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8 home remedies to relieve the symptoms of colitis | Natural Health

September 4, 2019

8 home remedies to relieve the symptoms of
colitis. The banana with yogurt is a highly recommended
remedy in case of ulcerative colitis, since they favor recovery. In addition, the probiotics
of natural yogurt help restore intestinal flora. Colitis is an irritation or inflammation of
the large intestine (also known as the colon) and rectum that occurs due to an infection
caused by a virus, parasite or food poisoning. It can also appear as a consequence of the
lack of blood flow, inflammatory disorders and previous radiation to the large intestine. According to its cause, colitis can be classified
into two types: Acute colitis : It is of short duration, since
it is enough to fight the infection to treat it . Chronic colitis : It is more severe and requires
more care, since its main causes are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease . Hence the importance of receiving an adequate
diagnosis, to proceed to give it an appropriate treatment and according to the seriousness
of the problem. What are the symptoms of colitis? When a person suffers from colitis in any
degree of severity he may experience the following symptoms: Abdominal pain and swelling.
Blood in the stools. Shaking chills.
Dehydration Diarrhea.
Fever. Flatulence and intestinal sounds.
Colic. Lack of appetite.
Weightloss. Decay. Natural remedies that can help. In cases of acute colitis , most symptoms
can be improved with some natural remedies. This time we will share 8 good remedies that
can alleviate the symptoms of colitis. We emphasize the importance of making periodic
visits to the doctor, who is the one who makes a diagnosis and determines a treatment. Flaxseed water. Linseed or flax seeds are a food rich in fiber,
omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that contribute to good intestinal function
and restore the colon when you suffer from colitis. How to use it? Put soak tablespoon flaxseed into a glass
of water for 12 hours and then strain and drink only water. Aloe. Also known as aloe vera, it has an important
anti-inflammatory action and can restore the colon’s mucosa for its proper functioning. It has a laxative effect, so it is not recommended
if colitis is causing diarrhea . How to use it? Extract the aloe vera gel and take two tablespoons
on an empty stomach . You can also prepare a juice by mixing the gel with ½ glass of
water and a tablespoon of honey. Banana. They are ideal for cases of ulcerative colitis,
since they have a mild laxative effect, are easily digested and accelerate the recovery
process. How to use it? Eat one or two bananas a day, preferably mixed
with natural yogurt , which is a food with probiotic cultures that restore the
intestinal flora. Chamomile infusion. It is a great remedy to relieve colitis because
it has an important anti-inflammatory action that helps to reduce inflammation of the colon
. How to use it? Boil a cup of water, add two tablespoons of
chamomile flowers, let stand 10 minutes, strain and drink 3 cups a day .
Carrot It has an important anti-inflammatory action
that makes it one of the best remedies to relieve colitis. How to use it? Pass the carrots through a blender until you
get your juice . Apple and papaya. Both fruits provide a significant amount of
fiber, a nutrient necessary to have a good digestion. In addition, papaya contains papain,
an enzyme that helps improve the health of the large intestine. How to use them? Prepare a smoothie with a large slice of papaya,
the juice of a lemon and a glass of pure apple juice . The ideal is to drink it immediately
so that its properties are not lost. Licorice Root. It has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory
properties that contribute to improve the gastric mucosa and decrease inflammation of
the colon. Its regular consumption prevents abdominal
swelling and cramps and, in general, improves digestive health. How to use it? Pour a teaspoon of licorice root into a cup
of hot water and drink the infusion twice a day. Coconut water. It is proven that this drink, in addition
to being ideal for cooling, also has important nutrients that help improve health . One of its benefits is to control the acidity
that occurs when the body loses alkalinity. How to use it? Buy a coconut, extract the liquid from inside
and drink it fresh . It must be taken into account that the coconut
water that they sell in the market is not effective, since they usually have preservatives
and added sugars.

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