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8 Steps to Eliminate Gas and Bloating

August 21, 2019

Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and I thought
we’d talk about today, 8 steps to eliminate gas, bloating, and digestive problems. And, as always, if you love this information,
make sure to punch that “Share” button because I believe that there are people every other
day of the year that also want to eliminate gas, bloating, and digestive issues. Let’s get started. Number one, chew your food. Haven’t you ever heard your mom say, “You’re
not chewing your food, you’re just wolfing it down?” I don’t know what the wolf part is, but when
I was a kid my mom said it all the time. And here is the deal, folks. When you chew, particularly carbohydrate-rich
foods, your saliva has an enzyme called ptyalin and it helps you to pre-digest the food. So all those difficult-to-digest grains, and
sugars, chew your food 50 times every bite. Count. And I bet after a couple of weeks, you won’t
have to count anymore. There are people that had actually cured themselves
from digestive diseases from chewing their food more thoroughly. Now, number two, consume chia seed. We know chia is a popular superfood from the
Amazon. Why is it so good for digestion? It’s high in fiber. But a particular type of fiber called mucilaginous
fiber makes chia seeds expand in your gut and help you absorb and then eliminate some
gases. Now anytime you increase fiber intake, you’re
going to have a change in your bacteria, so you might experience a little gas and bloating
when you add fiber to your diet. But guess what, chia, with its special fibrous
components can help that. Here’s the good news. Chia can be ground and sprinkled in smoothies,
on foods, or because chia has that gelling effect, you can actually eat chia r mix it
in recipes straight. Two to three tablespoons of chia a day can
help reduce gas, bloating, and eliminate digestive problems, and even help with constipation. We’re going to talk about essential oils,
and two of my favorites are peppermint and ginger. I just love peppermint right on my tongue. I put it on my toothbrush on top of the toothpaste. It’s great mixed in a room temperature or
warm water. Same goes for ginger. Here is a great tonic. Take some lemon juice, warm water, some honey,
either raw, organic, or Manuka honey, two to four drops of peppermint, and ginger essential
oil. Not only would that taste great but it will
do wonders for your tummy. You can also mix peppermint and ginger in
a carrier oil and rub it on your abdomen. Try using an oil that’s very penetrating like
coconut oil and you can diffuse them. In fact, at home, I’m diffusing peppermint
oil right now. Makes you alert and calms your tummy. Number four. The fourth way that we can reduce gas, bloating,
and eliminate digestive problems is by consuming two of my favorite foods, both rich in enzymes. The kiwi fruit actually helps with constipation
and can reduce gas and bloating. It’s also high in antioxidants and omega-3
fatty acids coming from the seeds. I made a chia smoothie last night where I
had two kiwis, cranberries, because how often can you get frozen organic cranberries, blueberries,
raw yogurt. Remember, I like to eat raw eggs, threw a
couple of pasteurized eggs in there, a little vanilla and some raw honey. It was awesome and that boost my digestion
more ways than I can even count. Kiwi and fig, particularly raw figs, are wonderful
to help you digest proteins and suit your gut and help you get over constipation. Now, we know grandma and great grandma used
to eat prunes or dried plums, I believe figs can work just as well. And figs also help to absorb toxins. In the Bible, Hezekiah had some type of cyst
or some type of lump, could’ve been a tumor, and he used a fig poultice and God gave him
15 more years on his life. Pretty awesome. Kiwi and fig help eliminate gas, bloating,
and digestive issues? I bet you’ll notice results in three days. Now, if you’re watching today and you know
someone who needs this information, maybe they have IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative
colitis, maybe they just suffer frequent post-meal gas bloating, or maybe they’re constipated,
go ahead and punch that “Share” button. Let the world know that you can naturally
eliminate what we consider common digestive issues. We’re giving you eight good ways to do it. Number five, digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes help you digest proteins,
carbs, fats, fiber, and even beans and dairy, and other difficult-to-digest substances. Take a digestive enzyme capsule before meals
to get the benefits. You can even see this work by taking a digestive
enzyme capsule into, emptying it in oatmeal, mixing it few times, and the oatmeal will
go from being thick to runny as these enzymes break down the food. Now, remember, when it comes to eating, you’re
not what you eat, you’re what you digest, assimilate, and absorb. Taking enzymes one to three caps before meal
is great. Even though I’m eating healthy, I’m going
to eat a lot, just saying. Number six, probiotics. Consume probiotics on an empty stomach. I like first thing in the morning and right
before bed. Probiotics help to colonize the gut and dislodge
toxins also creating their own enzymes 24/7. I call probiotics enzyme factories. You can take enzymes with meals. I recommend it. But probiotics actually create enzymes. I once heard that enzymes are the teeth of
probiotics. They help break down substances that are lodged
in your gut, they support the immune system that’s found in your gut, and they help you
digest foods in your colon so they don’t linger and cause gas, bloating, and constipation. My favorite probiotics are known as soil-based
organisms or SBOs. I also like Lactobacillus plantarum which
is my favorite lactic acid bacteria, and the friendly yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii. Number seven . . . we’re talking about eight
ways to eliminate gas, bloating and digestive issues. We’re on number seven. If you’re loving what you’re hearing, go ahead
and click that “Like” button. Punch that “Love” button. Let everyone know that you are taking a stand
against digestive issues. How about that one? Bone broth is the ultimate gut-friendly food. In fact, I call it the “food of last resort.” But let’s say it the food of first resort. I have a son, Samuel, who’s nine. And when he was younger, one of the first
foods we gave him was blended bone broth. He loved it so much that he ate it about half
of his diet for a year and a half, and still today when we’re making bone broth or chicken
soup, he jumps up and down. Bone broth has polysaccharides or what you
would call glycosaminoglycans that soothe the lining of the gut and it can help your
joints, skin, hair, nails. Look up the benefits of bone broth online. Check out for a great article because
bone broth is the quintessential superfood and it’s great for your gut. It can help reduce gas, bloating, constipation,
and help your overall health like nothing else. Grandma was right and so were those authors
because chicken soup is good for the soul and the body. The eighth step to eliminate gas, bloating,
and digestive issues is to eat mono meals. Folks, break it down. Make it simple. You see watermelon on the screen. That’s a great mono meal. It’s not only cleansing but it’s easy to digest. But when you combine watermelon, it becomes
difficult to digest. For whatever reason, I always grew up hearing,
“Melon, eat it alone or leave it alone.” I don’t think melons go well with other foods. Maybe it’s a placebo effect but when you eat
a mono meal or fruit or a vegetable or even meat, you’re going to digest your food better. These are the eight steps to eliminate gas,
bloating and digestive issues. Let’s recap. Chew your food. Fifty chews per mouthful. Chia seed, great for the gut, swells, helps
your tummy feel better. Peppermint and ginger essential oil, kiwi,
and fig to add enzymes and healthy fiber. Digestive enzymes, one to three before each
meal. Probiotics, SBOs on an empty stomach. Bone broth every day. And eat mono meals if you can’t digest your
food. Dr. Axe: Hi, I’m Dr. Axe. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video. And also don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to get more great content on things
like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how to use food as medicine, also check
out more of our content on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.


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