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8 Mind and Body Tips to Prevent Colds and Flu

February 14, 2020

Did you know that a daily hug can reduce
your chances of getting the cold or flu? Did you know that if you slept for seven
and a half hours that reduces your risk of getting sick by three times? These are
simple things that you can do to reduce your chances of getting cold or flu.
I’m Shirley Archer, a mindful health educator and award-winning health
journalist. I help busy people who want to look and feel younger, healthier and
happier with natural, mindful methods. Nothing stands in the way of achieving
goals faster than getting sick so I’m here to help you with these eight tips
so you can stay as healthy as possible during this cold and flu season. 1st tip: people who received hugs regularly had higher resistance against colds and
flu and if they got sick they showed fewer and less severe symptoms. So get on out there and give a big hug to all those you love and enjoy those hugs
daily. # 2: Winter time is a wonderful chance to sit by the fire and
relax in the evening and studies show that that actually reduces your blood
pressure and reduces overall stress which is important because higher stress reduces
the immune system. The more things you can do to relax on a daily basis the
less likely you are to get sick. So cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy a big hug. # 3: Exercise regularly and moderately. Don’t overdo it or push
yourself when you’re just not feeling fresh and energetic. Too high intensity
workouts when you’re not fully rested can actually break down your system and
increase your risk of getting sick. Far better to do something
easy and consistently. Moderate exercise is something like a comfortable walk
where you break a sweat, you can still talk, but perhaps not sing
loudly. #4. Sleep at least seven and a half hours per nigh. Studies show
that people who sleep less than 7.5 hours a night have 300
percent chance- that’s three times the chance of getting sick – compared to
people who sleep seven and a half hours or more. Really make a commitment to get
a consistent sleep each night and to practice good sleep hygiene habits. #5 Meditate daily. Studies show that
mindfulness is associated with a 50% reduction in colds and flus. Now it’s
difficult to know what the “dose” is because studies are all across the
spectrum in terms of the amount of tim.e I would start, if you’re not already
practicing meditation, with a minimum of five minutes daily and work your way up
to 15-20-25 minutes or more, as time permits and as you enjoy. Something is
better than nothing. #6 Breathe deeply, especially
fresh clean air. Take a power pause for a few minutes of conscious breathing. I
have plenty of other videos that provide instruction on how to do this. It’s
very important to calm the nervous system, reduce cortisol levels and boost
your immune system. Something as simple as a daily deep breathing break
can actually reduce your risk of cold and flus. #7 Try to get out in the Sun
each day. Try to get outside a little bit in nature each day and if there is Sun
see if you can expose a little bit of skin to boost your natural levels of
vitamin d3. And just 10 minutes is enough to create
some conversion of sunlight into precious vitamin D for you for your
health. #8 it’s exciting. This is from
recent findings from a study just published. 30 minutes of sauna
bathing regularly has been shown to actually improve heart health
via stimulation of circulation. (Other studies have shown) and that a little elevation in core body
temperature actually kills germs (it also stimulates the immune system) so if you have an opportunity to enjoy a sauna, try to do so on a regular basis. Let me recap these 8 simple tips: 1: hug it
out. 2:sit by the fireplace. 3: exercise moderately and regularly. 4: sleep at
least seven and a half hours per night. 5: meditate daily. 6: Breathe deeply,
especially fresh air if you can. 7: Get out in the sunshine, expose your face
expose your arms if you can and 8: Enjoy sauna bathing. All these things are
wonderful in and of themselves, but they do actually reduce your risk of colds
and flus. I’d love to know which tip is your favorite? What do you plan to start
adding more of into your day to boost your immunity? Until next time, stay
healthy and happy. Thank You!

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    What a great excuse to hug more people!! Great tips, Shirley!

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