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8 ways to Prevent Yeast Infection Naturally

August 20, 2019

8 Ways To Prevent Yeast Infections 1. Consume More Probiotics Ah, so many health issues seem to come back
to those magical, life-changing probiotics. According to many folks, they’re a remarkable
way to ward off yeast infections. For example, yogurt contains Lactobacillus
acidophilus, a type of bacteria that is your friend and wants you to have a happy vagina;
it’s known to maintain a healthy pH balance in your vag and encourage the growth of other
friendly bacteria. 2. Switch To A Birth Control That Doesn’t Contain
Estrogen Extra estrogen in the body often leads to
the production of more yeast. Laurie Cullen, ND, a naturopathic physician,
and professor at Bastyr University, told Prevention that it’s worthwhile for yeast infection-prone
women to consider birth control options out there that don’t contain estrogens, such as
the IUD or progesterone-only pills. This will significantly reduce the risk of
the Candida albicans exponentially growing into an infection. Of course, you should speak with your OBGYN
before you just decide to make the switch on your own — they’ll have more specific
insight into the unique functioning of your body. 3. Wear Cotton Underwear You want to keep your lady parts as dry as
possible, free from warmth and moisture because yeast thrives in humid environments. One way to do this is to stick to underwear
made from natural fabrics, such as cotton and silk; they absorb dampness, leaving your
vagina as healthily dry as possible. Synthetic stuff like nylon and blended materials
cling to your body too closely, making you a prime target for infection. 4. Stay Away From Scented Feminine Hygiene Products
And Soaps All the artificial chemicals that are put
into scented feminine hygiene products don’t belong in your lovely vag. Perfumes and dyes irritate the inside of your
vagina and increase the risk of a yeast infection. And the same goes for scented soaps and anything
else that comes in contact with your goods. So train your vagina to say no to scented
bubble baths, fruity body wash and colored or printed toilet paper. 5. Clean Your Vagina Often Don’t do anything too rough to clean yourself,
like douching, as that will cause irritation and might wreck the normal balances in your
vagina 6. Consider Natural Remedies Mother Earth has always got your back. She’s left you with all kinds of at-home remedies
you can experiment with to prevent — and in some cases, even treat — yeast infections,
and you don’t need a prescription or a pharmacy to get started. Pick up some organic, cold-pressed coconut
oil, which has anti-fungal properties that kill the yucky fungi that lead to infections;
externally apply it a few times a day to your vulva, like a lotion. 7. Sleep More Your immune system plays an important role
in keeping yeast infections away, and if you’re not catching enough dream every night, your
body won’t be able to properly function 8. Eat A Healthy Diet OK, so you already know how important it is
to add some probiotics to your diet. Now it’s time to think about everything else
you put into your belly. Yeast thrives off of sugar, especially processed
and simple sugars, as well as grains and other glutinous foods. There have been so many connections made between
food choices and the growth of Candida albicans that there is now a fully comprehensive program
to inhibit yeast growth called the Candida Diet, which women who struggle with yeast
infections can easily follow. If you’re interested in trying it, consult
with your doctor to see if it would make sense for you. Visit the website. Click below

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