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9 Steps to Kill Candida || Natural way to kill candida

August 18, 2019

mic to heal your gut guy and today we’re gonna talk about the nine steps to kill Candida albicans your can nasty Candida infection that’s causing leaky gut you know whatever got issues your help you’re dealing with I’m gonna show you had the nine steps you know I took in order to kill Candida and you have to understand these things otherwise you’re just gonna be a chicken running around with it but it’s heads cut off so I myself had Candida Crohn’s disease IBS IBD all sorts of gut issues gluten intolerant lactose intolerance and I was able to heal this a hundred percent naturally now just fair warning I’m not a doctor and I can’t prescribe you dangerous drugs but your health is something you have to take into your own hands and and take care of yourself you the doctor can’t help you I can’t help you you know your mom your grandma whoever’s taking care of you your spouse you have to take your health into your own hands at the end of the day you know I can show you what I did but ultimately you have to get up off your butt and heal yourself so an approve you I know what I’m talking about this is full-on gluten this is full-on dairy and I used to be extremely allergic to these two foods and now I can eat them you know every single day with every meal and feel great so if you want to learn more about how to heal your gut naturally hit hit that like and hit that subscribe button for the channel come out we’re coming out with a video five times a week for the next few months oh yeah we go over how our ancestors a you know all natural remedies you know the importance of digestive enzymes how to use herbs correctly how to kill Candida we also have a book called 21 nutrition and health lines making you sick and go down below and buy that down below there’s a link to it raw milk we’re all honey and the other bee products cut fish liver oil and more most importantly how our ancestors ate because they know what to do and we’re also going to be talking about how our digestive system is designed to work each animal in the animal kingdom has different digestive hardware designed to digest different foods this is very important to understand you know how mother nature designed our dodges digestive system to work heads up your subscriber this videos coming gotta kind of be a review but if you knew this is this videos gonna be mind-blowing for you because this is stuff your doctor is not telling you about you know your gut disease so yeah go hit that subscribe button down below you know once you subscribe to hit that Bell and you’ll get notified when I come out so first off I’m sorry for the shitty quality of this picture of this quote but you have to first off you have to understand that you are fighting a war and we’re gonna quote the the book the art of war by Sun Tzu I can’t pronounce anything right so alright here’s the poem if you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of one hundred battles if you know yourself but not the enemy for every victory you gain you will also suffer a defeat if you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will succumb in every battle ok so I see this all the time when people try to fight Candida they don’t understand how Candida behaves whatsoever they don’t they don’t know anything and they don’t know how their probiotics behave and so they succumb in every battle because they have no idea what they’re doing they’re like literally their eyes are closed and they’re just throwing darts you know in the dark how do you think you’re gonna win a war doing that it you have to understand what’s going on you have to understand how the how these bad guys behave and how these good guys behave it’s really that simple so to first you have to know yourself you have to know your probiotics that that exists in your gut they like an acidic pH they love to hang out at body temperature their favorite food is sugar and when I say sugar like carbs you know just any carbs in general and and sugar not white sugar just any type of sugar in general but they’ll eat anything they don’t eat any food in general they like to reproduce at body temperature and when sugar is present they thrive in herbals and when they’re surrounded by herbal compounds they thrive when they’re surrounded by salt they thrive and they are not absorbed by activated charcoal in clay so these are things we need to understand about our probiotics I don’t know why I’m holding my hand up you have to know the enemy so most people go running around saying oh Candida it’s a yeast infection you have to understand that Candida is a dimorphic fungus it starts off as a yeast when it’s in an acidic environment candida behaves itself it stays in this yeast form and it behaves itself in a place nice but when you take antibiotics and make the gut alkaline it starts to evolve into a multicellular organism and turn into a monster and start spilling the flesh off your bones so let’s look at how bad bacteria and fungi behave they like an alkaline pH sorry alkaline acid diet people but that diet is retarded they love body temperature their favorite food is sugar they’ll eat anything in general so you can’t starve them out going on a stupid stupid keto diet they read produce best at body temperature and sugar when there’s sugar involved they die in the presence of herbal compounds they die in the presence of salt and they are absorbed by activated charcoal and clay now do you think you can use this information between these two and come up with an intelligent plan on how to kill these guys yeah you take herbals you take salts and you take activated charcoal and it pretty much annihilates them and you try to keep your your gut acidic it’s really simple guys so we have to know our weapons there are six types of natural infection-fighting substances you have phytochemicals these are so plants fight bad bacteria and fungi by creating special chemicals they’re like masters of chemical warfare that kill the bad guys and leave the good guys alone honey is filled with them you know that’s why all these herbal remedies you know work you have low pH yogurt kefir beer wine fermented means they all have an acidic pH a low pH and this the bad guys hate it and actually when you put the bad guys in acidity usually they behave themselves you know you see this with e.coli and tuberculosis and Candida or they die they die or they behave themselves same deal with salt salt and coating borax and nitrates natural nitrates salts natural sea salts Himalayan pink salt these salts killed bad guys we also have raw dairy the lacks filled with lactobacilli it’s filled with white blood cells it’s filled with antibodies iodine is also really important seaweed this really good source of that logo cyanide and we have activated charcoal and clay these these two substances are very they absorb they bind up toxins you know activated charcoal water filter they they bind up the toxins and they leave behind the good stuff it’s amazing stuff so so yeah once you understand those things now you can start planning your your war campaign or your your battle strategy your war strategy on how to kill Candida and essentially all you do is you just shove these six things down your mouth until they all they’re all dead and the good guys were right down there you know these bad guys are in your gut peeling the flesh off your bones you have to kill them you have to kill them your immune system was never designed I don’t care how well nourished your immune system is it was never designed to fight bad bacteria and fungi on the scale they’re our police force they’re not an army their police force at best with a SWAT team they are not an army designed to you know kill these guys and you have to restore the probiotics you know once you kill these bad guys you know even while you’re killing these bad guys you have to restore the probiotics you need to you know there’s fermented meats there’s wine and beer raw beer most beers pasteurized there’s you know raw dairy raw dairy is your best how do animals how do animals every single mammal in the male animal kingdom set up their gut microbiome dairy we want to follow the patterns and mother nature but that mother nature uses dairy to set up the gut microbiome or if your bird your mom can you know vomit her microbiome into your mouth so you know choose your poison so we have to understand how fungal infections happen first what happens is you take antibiotics you know you have so okay so first off you have a nice gut microbiome with yeast and bacteria behaving living in symbiosis and kumbaya with one another then you take antibiotics and it kills all the bacteria the yeast you know dominate the the gut microbiome and when that happens the yeast evolved into a fungus and start peeling the flesh off your bones and doctors know this doctors use prescribe antifungals after giving people antibiotics but they don’t do that anymore because it’s bad for business because they want you to come back with a so-called incurable autoimmune disease couple years later and and that’s what’s happening ever since antibiotics became popular in the 1950s you know these autoimmune diseases has just skyrocketed and it’s all because antibiotics and you have to understand that Candida is systemic and very smart fungus is a very intelligent this is a video of they put a fungus in a maze and they put food at the other end of the maze and the fungus was able to navigate to the food sources and and paths that didn’t have food on them and just they they dried up resources and it literally crawls across this canvas and it sets up a highway to transports nutrients throughout the it’s amazing you have to watch like fun little intelligence videos and you guys don’t also understand that Candida is systemic so it takes quite a while to kill depending on how bad your infection is because it’s all over your body you know once it gets into your gut it shoots spores into your bloodstream and it affects different parts of the body and you know in spores are very Hardy they can be hard to kill you have to understand that you can’t just for like one month you know just just kill Candida because it’s it’s slowly coming back and it just it takes a lot you have to be persistence with it but you know if you understand how they behave you know you’re gonna be fighting many many many battles with them you know you have nothing to fear because you know how they behave you know their weaknesses you know your strengths and it’s very that it’s really that simple you just slowly get better over time and then nine last one and this was really important is to fight die off I’ve seen people kill Candida and I’ve done it myself they have not taken clay and activated charcoal and they’ll get like really bad acne toes ball they’re just face will explode because you know the body can’t handle all the toxins from the die-off so very important to take clay or activated charcoal when you’re when you start first start killing Candida but I want to help you guys see through all the nutrition lies that are out there today and you run into these lives every single day you know we just came out with a book called 21 nutrition and health lines making you sick it is available on eBook it is also aa it is almost available on Amazon like buy the physical book where’s the proof machine is proof really quick yep guys here’s the proof it’s almost almost done so you can almost buy this on Amazon probably in a next by the end of the month hopefully hey guys I’m gonna show you how your digestive tract is designed you know what stupid doctors are telling us that are making us sick and just also these are lies these are nutrition lies and out lies you run into every single day every single day I want to show them to you if you’re ready to heal your gut now I highly suggest you click here and then you click on this video down here and I’m gonna having an updated version of this video online pretty soon it’s gonna show you kind of go more in depth on what in depth on what you know these three these three ways you can into your gut and how to fix those and we’re also gonna go over you know the lab studies on how they induce these gut diseases and rats they know how to do it boom just like that so they can you know test out their drugs on on rats because you needed before they test them on people so yeah um yeah hit that like and hit that subscribe on boom right down here hit that subscribe button and then hit that Bell notified when I come out videos so yeah guys I want to help you heal your gut a hundred percent naturally I have literally tried every health diet Under the Sun and tried every single natural remedy I want to show you what works and what doesn’t work because I have literally wasted thousands of dollars trying to figure this stuff out and I want to save you all that time and money in order take me 10 years to figure this stuff out just because people don’t know what they’re talking about and it’s really simple we just have to play by mother nature’s rules and use a little bit of logic it’s it’s really that simple so okay guys hit that like hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you later bye bye


  • Reply J June 8, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    So very helpful- thank you! About the clay/activated charcoal, what are your thoughts on how often to take them? I'm taking my herbal antibiotic/antifungal supplements every meal and then just taking the activated charcoal/clay right before bed. Should I do it more often? And also, what part of the day would be best for taking the probiotic supplements? I eat homemade probiotic foods throughout the day, but I'm just not sure about supplement timing.

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    Hey Mike, great video! Here's another tool in our arsenal to decimate Candida: Vitamin B3 (Niacin). Niacin also obliterates Staph (MRSA) infections in just a few hours: It's very important we take a B-Complex everyday!

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