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8 STUDY Hacks – Score Better in EXAMS | MyMissAnand

March 4, 2020

As our Exams are going on… so on your request today I’ve gonna share with you STUDY HACKS hit LIKE if you enjoyed the video also do SUBSCRIBE to the channel & press the bell icon to get the notifications about my new uploads let’s get started now Told you that if you didn’t got good marks then you’ve to go to hostel Mumma pls give me the last chance no more chance now I don’t wanna go… where you don’t want to go?? Exams are coming and theres a lot of syllabus to finish what to study…how to study… and my best friend’s birthday too this month if not study well then I wouldn’t get good result and if so then I’ve to go to Hostel… what should I do now? do follow your regular routine as you need to uplift your mood, moral during exam time and I get this upliftment from Center Fruit Soft Chews Candies Bharti do it fast otherwise we’ll be late for exam but what should I write in syllabus isn’t completed but you’ve studied well yes I’ve done for English & maths revision three times but forgot about Hindi & SST will you help me in exams but I myself was watching you playing would you help me I’ve completed all my syllabus what!!! I always maintain my whole syllabus in a sheet and I divide whole syllabus into four columns like this and then I learn accordingly then do oral & written revision I mark a tick once I done with the revisions coz of this I never miss any part of my syllabus oho..that’s why you’re looking so relaxed now let’s go for exam Bharti..tell me how to solve this sum no I’ve to do mine too I found this sum difficult can you help me No.. I’m telling you just chill and have this center Fruit soft chews but you forget yours if you help her no we never forget if we share our knowledge to others instead it gets be more sharpen in fact this help us in our revision and we get to know about whether we’ve complete knowledge about the subject or not now have it wow!! have you seen its Fruity flavours these candies boost our mind now lets solve all the sums she’ll definitely do good in her exams as she studied whole night but what if she wouldn’t open her eyes she studies whole year and have good sleep day before exams yes this keep us and our mind active and if your mind remain active you’ll remind everything whatever you’ve learnt actually mumma my clothes are a bit tight so… you’ve to wear comfortable clothes while studying as this keeps you away from distractions and you’ll be able to concentrate well on your studies and what’re you eating Have this Soft chews center fruit candies you know I’ve revised the whole book two times why are you so sad…you did revision two times yeah but still I wasn’t be able to solve few questions look book is important but for practise we’ve to solve sample papers which you can find easily on Google you failed…wanna take award in crying I’m more intelligent to you still got poor marks from you first have a look on marks then decide who is intelligent I always study hard and you get good marks because I never make drawing like you first I think well then only I start writing my answer this keeps my answer sheet neat and clean will study after five minutes get up.. don’t wanna to go to school oho..again I am late this is obvious if you sleep keeping phone instead of books in your hands have you block the distraction sites block these distraction sites and then your all focus will be on your studies now get ready fast so thats all with our study hacks if you found them helpful must share this with your friends and if you want to boost your mind while studying do try out center fruit soft chews candies

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