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8 Tips On Exercising For Those With Candida

August 28, 2019

G’day, G’day, G’day. That’s what the Australians say. They say, “G’day, mate!” You might have watched one of these Australian
Crocodile Dundy kind of films. I say “Greetings,” but the Australians say
G’day. I am Australian, but I live in New Zealand
now. You may like to know that. Now, I’ve got a question here which I’ve been
asked every now and then and I don’t think I’ve ever covered this one in any of my videos,
so I’m going to cover it today. “Eric, do you recommend exercise as part of
the Candida free lifestyle?” So, this video is not titled that. This one is more about the eight tips or maybe
even nine or ten or who knows how many more I’ll give. Eight tips on exercising for those with Candida
yeast infection. As you’re aware, I’ve seen a lot of people
over the years with different types of yeast infections. One thing has become apparent. Many people exercise. If you’re not exercising, and especially if
you’re an old bugger like me (fifty plus), it’s time to get off your butt and do something
about it. You’ve got to keep moving your body. It’s a very important thing to do for many
different reasons. I’ve heard it once said that a five-mile hike
for someone who has anxiety and stress is better than all the medicines and psychologists
in the world. Just going for a little walk really makes
you feel good. Try it one day. Not that you’re anxious watching this, but
it will make you feel a lot better. Every day walking has a very good cumulative
benefit long term. Now, I’ve got my book open in front of me
on my screen. I’m going to read out a couple of different
tips, which I’ve written down and I’ll just give you some commentary on those. Exercise heats the body up, so it’s important
to remember that. When you’ve got a problem like jock itch or
vaginal infection or you could have eczema dermatitis or psoriasis or some kind of fungal
skin infection or eczema dermatitis, it’s not really pleasant exercising because of
the heat. You need to take that into account, and the
important this is you need to know how to cool down properly after exercise so that
it doesn’t aggravate these conditions. Point one: those with a vaginal yeast infection
need to take extra care. Shower immediately and wear cotton under gowns. Same thing with jock itch. If you’ve got jock itch or a vaginal infection,
keep pubic hair shorter rather than longer because the hair traps the heat close to the
body and it could really keep infections growing for longer. There’s a very valid point for you to take. Trim hair and dry the body hair properly after
that. Point number two: Cool the body gradually
after exercise by having a tepid and cool shower. This will stop your body from maintaining
heat for a long period of time. Today is quite of a warm day now-it must be
about ninety degrees outside. You can see I’ve got perspiration on my face. I’m not a person who likes air-conditioning
units. I’ve got a fan here and I’ve got windows open. Let’s just say I had jock itch right now or
I had some yeast problems in my body. It would start to get a bit uncomfortable
now for me and could be itchy later on especially in bed tonight. A cool shower would be what I’d want without
a doubt. The preferable temperature if it’s too hot
can really aggravate a yeast infection and it also can cause disturbed sleep, which can
cause adrenal problems and poor immunity and just keep that health cycle bound by a yeast
problem. Point three: avoid having saunas if you’ve
got a yeast infection. Heating the body up way too much can really
aggravate this in particular. I find that sort of frequently aggravates
chronic yeast infections, some just feel worse and they experience headaches, dizziness,
and can really flare up the skin and gut types of complaints. So just be careful. Point four: Those with Athlete’s foot or toenail
fungus. You really need to keep your feet and toes
dry regularly. Make sure that you have a shower or bath after
tennis or sports or if you’re doing track and field or football, any kind of activity
you’re involved in. Clean yourself down. Use tea tree oil soap. Australian tea tree oil soap. It’s really good stuff. Then again dry your body thoroughly, especially
between the toes. If you’re going to be in showers in gym rooms
or places like that, just take flip-flops with you. Is that what they call them in America? Flip-flops? I don’t know what you guys call them. Those sandals or those sort of like rubber
things. We call them thongs in Australia. I’ll tell you the funniest story that when
I went to the States, my first experience in America a long time ago and was talking
to a colleague, naturopath who lives in Seattle, and he said, “Man, it must get hot where you
guys are.” I said, “Yeah, it’s really hot. We all wear thongs over there. It’s so hot.” He said, “Get out of here!” I said, “No, I wear thongs all the time. All the time. Most of the year I wear thongs. Not when I’m working obviously, but I wear
thongs when I’m shopping or if I’m in the yard. I wear thongs all the time.” The guy burst out laughing. He said, “You’re crazy man! You can’t wear thongs here all the time, you’ll
be locked up!” I said, “What the hell are you talking about?” Then all his friends start laughing and I
pointed at my feet and then I realized that he meant one of those things that go right
up your body or boxers, whatever. I just cracked up at that stage. I thought, what a joke. It shows you the cultural differences. So, point I’m making is keep your feet a little
bit above the surface if you worry about Athlete’s Foot or fungal conditions in the showers or
locker rooms because it can be a problem. Just put a pair of those rubber thongs in
a plastic bag or grocery bag, take them with you and wear them in those kind of environments. Again, wash your feet really well with a tea
tree oil based product. You can even get tea tree oil powders, which
you can sometimes dust around your feet. Put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in your
shoe. Two to three drops a week because that will
emanate that vapor around there and kill fungus in the shoe. So, tip number five. We talked about jock itch before. Guys with jock itch should shower immediately
after any exercise, dry themselves carefully and thoroughly, and wear a 100 percent cotton
undergarments. If you’ve got jock itch and you do sport,
you shower three times per day. When you get up, after the sport, and before
bed. That’s going to go a long way towards slowing
the jock itch right down. Many guys I talk with don’t do that and they
may shower once per day. Especially relevant for mechanics or guys
that wear those coveralls all the time. They can sweat quite a lot. Point six: don’t use antiperspirants. You don’t want to block the flow of perspiration,
especially the ones with aluminum in them that really block the sweat pores. I like a product called O’Boy Organics, and
there’s Jason and Burt’s Bees. There’s many other brands out there that make
really good 100 percent certified organic underarm products. I use a nice pine one from Aubrey and just
put a few sprays under there. It smells good. Can you smell it? It’s a really nice pine kind of smell. It’s not fancy and I know it’s a natural product. Let’s have a look. Point seven. This is a good one. Don’t fall into the trap of replenishing your
body with those carbohydrate drinks like Gatorade if you run or cycle. Many people drink energy drinks, soda drinks,
all those fancy sports drinks that contain high amounts of refined carbs. You’re not going to burn a lot from exercise. You’re pumping all that sugar into your bloodstream
and you’re going to aggravate Candida. Be careful. You’re better off taking a product like a
multi-mineral or a vitamin tablet with minerals in it. Check out my CanXida Rebuild product for example. It’s got lots of trace elements and minerals
in it. There’s no sugar in that product. Just drink plenty of water. That’s all you need. Point eight of course. We just touched on that: Keep well hydrated. Drink lots and lots of water. It’s a really good way to keep your liver
and kidneys in great shape. Water is the big one. You can’t fight yeast infections in your body
suffering from hydration. Those are some good tips for you if you’ve
got yeast problems and want to exercise. Don’t exercise excessively if you’ve got adrenal
fatigue. If you suffer from sleeping problems and you
can relate to adrenal fatigue, which I’ve spoken about in some of my videos, I really
don’t want you to go crazy hard out with cardio exercises like pump classes and running and
cycling excessively, especially if your recovery is poor because you’re going to put yourself
right on your back if you’re recovering from a Candida problem if you do that. So don’t do it. That’s the end of my video. Thanks for tuning in. I appreciate it.


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