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A 2020 Thyroid Epidemic | 3 Reasons Your Doctor Missed Your Diagnosis

February 6, 2020

we’re in the midst of a thyroid epidemic
with around 27 million americans facing some sort of thyroid dysfunction women
are up to eight times more likely to have a thyroid condition over men and
60% of those who do have a thyroid condition are not even aware that
there’s anything wrong you could be one of them all right let’s see do you have
brain fog are you suffering from fatigue what about weight gain are you
struggling with constipation what about mood imbalances and you definitely have
some cold hands for more details on the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease be sure
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don’t miss any of my future videos coming out all about Hashimoto’s did
your doctor brush you off and tell you that you’re fine but now you’re left
wondering what is wrong with me this is exactly what happened to me and
unfortunately this is all too common conventional medicine let me tell you a
story that may sound familiar when Savannah came into my office
complaining of exhaustion weight gain and depression Sheridan was three other
doctors who could not accurately diagnose or treat her condition they
kept telling me I was fine because all my lab work he made normal but she’d be
fine when I’m feeling like this many patients are in Savannah’s
situation whose doctors brushed off their symptoms as stress age-related or
simply woman’s issues the problem with Savannah’s situation is
her doctors only looked at part of her condition the blood tests showed that
her hormones were within the normal range but those tests don’t tell the
whole story so even if your doctor tells you that your lab work is normal
you could still very well have Hashimoto’s disease let’s talk about
three reasons why symptoms of Hashimoto’s can be very vague therefore
it’s easy for doctors to brush them off as something else
conventional doctors don’t typically test hormone levels until you’re in your
forties or your 50s so if you are younger they may say your symptoms are
from something else like low iron this is what my doctors told me if you are a
man your thyroid levels may not be checked
at all as men are considered low risk for thyroid dysfunction on top of that
if you have another autoimmune disease your doctors may focus on that being the
source of your symptoms so your doctor may have done a thyroid
test but most doctors check your thyroid stimulating hormone your TSH which is
considered the go-to test for diagnosing thyroid dysfunction but again this does
not tell the whole story to get the full picture you’ll want to test more than
your TSH levels for more accurate diagnosis you will also want to check
you our free t4 free t3 reverse t3 thyroid peroxidase antibodies and
thyroglobulin antibodies so let’s touch on what each of these are and what the
tests are looking for free t4 is the storage form this is the thyroids
primary output also the inactive form that gets stored in your body’s tissues
ready to be used when it’s needed free t3 is the gas this is the active
form that your body uses when it needs more energy this used to be in the form
of t4 and it is vital to measure this because there’s a chance your body may
not be converting t4 to t3 very well reverse t3 are the breaks your body
takes a portion of t4 to create this which attaches to 3 t3 in order to slow
your metabolic process if these levels are high it is likely you are converting
too much t4 in to reverse t3 and not enough into free t3 this can cause
hypothyroid symptoms even if your TSH and t4 levels are optimal TPO antibodies
and TG antibodies will be elevated if you have Hashimoto’s disease tp0
antibodies attack the enzymes responsible for
synthesizing thyroid hormones TG antibodies attack thyroglobulin which
your thyroid uses to produce its hormones so for the full picture be sure
to test your TSH free t4 3 t3 reverse t3 and your tpo antibodies and TG
antibodies I’m I’m just having a moment sharing this with you is helping me to
understand why what’s going on with me I am my own personal advocate the doctors
work for me the doctors work for you now I have to convince my doctor that I know
what’s going on with me you get the help I need before this disease progresses
it’s kind of heavy so you finally got your doctor to order
the full range of thyroid tests but the reference ranges they rely on are two
broad after the lab reference ranges were created for a healthy thyroid they
discovered that they included people who already had thyroid dysfunction
in 2003 the American Association of Clinical endocrinologists recommended
more narrow lab reference ranges yet few have updated their practices here’s what
optimal reference ranges should look like use these guidelines of the normal
reference ranges and listen to your body and be sure to talk to your doctor if
you suspect you have Hashimoto’s disease if you’ve already been tested and you
still think you have Hashimoto’s disease feel free to share this video with your
doctor on November 5th 2019 my doctor did test my TSH my free t4 my free t3
and the antibodies my TSH was 1.65 which is normal my F t4 is 0.98 which was low
my ft3 is 3.3 D which is normal my TPO antibody was 0.6 my TG antibody was 1.7
which were both normal for now regardless of what my lab work showed
last year I still believe I have Hashimoto’s disease be sure to subscribe
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the stages of the Hashimoto’s disease and thank you so much for clicking on
this video I hope you enjoyed it I will see my next video fine alright I said
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