle chimes) Can you hear that? It’s the music that plays at six o’clock. Just in the street. Just to let you know
that it’s six o’clock. It’s really nice. (calm music) Check out this super cool sewing roll that I made for traveling. When it’s unfolded, it’s got a whole
different bunch of pockets for things like scissors, go in here. Woop! All my threads are in
here, in this section. (zipping) Got all these pockets with things in it. This was a really good way to use up a bunch of old scrap fabrics and, like, upholstery fabrics. I just made this pattern,
pretty much up from scratch. And it closes like this. It folds up. Like this. And then buckles up so it
can be transported easily. (subdued music) Hey. – Hello, everyone. – I’m a celebrity. (Luci laughs) Which is why I’m wearing
sunglasses at night. – Annika’s got light
sensitivity from her migraine, so she’s wearing her sunglasses. And it makes her look like, who sang that song? ♪ I wear my sunglasses at night. ♪ – I have no idea who wrote those. (Luci laughs) – Turn, don’t take this
down, copyright people. – Oh yeah, I think it’ll definitely pick that up.
(Luci Laughs) – It’ll pick that up. – Hey, Luci, what’s the worst
possible name for a dog? – Taxi. (both laugh) We figured it out, ’cause you’ll be walking
around your house like this. Taxi! – Hey, Taxi!
– Taxi! – Taxi!
– Taxi! – Oh my god, we’re actually
(Luci laughs) gonna accidentally call a taxi. – It’s exactly behind us like this. (both laugh) – That was a taxi. – That was a taxi.
(both laugh) Oh, boy. So Annika’s got her
meds in her system now. And we’re going to the supermarket. – Yeah, we were gonna go
see Detective Pikachu. [sigh] And I’m really frustrated that, like, we were
literally about to leave and then my body was like, hmm, nah. – Yup.
– You’re can have a migraine instead. – Oh, well!
– Which, you don’t wanna look at a movie screen. – No.
– When you’ve got a migraine. (Annika sighs loudly) But this lovely love here was like, Annika, everything’s okay. You know what, we can
just have a cozy night in. And we’re gonna go to the supermarket and I love going to Japanese supermarkets. I mean, I love going to
the supermarket any time. Even at home, but it’s really fun. It’s really particularly
fun going to a supermarket at a different country, I think. – And then I’m gonna make some dinner. – And then, Luci’s gonna make
us a really lovely dinner. – And then maybe we can
watch a movie at home. – Yeah, you’re the best. – Yeah. (Annika laughs) I know.
– Yeah. (Annika laughs) – I clean the house, as well. (Annika laughs) What a hero, huh, huh. – I’m gonna buy myself some
snacks and comfort food. – Mmm.
– ‘Cause now that. – I’m gonna get some mochi. – ‘Cause when you gotta
migraine and it’s real bad pain, you fricken deserve some snacks. I love you so much. – I love you too. (Lips smack)
– Ah! Yay, we’re here! Don’t think I’m allowed
to film in supermarkets, so I’ll do it real sneakily. (lively music) Why is it a trend at the moment for fruit and vegetables to be really sad? – [Luci] Whatchu mean? – [Annika] Why has it
got a sad face on it? – [Luci] Aw, yeah, I’m not sure. – [Annika] Look at this cheese dessert. Oh my god. Aw, mango parfait. – [Luci] I’ll get melon and you get mango. – [Annika] There’s just cheese sticks? – [Luci] Dried cheese sticks. – [Annika] Oh my god, yum. (upbeat music) What’s going on with these dudes? Are you eating them? Is that why their eyes are on fire? – [Luci] Oh my god. This is a seriously post-migraine shop. (Annika laughs) – [Annika] Oh, I love these soy milks. Oh, they have so many flavors. – [Luci] Should we get some fruit juice? – [Annika] Fruit juice, yes. – [Luci] This is a really normal thing in the supermarket in Japan. Cream of corn soup? – [Annika] You can get
a really decent dinner at the supermarket. Like a full sushi box. – [Luci] Look at this bento,
look at all these bentos. – [Annika] Look at these bentos. Like these, they’re like
three to four dollars each. – [Luci] Yeah, not bad. – [Annika] It’s pretty dang good. Like, look at that. Look at how much food is in that one. And it’s four dollars.
– Here’s, there’s the one you want. – [Annika] Hmm, maybe I’ll get a onigiri. This is orange-flavored bread. Hey, look! I see, this is the first
time I’ve seen bread that isn’t just white bread. – [Luci] It’s rye bread, doesn’t look like rye bread.
– That’s, no. That’s exciting. Wait, what’s this? – It’s a sandwich.
– Oh my. With strawberry and cream inside? – [Luci] Yeah. And this one has a egg. – [Annika] How can it not be refrigerated? – [Luci] And this one has tuna mayo. – [Annika] Oh my God, how can these not be refrigerated?
– And this one has egg. – [Luci] They must be very
freshly done every day. – Whoa. I freaking love Japanese supermarkets. Hey, my head’s feelin’ a bit better. – Good. – I guess it was the
magic of the supermarket. – You’ve downgraded one level of glasses. – (laughs) I’m back to the
tinted, migraine glasses. Which didn’t stop my migraine
today, unfortunately. – Unfortunately.
– But they do help. ‘Cause I used to get
these every single day and this is the first migraine I’ve had in quite a few weeks. – Yeah. – Yeah, so, you know,
lookin’ on the bright side. This is not a very common
occurrence anymore. I love just walking around. Aw! Like, oh my gosh, this just. Cute! Night flowers. I Love just walking
around our neighborhood. And just wandering
around different streets, i’ve never been down before. ‘Cause we find just,
really cute, new places. What did you do to my hair
when you massaged my head? What’s happened to it?
(Luci laughs) It’s gone so weird. Hey, Luci. – Yes?
(Luci laughs) Beautiful. Aw, that’s so nice. – [Annika] This is my snack haul, excluding a parfait. A mango parfait I have for dessert. We have cheese fries, grapes, grape jelly? Sweet potato and pumpkin chips and your girl needed some chocolate. I just fricking love
this shy, bashful chef. (Annika laughs) These cheese fries are real good. – So it’s just like
cheese flavored cardboard. ♪ Bum bum ♪ ♪ Bum bum bum bum bum bum ♪ ♪ Bum bum bum ♪
– Frickin’ love you. How is it cooking with a one-burner stove? – [Luci] Hard! – You’re doing very well. (foreign language) Was this exactly what I would’ve done had I not been filming? Who knows? It was the pressure of
having the camera on me, did it change what I did with the day? I’ll never know. – Mmm. Cloink! Cloink! (foreign language) Kampai! – I love you. – I love you. (upbeat electronic music) – This is actually Annika
from a few days in the future. I’m cheating. But I was so very close to finishing this wrap top. And I thought you all might wanna see how it turned out. This is prototype number one. I wanna change some things
in the next version. The armholes are a little too tight. And I wanna make the sleeves
even more drapey and flowy. But it is a wearable first attempt. And I think it turned out really well. Okay, back to the past. (Annika imitates magical chimes) (magical chimes) Do I still have panda eyes? – No, you don’t. You don’t have, I was about to
say, you don’t have any eyes. (both laugh) You have–
– Blah! – You have eyes. – So, it’s the end of the day. Well, I’m about to upload a video. So, almost the end of the day. But, – Work work work work,
– Now– (Annika sighs)
– Work work work. – Now that it is, y’know,
nearly the end of the night and my migraine has kind
of gone away, finally. And I can be switched on again, – Mmm. – I just wanted to talk about something that we often do when one of
us has had a really hard day. I think this is something
that is really useful if you also have a chronic illness or if you’re just struggling
– We usually do it when– – With, y’know, bad mental health. Or just feeling low. – We usually do it when
we’re lying in bed at night. – Yeah, so this usually happens when I’m lying in bed at night. But I don’t wanna film us then. (Annika laughs) – Too intimate. – And obviously, we
sleep in different beds, because we’re not married. – Obviously, we sleep in separate beds, and if we sleep in the same bed, we use an 18th-century bundling board to make sure we don’t accidentally touch during the night. – Anyway, what we do is, we
just will tell each other– – We take turns going through and saying our five favorite
things from the day. And they can be the
smallest possible things. – So like, it often, if
I had a really bad day and I’m feeling really low, it can be really hard to start off. But I’ll just think of something like, for example, I got out of bed today. Or something that I did
today that I’m proud of that was a happy memory is, I took a really nice
photo of some flowers. – Yeah. It can be something as small as that. – And once you start,
you actually usually find that you can think of five,
often we will just lose count. – You just start to get on a roll. – Yeah.
– Okay, let’s do one each, as an example. – Oh, I’ve already done some. Okay, what’s another one? I had a really nice dinner
made by my love, Luciano. And it was really yummy. And it made me feel a lot better. – I really enjoyed
listening to the new episode of my favorite podcast while
I cleaned up the house. – Cool!
– It was nice and relaxing. – Yeah, you were just chuckling away too. – Oh, it was very funny. – I liked seeing you
just laughing to yourself like a madman. – See, and once you get it started, – Yeah.
– Then you get a good roll on.
(Annika laughs) – So, that’s just a little, I think, something that can really help. Help to calm you down
at the end of the day. – Mhm. – To stop your brain from
thinking about the future and all the things you have
– Mhm. – to do tomorrow. So, that’s our little tip from us to you. Now, I have to go and
upload a YouTube video. And then I can finally go to bed. – And I go to bed, good night. (Annika laughs)
Mmm, bleh. – The reason I got up
so late this morning is because I stayed up late so that I can upload videos when the rest of the world is awake. Because we live in a time zone that not that many people live in. (Luci sighs)
– Yeah, thanks, America. – Thanks America.
– Can you all just switch over to getting up in the middle of the night? (both laugh) – Be a lot easier for me. – So then we could wake up at
a normal time in the morning. (Annika laughs) – My computer screen is v orange ’cause migraines, it really helps. The program is called f.lux. Honestly, any time I see a computer screen that’s just on normal now, I’m like ugh! Can’t deal with it. (upbeat music) Well, it is the end of the day, which means, it is the end of the vlog. As usual, now that I have to go to bed, I have heaps of energy. Which has been, how it’s been
going for me lately, ugh! Anyway, I’m gonna hop in bed, read a book. I hope you enjoyed this video. And I will see you all in the next one. Stay crafty, everyone. Say good night. – Good nighyaaaaana! – [Annika] That’s terrifying. Say good night nicely. – (laughs) Good night nicely! – (laughs) What a joker. Thank you so much to the
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