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8 Cellulite Fixes and DIY Cellulite Cream

August 19, 2019

Are you someone who struggles with cellulite? You know that unsightly jiggly patch of stuff
around your thighs. Sometimes could be even creeping up to your
glutes. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve referred to it as various names such
as cottage cheese thighs. Now I know that sounds terrible, but if you’re
somebody who has cellulite, I’m here to tell you, we can make a major difference in your
health. I’m Jordan Rubin with “Ancient Medicine Today”
brought to you by And we’re going to talk about fixing your
cellulite and a do-it-yourself anti-cellulite cream. So if you’re somebody who wants to improve
the shape of your legs, the tone of your lower body, but also getting rid of this stagnant
cesspool of stuff, that sort of was triple or maybe SCS, then you’ve come to the right
place. If you know anybody who could use a cellulite
fix maybe discreetly share this information. If you’re loving what you’re hearing, or rather
you’re loving the thought of getting rid of your cellulite, make sure to stay tuned. And as always on “Ancient Medicine Today,”
everything we discuss, when it comes to using food as medicine, when it comes to natural
health, there aren’t side effects, there are side benefits. So not only if you follow today’s recommendations
will you have less visible cellulite in my opinion, but you’re going to improve your
health in other areas. So let’s go ahead and get started with eight
cellulite fixes and the payoff, a do-it-yourself at home cellulite cream. Where you’ll feel like you’ve been to one
of those spas or one of those med places, where they’re going to charge you lots of
money to condition your body. We’re going to do it right here and we’re
only going to ask you to donate a little bit of your time. So let’s get started. Number one and this is so, so important. When you have cellulite, which is stagnant
fluid. Which also has to do with sodium retention. In fact, one gram of sodium in the body holds
onto 10 grams of water. And it’s a stagnant type of water. You need potassium-rich foods. Potassium we’re deficient in. Sodium we get an excess. They oppose each other. They’re both important. Sodium helps to drive nutrition and water
into cells. Potassium helps to remove it or detoxify. You know bananas are good sources of potassium. Virtually all fruits and vegetables are, but
there’s some beverages that are really good too. Celery juice, awesome. In fact, all veggie juice is. Whey, cultured whey beverages are a great
source of potassium. In fact, if you want to know if a food is
good for a potassium source, look at the potassium versus sodium ratio and as long as it’s in
a two-to-one ratio potassium to sodium you’re in good shape. Potassium-rich foods can help pull excess
sodium out of the body. Number two. Proteolytic enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes are found in papaya, pineapple,
kiwi, and fig. Otherwise known as bromelain, papain, actinidin
and ficin. In those enzymes help to break down proteins
in the body in the smaller pieces so they can be released out of your system. Great for your heart. Great for inflammation and we believe they
are cellulite busting pacmen. So look for proteolytic or systemic enzymes
to get that cellulite out of your body. Number three collagen. Consuming a collagen supplement rich in proline
and glycine can help build the surrounding tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons so
that the areas that you see visible cellulite appear less intense, smaller, and certainly
in less frequency around the body. Consuming a collagen supplement we like a
multiple source collagen type one, two, three, five and ten. Consume it one to two times a day to help
fight cellulite. Number four. The fourth cellulite fix is to avoid allergens. Now, folks, you might not realize this but
allergies and sensitivities can be contributing to health issues, weight gain, and even cellulite. There are eight common allergens that we need
to be aware of. Number one is dairy, number two is egg, number
three is soy, number four is wheat then we’ve got peanuts and tree nuts at five and six,
fish and shellfish seven eight. Now I’m not saying you should avoid all of
these eight allergens but I will tell you, these eight common allergens contribute to
90% of allergic reactions. Imagine if you could cut down allergies by
90%. Avoiding those or eliminating those sources
can help your body be conditioned properly and you can lose some cellulite. I’m Jordan Rubin here with “Ancient Medicine
Today” brought to you by and we are talking about eight cellulite fixes and
we’re going to give you a special do-it-yourself cellulite cream that can have multiple benefits
on your body. Remember folks it isn’t just about the cosmetic
appearance of cellulite. We want to get rid of excess fluid an excess
toxic buildup in the body this is a cleanse for your entire system. So the fifth cellulite fixes burst training. Otherwise known as functional fitness or functional
training. Quick bursts of exercise, followed by short
rest. It’s not running three miles, it’s sprinting
and walking. It’s jumping jacks and resting. This type of training takes as little as five
minutes a day, could be 30 minutes certainly, and it will begin to charge your body to use
fat as fuel. Burst training can not only strengthen your
body, it can help you lose fat and it will visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. The sixth cellulite fix is essential oils. We have one of our favorite’s pictured grapefruit. The rind of citrus fruits are amazing to cleanse
the lymphatic system which a clogged lymphatic system contributes to cellulite. Folks most women and some men have cellulite. We know that women will see stretch marks
and some cellulite after pregnancy. As we age we lose muscle, our hormones become
imbalanced, so it’s really important essential oils taken orally. I would put a couple of drops of grapefruit
oil, orange oil or lemon oil in either water or your favorite drink. You can do it warm or cold even smelling it
is good for you that can really help now. Grapefruit oil does have some drug interactions
so if you’re on pharmaceuticals, check with your pharmacist or your doctor about using
grapefruit oil. Essential oils can be great for fighting cellulite. Number seven bone broth. Bone broth has collagen which we talked about,
but it also has hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin known as glycosaminoglycans. That’s a mouthful so mouthful. Those glycosaminoglycans can help strengthen
your connective tissue and reduce inflammation all supporting your body and visibly reducing
cellulite. Also bone broth is rich in potassium especially
if you use a little bit of salt not loads of salt in the preparation and all the veggies
give you potassium as well. Bone broth consume one two three times a day,
make it yourself, buy it at your local health food or grocery store, or consume a protein
powder made from bone broth one two three servings a day. And number eight, the eighth cellulite fix,
that’s not a mushroom you’re looking at. That’s a dry brush. Well, of course, it’s a dry brush because
there’s no liquid on it. Dry skin brushing has been used for thousands
of years to help support circulation and lymphatic flow. You want to brush your skin starting at your
extremities towards your heart. Now you do this dry. Try to brush all the areas of your body. Keep away from sensitive areas initially. You want a dry brush from five to ten minutes
starting again at your extremities moving towards your heart — feels good to go on
the back and get a little scratch there. I love doing dry brushing in a sauna or in
a steam shower which would make it semi-dry brushing but this is really good. If you want more information on any of this,
particularly dry brushing, go to and type in dry brushing or dry skin brushing. This is a great way to get rid of cellulite. And now without further ado, the DIY cellulite
cream. It gives you uses and it costs pennies a day. This is not something you get at a fancy schmancy
med spa but it is just as good. Start with one cup of coconut oil. Now I’d recommend if you want to mix it easily
that you warm the coconut oil slightly. Something you should know coconut oil is solid
below 76 degrees and it’s a liquid above 77. Put drops of grapefruit essential oil, look
for an organic grapefruit oil, in one cup of coconut oil, shake it up and rub a small
amount on the areas that are affected daily for about five minutes. Even the rubbing is going to drive circulation
and you’re going to see that the grapefruit oil is going to immediately get inside the
body and begin supporting your lymphatic system to strengthen the areas around that cesspool
we call cellulite. This is so simple. It’s ridiculous. So you’re going to want to do it, and by the
way, if you don’t have cellulite or a lot of it, this is a great rub for your lymphatic
system. If you’re somebody who wants to move your
lymph, maybe you’re a breast cancer survivor, maybe you’re somebody who has extreme fatigue,
maybe you lack energy, you can rub this on various lymphatic areas. You can rub it in your groin, which is a great
area, your abdomen. Make sure to dilute it because it will be
a little strong if not, but you will absolutely love this. It’s a great way to boost your overall lymphatic
system which is so important for your immune system and every other part of your body. You know what folks you don’t have to have
cellulite to benefit from these eight cellulite fixes plus your DIY cellulite cream. But if you do here’s what I want you to remember
from today’s “Ancient Medicine” episode. Potassium rich foods eat more of them. Take proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach
or consume foods that contain them — pineapple, papaya, kiwi and fig. Supplement your body with collagen. We like type one, two, three, five and ten. Avoid common allergens. Practice functional fitness or burst training. Use essential oils topically including citrus
to support your lymphatic system. Consume bone broth one to three times a day
for the beauty of it. And dry skin brush for 5 to 15 minutes a day. Start at your extremities and go towards your
heart. Folks if you’re somebody who has cellulite
you’re about to declare war on those lumpy bumpy mooshy gooshy areas for good. These are not expensive recommendations, but
they could transform your life in so many ways. Folks if you are not subscribed to this channel,
you just happen to find me on video. We are here each and every day myself and
or Dr. Josh Axe teaching you how to use food as medicine on “Ancient Medicine Today” brought
to you by So go get them, transform your body. Transform your life, and share this video
with someone you know. Do it discreetly. We don’t say hey I noticed you had a lot of
cellulite so click on this link. Probably not the best way to build relationships. But I want to encourage you to do it just
the same. Let people know that there are ways to transform
your health, your appearance, and your entire life using ancient medicine. I’m Jordan Rubin. God bless you and see you next time.


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