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88. How to fix colds, congestion, the flu and more with energy healing

November 11, 2019

Hi there this is Yvonne DeCelis at YDCtv. I’m coming to you on Saturday in September 7th and it is 5:45 p.m. I am
here to do a redo of the video that was prior to this one about how to take care
of if you are having problems with colds the flu congestion any sort of sinus
type of problem seasonal sinus type problems this is both preventive and it
is also something you can do if you’re having problems and actually I’m going
to show you three things you can do one of them specifically for sore throats
but it’s also preventive for all sorts of things I’m going to start with the
really brief one this is a very quick thing you can do and it’s I think more
preventive than anything but if you’re sick it’s probably something that can
help you heal although granted if you’re already feeling lousy you might not want
to do something that’s uncomfortable and no one could blame you for that but
basically you just want to take your finger and put it up behind your earlobe
right where it connects with your neck there’s like a little notch there it’s
gonna be kind of sensitive especially if you are sick but you want to just very
vigorously massage that point and you should do both sides and don’t be
surprised at one side you don’t feel anything and the other one hurts that’s
very normal it’s also normal for them both kind of hurt so it may be sensitive
but according to Don Eden who I originally discovered energy healing
through if it’s really sensitive or if it’s really sort means you need it so
for example on me probably because I have allergies this side is actually
very very sensitive I barely feel anything over here so I’m not really
gonna spend any more time on that ear but I’m gonna just dig on this one for a
little while longer and then just drag the finger down and out shake your hand
you can also rub your hands together shake them out that’ll get rid of any
negative energy you may have picked up so that’s exercise number one the next
one is very easy – not as easy as that one but easy using your collarbone you
want to put your fingers all of them anyway the four fingers
anyway index finger to pinkie finger on the top of your collarbone and your
other hand on the bottom of your jaw and what you’re going to do is be stretching
the area between the bottom of your jaw and the top of your collarbone you’re
just actually kind of pulling apart and stretching so this is what we’re doing
we’re stretching first let me move my crystal out of the way for a moment so
continue the stretch good the chin the center and just go to the other side
stretch them apart all the way to the ear and then the next move what we’re
doing is we’re telling the energy where we want it to go and since you’re going
into this area you’re gonna just do little baby pinches in other words it
shouldn’t hurt you should barely feel it just little baby pinches with your index
finger and your thumb in the area that we’ve just been stretching out so in
between the top of the collarbone and the bottom of the jaw line just little
baby pinches again we’re just letting the energy know this is the space we’re
opening up for it this is where we need it to go so okay again that is for sore
throats it’s if you have one already and or to be preventive if you want to make
it part of your daily morning routine what-have-you that is a good thing you
can do as well I’ll worry about my crystal thing later I want to just get
to the last exercise for you guys sorry about this one last exercise oh sorry
just having little issues I shouldn’t pay attention to that right now one last
exercise you can do and this is also going to be a little bit uncomfortable
and again if it’s uncomfortable it means you can really benefit from it with your
thumbs starting at your chin right at the center of your face just start kind
of digging against that jaw line again really shouldn’t be saying dig I should
be saying vigorously massage but I say dig because it may be uncomfortable in
certain spots maybe not on the chin like me I usually don’t feel it until I get
right about here but you’re going to just dig all the way up sorry vigorously
massage it’s kind of like a tough flow massage and again it may be
uncomfortable but if it is it just means you were really benefiting from it if
you do it and just go all the way up to the underside again we’re gonna be in
that spot again underneath where the ear connects to the head and when you get to
that point just drag down with your index fingers and off the chest and then
rub your hands together shake mop and that’s it I hope that was helpful for
you please let me know in the comments down below also please subscribe to my
channel if you’d like to know more sorry to be so brief here I just really wanted
to redo this and I hope that the audio comes out okay for you I really do hope
it does I am gonna get another microphone because this one’s really not
working properly but I really hope that’s better thank you as always for
your time namaste peace and light and I will be back next week with more thank

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