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A better way to stop the spread of corona virus

March 7, 2020

Under code Orange of the disease outbreak framework, organizations are required to record the contact tracing details of
visitors to their premises. This take a lot of effort and details are hardly use.
I find this to be a wasteful activity. It should be stopped . The resources can be
better spent on other more effective activities to stop the spread of the
virus. I agree the contact tracing is useful but work
spent in collecting the contact tracing details is wasteful. How can we carry out
contact tracing without these details? In most cases the infected person will be
able to identify the friends, work mates and family members that they have met
and spent time with during the past 14 days. The infected person can provide the
details of these contacts for tracing. The infected person might also help be able
to help by telephoning these contacts to tell them that he or she had been
infected. The infected person may not know the details of casual contacts met during the past 14 days but the risk of infection
through a casual contact of a short duration is negligible and can be
ignored. How can our resources, now spent on recording of contact tracing details, be better used? I prefer that the hand sanitizers be installed at
public places and temporary workers be engaged to ensure that they are
replenished several times during the day. This is
probably the most effective way to stop the spread of the virus through
sanitizing the hands. I also prefer that temperature scanning be done at all
public locations such as MRT stations bus interchanges markets and malls. people
with fever should be asked to go for swab testing at designated facilities
that are equipped to do this work. The swab testing should be free of charge
to the public. Let us stop the recording of contact tracing details and put the
resources to better use to stop the spread of the virus. Thank you

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